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Hirosue University (広末大学 Hirosue Daigaku) is the university where Byakuya Ishigami worked as a part-time professor.[1]

General Information[]

Hirosue University is a large, long building with a clocktower in the middle. The clocktower has a somewhat ornate viewing around one of the upper levels, allowing people to view the courtyard. The front entrance to the school has a bust of someone atop the pillar above the school's name.

Somewhere within the university are lecture halls with layered seating and a blackboard and desk at the front.[2]


Hiro University lecture hall

The university's lecture hall.

The university is first introduced as Byakuya is leaving the grounds, waving to one of the students. He gets a message on his phone about the next JAXA trials for becoming an astronaut.[3]

Reboot: Byakuya[]

(Note: This section is not considered part of the canon series.) Senku is brought by Byakuya to the university to be shown Rei the robot. The university seems to have a robotics department, as Byakuya was able to construct his idea with the help of others. Rei's ideal model was made there, the form of a beautiful woman, as well as the more functional one to be used in zero-gravity. Byakuya supervised the project.


  • Hirosue University and Hirosue High use the same kanji in their names. Both of them have also been written in both ways across the Dr. Stone canon.[4]


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