Ginro ( (ギン) (ロー) Ginrō) is Kinro's brother, and one of the village guards. He starts hanging around Senku during his stay in the village and is one of the first villagers to join the Kingdom of Science.

Essentially used like a "pack mule" for labor, Ginro tries shirking out of any job he's given regardless of the effort needed; Kohaku and Kinro usually drag him along. During the adventure on Treasure Island, Ginro manages to convince an unpetrified warrior to serve him, gaining protection from his former "tormentors".


Chapter 120 (3)

Disguised as a woman

Ginro is a rather short, androgynous young man with short blonde hair and green eyes. He seems to take after his mother in looks. Due to these traits, he is able to convincingly pass himself off as a girl, and uses this in conjunction with a disguise to (reluctantly) join the harem selection and infiltrate the Petrification Kingdom. According to Matsukaze, he resembles his former lord, who is hinted to be a distant relative.

Ginro wears a karate gi-like uniform and belt. He, like his brother Kinro, carries his spear wherever he goes.


Ginro is the coward of the two guard brothers, immediately showcased when he gets visibly more startled by Kohaku's threats unless they let Senku into the village.[3] He can be very full of himself and is somewhat selfish. He's easily distracted by shiny things and Senku's antics, which ends with him usually working to further the scientist’s schemes. He is much more sincere in his cowardice and is rather open about his feelings. For example, he considered the possibility of having everyone run away from the village to avoid a fight with the Tsukasa Empire, though after Kohaku points out that only a scum bag would consider it as the elderly and children wouldn't be able to keep up, he claims he didn't think of such an idea.

There are two main sides to him: a kinder, gentler side that cares for his friends and family and a more scummy side to himself. There are times when his scummy meddling side wins over his nicer side, such as when he enters the village tournament to determine who would be village chief and wed Ruri. While he initially does so to protect Ruri from Magma, once he learns she is satisfied with marrying whoever wins, Ginro immediately decides to win so he can be chief and order people around, have ramen everyday, give everyone a harem, and be a "good chief" in his own words. The villagers are so disturbed that when he loses to Senku, they immediately cheer despite the fact they do not approve of Senku as an outsider. Similarly, when the Perseus sets sail, he refuses to board for fear of such a dangerous journey, though he pretends to swim after the ship in order to impress some girls. In addition, he tends to enjoy meddling in Chrome and Ruri's relationship. At one point, in an extra, he even suggests that he, Chrome, Kinro, and Senku attack Kohaku together to see who is stronger and claims it is "fair" since Kohaku is much stronger than all of them individually (though he had a fair point).

Ginro shows regret for his cowardice often and genuinely cares about his friends, to the point where he runs off to help Senku and Chrome in a dangerous situation where they were attempting to acquire sulfur from Sulfurina, a natural sulfur spring where the gas is poisonous to breathe in. Similarly, he refuses to cut the bridge from the village to the outside despite knowing that doing so would protect their village from Hyoga's forces, because his brother Kinro would have to be sacrificed. Recently, when his brother faces the prospect of being petrified, Ginro manages to overcome his fear to protect his brother with help from Suika. This proves that despite having a scummy cowardly side, he will ultimately endure any tough situation to protect his friends and family.

He can be somewhat lazy as he tends to slack off during his duties as a guard. He often complains when he and Kinro have to lend manpower to Senku's inventions, which physically exhaust them, and celebrated alongside Kinro when Senku built a power plant that would decrease their work. He also shows a perverted side, imagining what it would be like to marry Ruri and also showing interest when Senku tries to learn more about Homura, thinking Senku was discussing what type of woman he likes. He showed interest in the use of an x-ray to peek under women's clothes. Similarly, he enjoys showing off, particularly in front of cute girls, as he imagined himself looking cool while facing off during the village tournament, though in reality, was beaten badly before winning. He similarly swam to the Perseus to make it look like he was brave and wanted to join his friends on their dangerous journey to the outside world when, in reality, he believed he would not be able to reach the ship and would return to the island looking like a hero and getting several girls to like him.

Abilities and Skills

While not as a good a warrior as Kinro, he possesses some skill.

Physical Abilities

Ginro does not appear to be physically strong by any means. He can, however, support up to at least Chrome's weight, as seen when he managed to keep him held up by his spear, albeit with great difficulty. He manages to defeat Agro, though received heavy injuries in the process. He could hunt and kill large American Alligators with help from the others.[4]

He survived a fatal wound from Ibara, though it was thanks to Kohaku that he survived as they were petrified not long after. While disguised, Ginro was implied to be capable of storing a pineapple containing a chemical weapon on his person without affecting his movements.


Ginro wields a primitive-looking spear. It used to be coated silver but it was destroyed during the search for sulfur. Ginro is shown to be very skilled with using it as he was able to perform at spearman's dance while disguised as a female.

During a raid by Hyoga, Ginro gained a katana that was created by Kaseki and Senku.


Ginro was at some point born into Ishigami Village and took up the role of a guard with his brother Kinro.


Kingdom of Science Arc

Ginro is first introduced alongside Kinro, blocking Kohaku and Senku from entry into the village due to their policy on outsiders, with Ginro saying this is his first time meeting a non-village human. He claims all humans outside of the village have to be connected to the criminals exiled in the past. Kohaku then resorts to threatening the brothers with a fight, should they continue preventing them entrance. Senku, unamused by this, blows bubbles with a bar of soap, causing the two of them to freak out[3] until Chrome explains what's going on.

Ginro assists Senku in his quest to make Ruri antibiotics, helping create electricity, and overcoming his cowardice to help Senku and Chrome collect sulfuric acid. He saves Chrome from falling into the acid.

Village Games Arc

He was in on the plan for the village tournament, until the idea of becoming chief entered his head. He compromised the plan and fought Senku intending to win, but was thankfully knocked out by Senku.

Vs. Hyoga Arc

He is present when Hyoga and his men invade, at his brother's request he alerts the village.

Ginro returns and watches Hyoga wound his brother. Despite Kinro's wish for him to cut the bridge, Ginro refuses to carry out the wish to save his brother. Fortunately, Senku's tactics cause Hyoga to retreat, saving Kinro and the village.

When Hyoga invades again, Ginro is equipped with a katana to help defend Ishigami Village. In spite of holding the enemy back, the village is burned down by Homura.

Communications Arc

He is very happy with the creation of cotton candy, before trying to tease Senku about supposedly liking Homura. However, he is scared when Senku reveals the latter is monitoring them. He is in better spirits at the creation of the water wheel, praising the age of energy. Ginro is then put through training with Kohaku and Kinro for the upcoming battle with the Tsukasa Empire.

Once Senku's group return from the cave, they wish Senku a happy birthday. Ginro later hears the recording left by Byakuya for Senku containing a message from him. He is amazed by the event, especially a song preformed by him and the crew.

Ginro stays at the village, when Gen, Chrome, and Magma go to infiltrate the enemy territory. He is in awe at Kohaku chasing Homura, before he is shocked when she identifies him and the villagers.

After the battle, he witnesses Tsukasa's sister being depetrified, while amazed to see a statue freed for the first time.

Age of Exploration Arc

Ginro helps in the building of the Perseus.

During Valentine's Day, he is disappointed at not receiving chocolate.

He is later pleased when the ship is made.

Treasure Island Arc

He is one of the only members of the crew to not be petrified, due to being underwater at the time and swimming out of range after Ukyo's arrow hit the weapon. Ginro made it back on board the ship and hid in a barrel.[5]

He overheard Kohaku's shouting for the lab and was downcasted at the work he'd have to do while avoid getting caught. Peeking out the barrel, he spotted Senku's group, while begging for help. They were annoyed he survived the attack but wanted him to help.While he initally wanted to escape, his brother's statue motivated him to help Suika (who also survived). Due to him causing a distraction, they manage to get the mobile lab and reunite with Senku and the others.[6]

He is sent undercover as a woman to infiltrate Ibara's forces, and was impaled after learning Ibara really usurped the original ruler who was petrified. He is saved by Kohaku but tells her of what he discovered before he could die. Kohaku nearly reveals the truth to the island about the Head but Ginro realized this was a ruse to get them petrified to save his life. The pair then put their bets on Senku to win.

After Ibara was defeated, Ginro is revived and his wound healed from the formula. Kinro praises his efforts, to his joy. He thanks Kohaku and tries to hug her in a perverse way but he is of course punched by her but she does accept his gratitude.[7]

New America City Arc

He is shocked by the training of Kohaku and Kirisame, trying to run away but is chased by them though he is saved by a new follower Matsukaze who is very skilled. According to Matsukaze, Ginro resembles his former lord and a bashful Ginro thinks its a distant relative of his and asks Matsukaze to serve him. [8]

With Matsukaze by his side, Ginro is pleased that now his torturers can't come after him. After returning to the Kingdom of Science, he witnesses the revival of Tsukasa Shishio. Ginro then excitedly introduces Matsukaze and touts on skill, he watched Matsukaze challenge Tsukasa to a sparring match but is easily bested by his opponent and sees Matsukaze surrender. Ginro's cockiness drops at seeing how outclassed his bodyguard is to Tsukasa.[9]

Ginro mentioned that he tried to sneak away but Matsukaze carried him back onboard the Perseus along with the supplies.[10]

In the voyage, Ginro is bored by the traveling and notes how he wants to go back. When Senku and Ryusui recreate poker, Ginro is happy Senku won because he bet on him.[11]

During the party after the poker game, a drunk Ginro asks Matsukaze to tell the story of his lord and of the Petrification Weapon got to Treasure Island. While Matsukaze explained, Ginro was shocked how his master died, and how he ultimately came to be petrified.[12] When Hyoga, Mozu, and Homura are revived, Ginro sneaks away as they joined Matsukaze and Tsukasa in weapons training. He asks his brother to train him instead and the latter obliges.[13]

During the voyage, he and the other Stone world members are amazed by the sights of sea creatures and excited to reach land.

Once the Perseus settles on the land, Ginro is excited at finally getting off the ship and is eager for food because of having to save some supplies. Ginro is part of the warrior team that follows the exploration crew. Unlike the other members, he is worried about the prospect of an animal attack. Soon alligators attack, as the other members are eager for food and he realizes this is why the other warriors were eager. Ginro and his allies defeat them and use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. Ginro is exceptionally pleased with the hamburgers that François made from them. [14]

When the crew set camp at night, Tsukasa notes there is danger lurking something that is supported by other warriors. Ginro isn't worried because of the strong group and Kinro remarks on his sheepish nature. Tsukasa alerts everyone to retreat inside the boat, where they could take cover. Surely enough, bullets rain down and everyone ducks for cover. Ginro is able to dodge the attacks, thanks to his allies. As the bullets are fired, he panics and questions what is happening before they retreat. [15]



Kinro is Ginro's brother.

Strangely, despite not sharing a physical resemblance to each other and being vastly different in personalities to the point of being polar opposites, the two share a deep strong bond and understanding. They work together as guards, with Kinro being more responsible, while Ginro does his best to shirk his responsibilities or push them onto someone else. Ginro is often lectured by Kinro on being less lazy and shirking his responsibilities while Ginro thinks of Kinro as too straight laced and being a stick in the mud.

Ginro on occasion also enjoys teasing Kinro or rubbing something in his face, such as stating Kinro's menacing look is due to him having blurry sickness and bragging how he was able to get a silver spear while Kinro, who had a golden spear that broke, wouldn't be getting a new spear anytime soon. Despite their differences, Ginro and Kinro clearly love each other. When Senku builds a generator that needs two people to work in sync, he immediately looks for Kinro and Ginro as the two do manage to work together harmoniously to produce the energy Senku needs. When Kinro is heavily injured on a bridge with Hyoga's forces, he tells a horrified Ginro to cut the bridge with him on it so Hyoga's forces cannot cross the bridge, but Ginro refuses and breaks down crying, saying he could never sacrifice him. Similarly, when Kinro is turned to stone, Ginro is initially afraid of the intruders on their boat, but remembers Kinro was also turned to stone and tries to take his statue with him, refusing to leave him behind. He eventually is forced to as he realizes Kinro would want him to leave him behind to help Senku so that Senku could help rescue them all later.

Kinro is later revived and once he learns Ginro acquired information that helps Senku at the cost of nearly dying before being petrified, Kinro is deeply worried for Ginro, but is proud of Ginro's accomplishment and promises to save him the same way Ginro tried to save Kinro.

Senku Ishigami

Senku is Ginro's new village chief.

Initially hostile and distrusting of Senku, due to him being an outsider, Ginro has since warmed up to the Modern Human. Since Senku was named village chief, Ginro follows his instructions but is often annoyed by the hard work; he usually complains about manual labor Senku has him do, should it range from brute force or material scavenging. However, he does believe in Senku as he had full faith that his chief would revive him after he was petrified. become grateful to the new chief who gave him glasses to correct his near-sight and help him fight better.


Matsukaze is Ginro's new bodyguard.

They meet on Treasure Island, where Matsukaze saved Ginro from Kirisame and Kohaku. Ginro was amazed by his skill and to learn he resembled the latter's master who he thinks is a distant relative. Ginro then has Matsukaze becomes his subordinate.[16] With Matsukaze, Ginro is happy at gaining protection from his former "tormentors", bragging about his strength, to the others dismay. However, he is humbled when watching Tsukasa defeat him in a match.

Although Matsukaze has learned Ginro isn't his lord, he continues to address him as such, as seen when he carried Ginro on the ship, despite the latter's lies to avoid trouble. Ginro once felt bad, when he drunkenly asked Matsukaze about his master and saw his sad reaction.[17]


  • Ginro's name can be translated as "silver wolf". This ties into his brother, Kinro's name, which means "golden wolf".
  • His name contains the kanji for Silver ( Gin) and Wolf ( ) and put together mean Silver Wolf, in keeping with the fact that all other members of Ishigami village have names referencing metals and crystals. His being the reference to the chemical element Silver, its elemental symbol is Ag and atomic number is 47.


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