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"Against that never-ending diligence... A single man's raw talent doesn't stand a chance!"

— Hyoga to Moz, Dr. Stone, Chapter 132

Hyoga ( (ひょう) () Hyōga) is a modern time survivor who was revived by Tsukasa Shishio for his excellent spearmanship skills. As an elite member of the Tsukasa Empire, he later betrays Tsukasa but is defeated and jailed by the Kingdom of Science. Currently, he is a member of the Kingdom of Science.


Hyoga is a tall and fairly built young man with short, loosely hanging white hair. For unknown reasons, he is seen squinting most of the time, though in the rare instances he isn't, he's seen to have sharp, dangerous looking eyes. Under his mask, he's also shown to have noticeably full lips.

He wears bird feathers around his neck, tan gloves, and a black mask covering his nose and mouth because of his terrible de-petrification scar. He goes shirtless, though wears a long black cloak that covers most of his midsection, and dons a baggy grey warrior-skirt with an elaborate white sash tied around his waist to act as a belt. Unlike many from the Tsukasa Empire, he wears shoes as well- tan colored knee high boots that match his gloves.

Upon his second revival by Senku, the scar on his mouth was completely healed.[7] He did not repaint his scars.[8]



Hyoga has an easy going attitude towards everything. Even in situation that do not work in his favor, he still remains calm. When Gen betrayed him, Hyoga did not seem bothered by it even though his weapons were destroyed mid-battle. While he claims to share the same values as Tsukasa when it comes to only reviving the young and creating a community where no one takes from others, Hyoga himself is an elitist who believes in social darwinism. He categorizes humans as either enlightened (or strong) and unenlightened (or weak). He believes that the "brainless incompetent masses" should not be allowed to live and that only those who excel should be allowed to live. While he does follow a form of social darwinism, he does not believe it is only the physically strong who should survive, as he wanted Senku to join him in his endeavors and become the strongest duo, indicating he respected Senku's intelligence and understood his capabilities. He is very manipulative and cunning, managing to hide his desire to murder Tsukasa and usurp his title as strongest primate by working alongside him until he found a weakness. He seems to be observant, managing to instantly tell that Kinro has bad eyesight simply from seeing Kinro squint. He is cruel, merciless, and uncaring, having nearly murdered Tsukasa right after he reunited with his sister as she became a weakness and he knew Tsukasa would do anything to protect her. Even before that, when he chased Senku and his friends, he and his troops reached an area full of sulfur gas. He kicks his subordinates down into the ground where the sulfur was to "test" and see how dangerous the sulfur was, not caring for their lives. When Tsukasa laments their deaths and names them, Hyoga does not even show a hint of remembering who they were until Tsukasa pointed out they were the ones who died by the sulfur gas. He had earlier shown contempt for his underlings, referring to them as mush brains and frequently insulting them and considered them little more than disposable pawns. He tends to refer to things as being done "properly" or not.

Despite his lack of care for those who he deems "useless" or those who oppose him along with having a strong Darwinist belief in only the strongest deserving to live, he does have a few good qualities. He genuinely respects those who he feels does things "properly." He recognized Kinro's strategy of staying onto the bridge as the number of Tsukasa's forces were disadvantageous and fighting on the bridge would force the battle to be one on one. Similarly, he genuinely respects Homura and puts complete faith in her abilities, referring to her as the only underling who did things "properly." Also, he deeply respected Senku and wanted him on his side enough so that even when Senku refused, rather than kill him, he wanted to torture Senku into agreeing. Later, by chapter 132, he has softened his view so that rather than outright eliminate the statues of the people he deems "worthless," he would simply let them stay statues. In addition, he agrees to side with Senku rather than Moz because he realized Moz was an unworthy untrustworthy harem seeker who only valued beautiful women and not people based on strength, abilities or intelligence. He even places faith in science and Senku, and his faith is well placed.

After his third release from petrification, Hyoga seems to have become a loyal member of the Kingdom of Science, requesting that Homura and Moz be depetrified to confirm his alliance. He even appeared to make bygones with Tsukasa after the latter wanted him to help with training.

Abilities and Skills

Hyoga is one of the strongest characters in series, making his strength known immediately when faced off against 10 other men whom he defeated in a few seconds after just waking up.

Physical Abilities: He was able to take on Magma, Kohaku, and Kinro; the strongest three fighters in the Ishigami Village, and was able to stand his ground until his rigged weapon fell apart.[9] Hyoga is also shown to be proficient in using his kudayari (a type of spear that has its shaft go through a hollow tube that allowed the spear to be twisted while thrusting). However, he has stated his power is essentially a wildcard, as if he does not have his preferred type of spear, his fighting ability drops significantly. This is shown when he barely held his own in a fight against Moz with a regular spear, but easily defeated him when he acquired a kudayari spear. He also defeated several military agents of Stanley's unit, despite their intense combat training. However, he noted that the combined strength of Stanley and his unit armed with heavy fire arms would be dangerous.

Gifted Intelligence: Hyoga is a tactical genius who knows how to manipulate his own companions as a distraction while sending Homura to set fire to the houses of Ishigami Village to reduce their resources. He is an analytical man who can recognize with one attack who was the strongest among the warriors of Ishigami village even though he had received the information from Gen after finding out. This was seen again, as he waited until Tsukasa dropped his guard after his sister's revival, at which he attacked. He also identified Moz was the strongest of the Petrification Kingdom.[10] When in America, he was able to deduce a trap had been set after realizing how easy it was to locate corn and he was accurate when they were attacked by Stanley Snyder.[11] He also noticed that something was wrong when Dr. Xeno want it to be placed in the back of the motorcycle his direction was accurate, as it is revealed the latter was sending Morse code to his allies. To avoid suffering a serious wound, he secretly used a piece of the boat as armor and this came in handy when Stanley shot at him.

Spear Master: Hyoga is a spear-handling master, using his Kudayari spear, he uses the Kan style that allows him to strike out at fast and irregular tormentor attacks that allow him to fight three of Ishigami Village's strongest fighters even though they had metal katanas, overwhelming them with the same until it broke. His skill is later prominently displayed when he held his own against and defeated Moz.


3/5 C
5/5 A
5/5 A
5/5 A
Hyoga's stats, according to Volume 6


Kudayari: A special Kan-style boom that has its shaft pass through a hollow tube that allows the boom to be twisted as it pushes into the shape of a full moon as it spins, allowing uneven erratic attacks to increase or decrease its range. During his battle with Moz, his weapon is further upgraded by Senku using a hollow bamboo tube and a lubricant inside it, allowing Hyoga to defeat Moz due to the spear's unmatched speed and force. The spear tip was coated in gold, having been originally designed for Kinro; it is unclear if he retained this spear after his third or fourth depetrification.

Chapter Appearances

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87. Senku's Department Store Absent
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89. Adventures Absent
90. New World Map Absent
91. Need Bread? Start with Wheat Absent
92. Desire is Noble Absent
93. The First Shot Is Yours Absent
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99. Kingdom of Science Photo Journal Absent
100. Origin of the 100 Tales Pictured
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227. It Was You Absent
228. Life Stone Absent
229. Why-Man Absent
230. Human Absent
231. A Future To Get Excited About Absent
232. Final Chapter: Dr. STONE Appears


  • Hyoga's name is composed of "hyō" ( ice) and "getsu/suki" ( month; moon) to create Hyoga (Ice Moon).
  • He ranked 7th in the first popularity poll.
  • The head of Hyoga's spear is made of steel, but the shape is jagged because the forge technology at the time wasn't good enough.[12]


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