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Ginro ( (ギン) (ロー) Ginrō) is Kinro's brother, and one of the village guards. He starts hanging around Senku during his stay in the village and gets roped into the plan to make Ruri antibiotics.


Ginro is shorter and scrawnier than his brother. He has short blonde hair and green eyes.

Ginro wears a karate gi-like uniform and belt. He carries his spear wherever he goes.


Ginro is the coward of the two guard brothers, albiet very full of himself and somewhat selfish. He's easily distracted by shiny things and Senku's antics, which ends with him usually working alongside his schemes.

Ginro shows regret for his cowardice often and genuinely cares about his friends, to the point where he runs off to help Senku and Chrome in a dangerous situation.

Abilities and Skills

Physical Abilities

Ginro does not appear to be physically strong by any means; he can, however, support up to at least Chrome's weight as seen when he managed to keep him held up by his spear.


Ginro wields a primitive-looking spear.


Ginro was at some point born into Ishigami Village and took up the role of guard with his brother.


Kingdom of Science Arc

Ginro is first introduced alongside Kinro, blocking Kohaku and Senku from entry into the village due to their policy on outsiders. Senku, unamused by this, blows bubbles with a bar of soap, causing the two of them to freak out until Chrome explains what's going on.

Ginro assisted Senku in his quest to make Ruri antibiotics, helping create electricity and overcoming his cowardice to help Senku and Chrome collect sulfuric acid.

He was in on the plan for the village tournament, until the idea of becoming chief entered his head. He compromised the plan and fought Senku intending to win, but was thankfully knocked out.

Village Games Arc

Vs. Hyoga Arc


  • Ginro's name can be translated as "silver wolf". This ties into his brother, Kinro's name, which means "golden wolf".
  • His name contains the kanji for Silver ( Gin) and Wolf ( ) and put together mean Silver Wolf, in keeping with the fact that all other members of Ishigami village have names referencing metals and crystals. His being the reference to the chemical element Silver, its elemental symbol is Ag and atomic number is 47.


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