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The Globetrotting Arc is the thirteenth story arc of Dr. Stone and the fourth story arc in The Truth of the Petrification Saga.


Reaching Spain[]

After leaving South America, the Perseus's new features are shown and the crew is forced to learn Morse code for communication purposes, since nothing else they have works over such long distances. Traveling across the Atlantic, all the radios receive a message from the Why-man saying "DO YOU WANNA DIE?" in Morse. Gen suggests a particular response, but Why-man stops broadcasting regardless. Believing this to be a threat, and that they may be working on borrowed time now, the crew head to Barcelona, Spain.[1]

On the way to Barcelona, Francois and Ryusui both express a desire to obtain olive oil. Before finding the fluorite they need, they make olive oil and prepare a feast of local foods for the inhabitants they revive. For their services, Ryusui pays them in new coinage made of superalloys.[2]

After obtaining fluorite in Barcelona, the crew build a better telescope. Their next goal is to head to India and found Math City, but the new Perseus goes through fuel faster than expected, so instead they choose to check the Suez Canal, hoping it's still viable. Using their new telescope and a hot air balloon to scan the route, they see a small dam blocking their path, which is destroyed using Xeno's test rocket as an explosive missile.[3]

A Nanami Reunion[]

Arriving in India, they make curry and begin searching for the university funded by Nanami Corp., hoping to find someone Ryusui knows named Sai. Using Chelsea's and Senku's combined science power to figure out how the land changed, they quickly locate Sai's statue and revive him. Sai is initially thankful for being saved, however after spotting Ryusui, he runs off screaming and has to be stopped by Kohaku. To the shock of the crew, Sai reveals that Ryusui is his younger brother.[4]

Sai insists that he's not a genius, and that Ryusui is exaggerating. Ryusui retorts by saying he's always denied his talents, revealing a moment when they were younger showing Sai's exceptional skills. Sai insists that mental math is pointless since a computer could do the same calculation in less time. Senku points out they don't have a computer, which sends Sai into a depression. After some time alone, Sai realizes he can still do his favorite thing even without a computer: code! With his true breadth of skills displayed, Senku agrees to make a computer.[5]

Crafting Computers[]

Back in Corn City, Ukyo and his team revive their friends. Everyone in Corn City is informed of what happened over the last several months, and are told the next task is to make a computer. Senku explains they'll be substituting semiconductors will parametron circuits, and shows how they work by making a half-adder. Corn City is then tasked with making 200,000 of these circuits.[6]

With the bulk of the crafting being done in Corn City, Xeno suggests making a fax machine to explain the complicated parts. Meanwhile, Sai wants to remain in India to avoid Ryusui's suffocating desires. The fax machine is then tested with a group photo of Corn City, which makes the Nanami brothers go quiet. Gen and Chelsea go to check on Sai, and discover that they weren't part of the main Nanami family, and that Sai found Ryusui's constant demands overwhelming. In return, they then explain to Sai that Ryusui was never demanding those things of Sai, only that he wished to spend time with his brother. Later, Ryusui and Sai reconcile over a game of chess, and Sai decides to stay on the Perseus.[7]

While heading to their next destination, the Corn City team complete the calculator, and they test it with a math competition. Sai, Senku, Chrome and Magma compete, with Magma using the calculator. He wins, with Sai and Senku confirming the correct answer moments later. They then use the calculator to create a banking system.[8]

Moon Mission Planning[]

The next stop is Australia, where they begin mining bauxite for aluminum and set up a city. Ukyo and Yo arrive by boat, bringing with them the working Petrification Weapon. Comparing it to Kaseki's work, they discover that the devices from South America were simply duds, and Kaseki's diamond batteries worked fine. Thus, they only have one working device to enact their plan: to wait, petrified, on the moon's surface for humanity to make a return vessel and save the moon mission team.[9]

Understandably upset by the thought of never seeing some of their friends again, Suika and Chrome agree to try and find a way to save everyone. They ask Sai to teach them math so they can design their own rocket.[10]

Stopping in Indonesia, the team collect rubber and found Rubber City. They spend a few months growing and harvesting rice to bring back to their friends and families left petrified in Japan.[11] They reach Treasure Island first and ask Soyuz how their mission was going: building the rocket's launchpad. It was slightly delayed due to the extended Petrification, but is otherwise going well. On the mainland, they revive the villagers, who had been protected by Sagara and Chalk building a protective wall around them. Sagara and Chalk also now have families, but happily reunite with Suika. The villagers are revealed to have been working on a dam to generate hydroelectric power. With the dam and launch pad complete, Ryusui declares it is time to make their way to space and confront Why-man.[12]

Story Impact[]

  • Everyone in the Kingdom of Science learns Morse code.
  • Why-man sends a new message: "DO YOU WANNA DIE".
  • A settlement in Barcelona, Spain is created to obtain fluorite and olive oil.
  • Math City is founded in India.
  • Sai Nanami, Ryusui's older brother and genius mathematician and coder, is revived and joins the Kingdom of Science.
  • Everyone in Corn City is revived to begin working on the computer.
  • The petrification devices from South America are revealed to be duds, and thus the Kingdom only has one working device.
  • The moon mission plan is to leave the astronauts petrified on the moon until they can be revived.
    • Chrome and Suika work to find an alternative.
  • Aluminum City is founded in Australia.
  • Rubber City is founded in Indonesia, and rice is harvested.
  • The people of Treasure Island and Ishigami Village are revived.
    • Treasure Island had been tasked with building the rocket's launch pad, and Ishigami Village a hydroelectric dam.
  • Chalk and Sagara have families now.

Characters Introduced[]

Inventions in Order of Acquisition[]

For a complete list of inventions in more detail, see Inventions and Discoveries.

  • Olive Oil
  • Hard Currency
  • Fluorite
  • Parametrons
  • Calculator
  • Rice
  • Aluminum
  • Dam
  • Rocket Launchpad


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