Good Morning World is the first opening theme song of the Dr. Stone anime. It is composed and performed by Burnout Syndromes. Good Morning World debuts in Episode 1 of the anime, alongside the ending theme song, LIFE, which is composed and performed by Rude-α.

Single Track List

Disc 1

  1. Good Morning World!
  2. Ms. Thunderbolt
  3. Good Morning World! (Anime Size)
  4. Good Morning World! (KARAOKE)
  5. Good Morning World! (Anime Size KARAOKE)

Disk 2

  1. [DVD] TV animation “Dr.STONE” opening video (Non-Credit)




TV Version

  • Good Morning World!
  • Lyrics source: [1]

おはよう世界 Good Morning World!



神々の霊峰 心力の宮殿
岩窟の最奥 蒼穹の果て

踏破してみせる 限界はない

おはよう世界 Good Morning World!
不可能の闇を祓って 神話をReaching
情に変えてく 放流星
一歩ずつ 石を劃かつような
この歩みで 世界を広げよう

ohayou sekai Good Morning World!

dore hodo aruitaro
ashi no itami dake ga
sono kyori wo monogataru

nagai yoru wo koeta
zekkei no kitai ga
kyou mo boku wo ikashiteiru

kamigami no reihou shinryoku no kyuuden
gankutsu no saiou soukyuu no hate

touha shite miseru genkai wa nai
hoshi no sumizumi made

ohayou sekai Good Morning World!
fukanou no yami wo haratte shinwa wo Reaching
jou ni kaeteku houryuusei
ippozutsu ishi wo wakatsu you na
kono ayumi de sekai wo hirogeyou

Good morning, world
Good Morning World

How far have I walked?
Only the pain in my feet
Gives me a sense of the distance

The hope for a beautiful view
At the end of a long night
Is what keeps me going today

The mountains of the gods,
The palaces of green
The depths of the caves,
The ends of the deep blue sky

I'll go the full distance,
There are no limits
To the ends of the world

Good morning, world
Good Morning World
Rid away the impossibility of the dark
An odyssey turning mythology into the everyday
In this painstaking journey,
Turning over every stone
We'll expand our world

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