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Hirosue High (広末 Hirosue)[1] or Hiromatsu High School (広末高等学校 Hiromatsu High School)[2] is the high school Senku, Taiju and Yuzuriha attended prior to petrification. The Camphor Tree is in the courtyard.

General Information[]

The school is a four-storey building with roof access and large windows. It is located somewhere in or around Tokyo, Japan. There is a courtyard that runs the length of the rectangular building with a few small bushes along the back fence. On the southeast side, there is a young camphor tree growing.

Inside, there are stairwells with the floor numbers written in extremely large font size and classrooms along one side of the hallway. Bulletin boards are hung between each door. The science labs use separated bench-style desks with in-built sinks and stools that have hinged backs. One of the hallways contains a vending machine that sells drinks, including energy drinks.[3]


The girl's uniforms consist of a white dress shirt and fuzzy yellow button-down cardigan. They also wear a box-pleated navy-blue skirt and plain knee-height white socks. A red bow is tied around the neck similar to a bowtie.

The boy's uniforms consist of a similar white dress shirt with a military-style standing collar jacket of the same navy-blue as the girls' skirts. It is fastened with brass buttons. The pants match the jacket, and are held up by a belt.

In the science labs, white lab coats are worn rather than the blue jackets.


After five long years of having feelings for her, Taiju finally plans to confess in the courtyard of the school under the camphor tree.[2] He meets Senku in the school's science labs beforehand to tell him as much, and Senku responds in a rather lacklustre way that he won't be cheering him on. Instead, he offers Taiju a love potion to assure his success, but Taiju refuses it and pours it down the sink. Senku then lights the contents of the sink on fire, somehow not destroying school property with the subsequent explosion.[4]

Outside, Yuzuriha waits for Taiju under the young camphor tree where Yuzuriha realises Taiju is about to confess. Due to nerves, Taiju struggles to get the words out fast enough when suddenly a light appears on the horizon to the southeast of the school.[5] All the students and staff become petrified by the light. The school is later destroyed by a surge of water.[6]


  • The school's name is composed of the kanji for "big, vast" (広) and "trunk/leaves of a tree" (末), probably a nod to the camphor tree that grows on the grounds.
    • Had Taiju graduated from the school, his diploma would have read "big-tree big-tree from big-tree high school".
  • Classes start before 10am.[7]
  • The high school's name changed in Chapter 157 as the pronunciation of the kanji is unknown.


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