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The Globetrotting Arc is the thirteenth story arc of Dr. Stone and the fourth story arc in The Truth of the Petrification Saga.


New Voyage

After leaving South America and traveling across the Atlantic, Senku and the crew of the Perseus receive a message from the Why-man saying "DO YOU WANNA DIE?". Believing this to be a threat, and that they may be working on borrowed time now, the crew head to Barcelona in Spain to craft three items necessary for the space mission from the mineral, fluorite.[1]

On the way to Barcelona, Francois and Ryusui both express a desire to obtain olive oil. Upon arriving in Barcelona, Ryusui gets Chelsea to create a map to a place they can harvest olives from. Members of the Kingdom of Science harvest and crush it into liquid form and run it through a centrifuge, which Kaseki builds in a matter of seconds. Upon obtaining olive oil, Francois is moved almost to tears at the thought of how much the olive oil will improve the meals they create, and go onto create two dishes for the Kingdom of Science, much to their enjoyment. Later, the Kingdom of Science revive the local petrified residents of Barcelona. Francois prepares an opening banquet for them and even shows off a little Spanish they were taught in South America.

Later, Kohaku and Chrome head out in order to discover food sources, and run into a wild pack of bulls. Chrome begins to get chased by one of the wild bulls, with Kohaku stating he's being used as bait. Ryusui jumps at the opportunity and begins to bullfight, amazing most. Francois and local chefs later prepares churros, a sweet Spain is known to create, and Ryusui pays said chefs with coin dragos, which they created from the ores in South America. The locals are amazed that in the stone world even with the scientific head start, they aren't trying to rule over them but rather intend to bring back the old world. The locals kneel down to the Kingdom of Science to thank them, but Ryusui has them stand, and rallys the locals up to work in exchange for compensation. With the locals agreeing to begin work, Ryusui exclaims his desire for fluorite.[2]

After obtaining fluorite in Barcelona, the crew made use of it's low relecting index to create better a telescope. To do the calculations for the space rocket, Ryusui says they'll be going to India and founding Math City. The problem is the new Perseus goes through fuel faster than expected, so going the full route around the Cape of Good Hope will mean waiting for months before they can safely make the journey. Chrome suggests they make their way through the Suez Canal, however there's a risk it's blocked and they'll be left stranded. To avoid the risk of not being able to turn around in the canal, they use their new telescope and a hot air balloon to scan the route.

Chelsea makes a map of the area, only to discover there's a small dam 20 km into the canal, blocking the way. Senku decides that it would be a great opportunity to test a ballistic missile from adding dynamite to a model rocket, it's fired directly into the dam to blow a path through it.[3]

Family reunion

With the dam destroyed, the Perseus is able to penetrate the Suez Canal passage. After doing so, Kohaku asks the significance of Math City, to which Ryusui responds that extremely accurate calculations are needed to ensure that the space mission goes according to plan. He adds that the math education in India couldn't be beat, and that Nanami Corp. set up a university to cultivate their human resources there. He also hopes to find someone named Sai.

On October 1st, 5750, the Perseus arrives in India and the team quickly collect spices such as cardamom and cumin to make curry. Over the meal, Kohaku says that she's glad they didn't have to wait, otherwise she'd be the older sister between her and Ruri. Suika gets worried about the statues breaking, however Kohaku assures her that Ruri would have ensured everyone was in a safe position. team try to locate Sai using Ryusui's knowledge of him and Chelsea's and Senku's combined science power to figure out how the land changed. They quickly find him, dress him, and revive him. Sai is initial thankful for being saved, however the moment he lays eyes on Ryusui he begins screaming and running. Ryusui asks that he be caught, and Kohaku quickly pins him with her leg.

Sai protests from the floor, ranting about fleeing from Japan and never returning to Nanami Corp. as long as Ryusui was around. To the shock of the crew, Sai then reveals that Ryusui is his younger brother.[4]

Sai insists that he's not a genius, and that Ryusui is exaggerating. Ryusui retorts by saying he's been denying his talents since he was four years old, revealing a moment when Sai had accidentally multiplied two long numbers rather than adding them. Sai insists that mental math is pointless since a computer could do the same calculation in less time.

Ryusui states he wants to use Sai's abilities, prompting another flashback about Sai where he's shown to be hiding in the rafters of the house playing a handheld game. Over the years, Ryusui always told Sai to do what was expected of him and also do what he wanted, however Sai said that's too much for him to handle. Ryusui also always chased Sai up for his mathematical knowledge, such as calculating ideal racing lines and computing fluid dynamics for ship sails. Because of the pressure, Sai escaped to India where he could follow his one passion: programming.

His dream is crushed when he realizes there aren't any computers yet, and warily asks Senku how long it would take to make a computer. Senku replies that it'll be five years at minimum before they can make a working computer. Sai, stressed, cries and asks why they would revive a guy like him when there's nothing he can achieve.

Over dinner, the other members of the Kingdom of Science discuss what can be done about Sai as having someone unwilling to work could mean death when retaliation by Why-man mid-spaceflight is possible. They need to be able to recalculate very quickly in order to survive.

Alone in his room, Sai also says he needs to survive— until he can get his computer. In the mean time, unsure of what to do, he picks up a charcoal pencil and decides that all he can do is code.

The next morning, Francois brings a plate of curry to his door, but Sai doesn't come out. The others decide to peek into his room, revealing that every open wall in his room is covered in machine code. The code is for Dragon Quest, prompting Senku to change his plans and make a simple computer in the Stone World.[5]

Crafting Computers

In San Francisco, Yuzuriha remains petrified but is shown to retain consciousness and has faith that Senku and the others will return. Surely enough, Taiju and the rest of the team sail their way up from South America to the American Colony, and soon upon their arrival, revive everyone. Everyone in Corn City is informed of what happened over the last several months, and are told the next task is to make a computer.

Back in India, Sai asks how it's possible to build a computer when Senku already said it would take years. After a basic demonstration of a half adder, Senku tells them that they'll be using parametron circuits instead of transistors. They quickly build a few of the donut-shaped components and assemble it into a half adder. Sai tests it out, showing it works just like their flag demonstration.

Yuzuriha then has a bad feeling about what Senku will ask of them, which proves to be correct as Senku says they'll need 200,000 of them made. They'll begin their age of automation and continue reviving a ton of manpower for Corn City in order to fulfill the request.

Corn City assembling several parametrons. In India, Saiputs together several half adder circuits to create a circuit capable of adding up to 255. They need to send the circuit diagram over to Corn City, so Xeno recommends creating a fax machine. He already sent instructions over to Brody with Taiju, so all that's left is for Senku to make one. Using sphalerite and other materials, they quickly make thermal paper and the fax machine itself.

As the team in Corn City are making the computer, Senku's team can continue their globetrotting. Sai bids them farewell, insisting that he stay in India to work. However Ryusuiinsists that Sai come with them. Some time later, they receive their first fax from Corn City, featuring an image of most of the group there.

Seeing the image makes Sai and Ryusui go quiet, so Gen sneaks away later to dig for information. Before he can begin questioning Sai, Chelsea breaks into the room and starts asking blunt questions. Sai then explains over tea that Ryusui and Sai weren't born to the matriarch of the Nanami family and were excluded from group photos. Sai also found Ryusui's constant demands to be overwhelming, so he flew to India to escape. Gen and Chelsea then explain to Sai that Ryusui was never demanding those things of Sai, only that he wished to spend time with his brother.

That evening, Ryusui enters Sai's room and asks to play chess once more, and Sai begins turning him down but then cedes. When the Perseus is all packed up to go, Sai had a change of heart and joins the others onboard, officially joining the Kingdom of Science.

Return to Japan

The Perseus finds its way to Japan in the first destination is Treasure Island where they proceed to revive their allies. Senku and Soyuz converse about a special mission, which required modern-timers to stay and aid Soyuz to help with the labor.

The Perseus soon makes its way to the mainland, where they revived the Ishigami villagers, and Ruri and Kohaku have a warm reunion, followed by Ruri commenting that Chrome has grown up. However, Chrome remains ever oblivious to his affections for Ruri, much to the disappointment of the villagers. It is shown a wall was built to protect the villagers' stone bodies, and the culprits were Chalk and Sagara, who now have families. They reunite with Suika, and happily pig out and wolf down on Francois' fresh rice.

To feed everyone, Francois begins making bluefin tuna nigiri sushi, which pleases everyone. One everyone is fed, Ruri shows them what their project was: a dam. It is revealed that Sagara and Chalk had spotted the dam and got inspired to make their own wall.

On Treasure Island, Amaryllis reports through the communicator that their special mission is complete too: a rocket launch site. Ryusui declares it is time to make way for space and confront Why-man. Senku agrees that they will make it backed by their allies.[6]

Story Impacts

  • The Kingdom of Science decide to use morse code.
  • Why-man sends a message to the group.
  • Senku plans to travel to Spain, to obtain fluorite from Barcelona.
  • Residents of Spain are revived.
  • Math City will be founded in India.
  • Ryusui's older brother, Sai, is revived.
    • Sai is revealed to be a prodigy of mathematics and coding.
  • Sai ran away from home because he felt smothered by his brother.
  • The Kingdom of Science and the American colony or revived
    • Dr. Brody is informed about the existence of Why-Man.
    • The group in San Francisco are tasked with creating a computer.
  • Ryusui figures out that the Petrification weapon enables immortality.
  • Chrome wants to craft a return rocket for the trip going to the moon.
  • Suika agrees to help with the plan.
  • Sai agrees to teach Chrome and Suika math.
  • Sai worked as a university math teacher before the petrification.
  • The Kingdom of Science hosts the mathlympics.
    • Magma wins using the calculator.
  • The Perseus arrives in Indonesia.
  • Rubber city is founded.
    • The crew have founded all of the cities.
    • Rubber and rice are harvested.
  • The people of Treasure Island and Ishigami Village are revived.
  • modern-timers have joined Soyuz to help with the labor.
  • After a decade, Suika is reunited with Sagara and Chalk.
  • Chalk and Sagara have families now.
  • Sushi is recreated.
  • On the orders of Senku, Ishigami Village built a dam while the main branch of the Kingdom of Science went globetrotting.
    • Thanks to Sagara and Chalk spotting the dam, the pair were inspired to create a wall themselves that protected the petrified villagers from environmental hazards.
  • The rocket will take off from Treasure Island, as it is closer to the equator.


  • Sai is found, he is on top three other statues with their arms out; in homage to an Indian deity.
  • The team in India build a parametron and a half adder.
  • It is shown the team in India have built a new mobile lab.
  • Yuzuriha retained consciousness and kept track of how much time passed. This shows her mental strength increased since the first petrification; given she "woke up" upon her first depetrification.
  • As in chapter 122, Taiju attempts to give Yuzuriha a handshake upon revival, however this time Yuzuriha hugs him rather than accepting the handshake.
  • The ship for the group meant for America has been built.
  • The device Sai is playing with in the flashback is a Gakken EX-System, specifically the EX-150 model.
  • Xeno's castle is shown to have survived the years; likely due to being built from study metal materials. Though it was slightly overgrown with vegetation, much like the 21st century buildings during the first petrification.
  • Chapter 208 released a short time after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games concluded, which may have been the inspiration for the mathlympics.[7]
  • Despite seven years having passed, the huts on the Petrification Kingdom have not collapsed from bad weather.
  • No one from Ishigami Village makes a comment about Suika, who aged the most.
  • There is an error on the first page that says that it has been 8 years since the first petrification, when it has actually been closer to 10. Inagaki has stated that this will be corrected for future releases.
  • Ryusui mentions Google and Netflix by name. They aren't censored like Rolex/Rodex was in chapter 177.
  • Chelsea's ship is called Perseus D. Monkey, a reference to One Piece.
  • Ryusui founding Dragon News brings up the interesting concept of copyright infringement; seeing as any contacts and legal agreements have been destroyed in the last 37 centuries, any name that was claimed previously for TV stations or merchandise is now up for grabs.
    • "Dragon News" may be inspired by "Dragon Bank" from Riichiro Inagaki's other series, Trillion Game.
    • Yo now has shorter hair, due to some of his hair breaking off in his petrification.
    • The cover of this chapter and the previous chapter's covers connect, creating a double-page spread.
  • In Chapter 214, Minami retakes her position as a reporter.
  • As of his recent petrification, Yo now has the highest amount of time being a statue.


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