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Like his fellow villagers, he is a desecendant of the Astronaut team who survived the Petrification event.

Ginro was at some point born into Ishigami Village and took up the role of a guard with his brother Kinro.


Kingdom of Science Arc[]

Ginro is first introduced alongside Kinro, blocking Kohaku and Senku from entry into the village due to their policy on outsiders, with Ginro noting to himself that it's his first time meeting a non-village human. He claims all humans outside of the village have to be connected to the criminals exiled in the past. Kohaku then resorts to threatening the brothers with a fight, should they continue preventing them entrance. Senku, unamused by this, blows bubbles with a bar of soap in order to check the level of village's advancement in science, causing the two of them to freak out[1] until Chrome explains what's going on.

Ginro and Kinro then witness a battle between Senku and Chrome who engage in "sorcery". They get fascinated by each move both party makes until eventually Senku utterly defeats Chrome in a battle of arithmetic knowledge, winning a bet with Chrome and winning over his possessions.[2]

As Senku and Chrome eventually bribe Kinro with a gold-coated spear, Ginro pleads them to make a coated spear for him as well.[3]

As the group fails to smelt iron properly as they don't have enough power or people, Ginro asks if he should go and help, greatly angering Kinro who orders him to stay at his post. Ginro complains about not getting a customized spear of his own, Kinro being appalled by Ginro's susceptibility to bribing. Ginro then tries to switch with Kinro, saying that they should trade lances since the latter apparently doesn't care much about his, which Kinro vehemently refuses.[4]

When Senku, Chrome and Kohaku distribute ramen throughout the village, Ginro is desperate to try it. He then promptly gets stopped by his brother who scolds him again for wanting to associate with "sorcery". Kohaku calls Kinro out on his hypocrisy concerning taking the golden spear, and then interrupts the argument by warning Kinro and Ginro of an enemy who has just revealed themselves, that being Asagiri Gen. Ginro restrains Gen along with Kinro and Kohaku, saying that he can be confident as long as Kohaku is on their side.[5]

After things settle down, Kinro's spear is suddenly destroyed by a surge of lightning. Kohaku used it in order to craft a magnet for Senku, greatly saddening Kinro who Kohaku apologizes to. Ginro makes fun of his brother's broken spear since he never let anyone use it, only to be pummeled by Kinro. Both of brothers are later manipulated into doing Gen's bidding, alluring them to help Senku power an electricity generator as Gen says modern electricity could be used to easily repair broken spears.[6]

Ginro and his brother are approached by Kohaku de jure offering them her sister's hand in exchange of saving her from Magma. Ginro immediately focuses on Ruri's superficial qualities, only to be scolded by his brother. The gatekeepers eventually begin training in order to prepare for the next village games[7]

Continuing their training with Kohaku, the two brothers talk about Kinro's sight in private. Ginro criticizes Kinro for not telling people about his sight problems - blurry eye sickness as villagers call it. Kinro, as staunch as he always is, responds that a man should make no excuses for his failures.[8]

Ginro successfully forms an alliance with Kinro in order to convince Senku to make them their golden and silver spears, with an excuse that they need the shine of the spears to gauge the distance and make practicing right. Kohaku tells Senku they just want Senku to make them their respective spears and that the excuse holds no value. Senku agrees to make Ginro his spear, however there's a condition - he's gonna have to put his life on the line.[9]

Ginro marvels in happiness once Senku finishes his spear, however Senku warns him that he now has a task of protecting the team while they acquire the most dangerous material for Ruri's cure. As the group approaches the hot springs Kohaku goes to in order to get water for Ruri, Senku orders Ginro to stop playing with his spear and point the tip forward. Senku alerts Ginro that if the spear changes color into black, he will die within moments. The group inspects the river, noting there are no fish in it, with Senku concluding that their goal is upstream.

Ginro constantly reassures himself the spear hasn't changed color. An angry Senku orders Ginro to return to the group as he's supposed to be the group's sensor instead of cowering in the back. The group eventually reaches their goal - emerald green spring. Enchanted by the lake's beauty, Ginro approaches its waters. Senku quickly screams for Ginro to get back, while Kohaku snatches Ginro from the vicinity of the spring, his spear now turned black. Ginro witnesses a bird being poisoned by sulfuric acid, falling into the lake and eroding away.

Completely terrified, Ginro starts to panic, with Kohaku assuring him he's fine.[10]

Ginro tries to rationalize his lack of help in gathering sulfuric acid, saying that it's a given he would be scared since there's a risk of death. He criticizes them for being reckless while posing as being brave. Kaseki interrupts him by saying he's showing his own weakness by running away and saying nothing, then painting them in a bad light over it. As Kinro tries to protest, Kaseki tells Ginro that he's not weak at all - fear being a key feeling for survival. Kaseki adds that every human feels fear deep inside. Kinro who has a blurry disease is about to fight Magma, and Kaseki says he surely must feel fear. However, with a reason and for the sake of what's precious, someone can eventually beat that feeling of fear. Kaseki intentionally leaves the additional gas mask for Ginro.

Back at the springs, Ginro rushes in to save Chrome who accidentally trips over and almost falls into the water. Breathing fast, Ginro notes that Chrome is fairly heavy to hold, being warned by Senku to breathe slower as the gas masks won't hold. This prompts Ginro to panic more, with Senku shouting that Ginro is failing to accomplish the goal he came back for - winning against fear. Chrome advises Ginro he should use his head win his battle as nature has no head or heart to think with. The former regains his composure and pulls Chrome out of the chasm.[11]

Village Games Arc[]

Victorious in acquiring sulfuric acid, they return to the village. Once Kaseki mentions that alcohol can be acquired by obtaining the position of the village chief, Ginro along with Senku and Chrome concocts a plan to have as many of their people in the tournament to rig it to their advantage. Kinro protests, saying he will only play by the rules. Ginro and Senku agree with him since he isn't supposed to do anything else but beat Magma.[12]

Trying every possible option to take advantage in the village games, Senku makes a supplement containing nutrient rich drink for his warriors. Ginro drinks it all, angering Kinro for not leaving any to him. This consequently prompts Suika to aid in gathering more healthy herbs and Mantle in executing his plan to blackmail Kohaku with Suika so that she doesn't participate in the tournament.[13]

After Mantle and Chrome's match and Kohaku's disqualification, Ginro is set to fight Argo. He compliments Senku's scientific abilities and concludes that if he eats the raw ingredients of Senku's drink, he will gain even more combat ability. Chrome warns him that this will simply give him a stomach ache, only to be stopped by Senku who says it's better to keep quiet in order for placebo effect to take place.[14]Overly confident and energetic, Ginro initially has an upper hand against Argo. He is however countered quickly with a flurry of attacks. He comes out of the assault seemingly unharmed, though this is what Ginro imagines instead of reality, which is Ginro being wounded all over his body. Argo gets shocked and confused for a moment due to Ginro's confidence, which is used by the latter to push him off a cliff and win the match. Ginro then gets a stomach ache due to eating raw herbs of the supplement and rushes off. Suika and Kinro comment that Ginro is in terrible shape and that he likely won't be able to continue the tournament. Having fainted, Ginro wakes up to see Chrome getting pummeled by Magma. He begs Chrome to throw in the match as the latter's injuries get worse.[15]

Ginro tells Ruri he knows she is interested in Chrome and that she shouldn't worry as Senku will surrender the match. Ruri replies with not having such desires and that she will be fine with whomever wins the tournament. This prompts Ginro to maniacally attack Senku since he shifts his goal, as he wants to become the chief now. He claims that if he becomes chief there will be ramen and harems for everyone. Kaseki says that since Ginro doesn't have ill intent it makes him a worse opponent. Kinro is as usual shocked by his brother's behavior, as Kohaku urges Senku to defeat him. Receiving Suika's helmet, Senku uses it as a base for his spear, steps on it, and hits Ginro in the groin on the other end. Ginro collapses from the pain, making Senku the winner.[16]

Once Kokuyo attempts to capture Senku as the latter immediately divorces Ruri after winning village games, Ginro and Kinro stand in his defense and vouch for him to the former chief.[17]He, along with his brother and the rest, votes in unison that he believes in Senku curing Ruri, which prompts Kokuyo to release the new chief and let him treat his daughter.[18]

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

He is present when Hyoga and his men invade, at his brother's request he alerts the village.

Ginro returns and watches Hyoga wound his brother. Despite Kinro's wish for him to cut the bridge, Ginro refuses to carry out the wish as he can't bring himself to put an end to his brother's life. Fortunately, Senku's tactics cause Hyoga to retreat, saving Kinro and the village.[19]

Once the enemy retreats, Ginro panics about Kinro's wounds, only to be assured by his brother that he won't die and will recover. Ginro makes a remark about the expected behavior of his brother as the latter refuses to rest despite being in a weakened condition due to his responsibilities as a village guard. Senku, having expected another attack, equips Ginro, Kinro, Kohaku, Magma and Kokuyo with katanas to fight the invaders.[20]

Ginro and the rest of the warriors are quickly dispatched by Hyoga, whose spear breaks upon exerting too much force - thanks to Gen tampering with it prior to the second invasion.[21]

Communications Arc[]

Once the skirmish with Hyoga is over and won, Ginro is surprised to learn about cellphone's properties and its possibility of being used in wartime as a powerful tool. [22] He is very happy with the creation of cotton candy, before trying to tease Senku about supposedly liking Homura. However, it turns out Senku is gathering intel about Homura as the latter has been spying on the village for a period of time. [23] Ginro scolds the scientist for being so relaxed after the latter called him out on a seemingly irrelevant issue about the perfection of the cotton candy. Gen and Senku explain that the imperfection noticed in the candy would reflect the imperfection in the wiring of the cellphone, since the same machine and method is required.[24] Ginro gets electrocuted after tampering with finished batteries, celebrating that his brother and him don't need to spin the manual generator anymore as automated power has been discovered once again. Kohaku begins training the brothers in preparation for the oncoming war.[25] Ginro makes a sneering comment at Chrome's repeated enthusiastic attempts to go spelunking in a cave to Kohaku, claiming that the latter's adamancy is purely for his own enjoyment of the actual task. Once Suika reveals a proper metal for the making of the vacuum tube, Ginro attempts to evade another round of caving, as he is terrified of it.[26]

Upon the return of explorers, Ginro, along with the rest of village gifts Senku a present for his birthday - an observatory.[27] Ginro later hears the recording left by Byakuya for Senku containing a message from him. He is amazed by the event, especially a song preformed by him and the crew. The brothers help melt metals in the process of making a tungsten filament.[28]Ginro wonders whether Kaseki really was reluctant in making the vacuum tube and would help ease the load of work for Senku, with the rest of the group noting how dense he is and that it is obvious he would aide Senku anyway.[29]

A sleazy Ginro suggests that Chrome makes a confession to Ruri over the phone, however, his excitement is cut short with Chrome boasting about science's amazing potential instead.[30] Ginro is present when Byakuya voices his confidence in Senku and plays Lillian's singing to the rest of their descendants. The younger guardian is thrilled at the idea of seeing Senku revive humanity's achievements.[31]

Ginro stays at the village, when Gen, Chrome, and Magma go to infiltrate the enemy territory. He is in awe at Kohaku chasing Homura, before he is shocked when she identifies him and the villagers.

After the battle, he witnesses Tsukasa's sister being depetrified, while amazed to see a statue freed for the first time.

Ginro, Kinro, Magma, and Kohaku all come to Senku's aid when Homura tries to kill him for defeating Hyoga. Afterwards, he, Suika, Kohaku, and Gen later revive a few people like Tetsuya Kinomoto .[32]

Age of Exploration Arc[]

He becomes quite smug when Senku it ordered that they need to build a boat since the villagers know how to do that. When everyone draws the design of what shift they will use, Ginro and the other pick the one Senku made of the Perseus.[33]

Ginro is later jealous by the attention of Ryusui.[34]

Ginro was shocked by Senku announcing they would fly and helps in the building the Hot air balloon. He was surprised to see that Chrome ran all the way from the Village to the tower just to ride in it while being amazed by his desire to fly.[35]

During Valentine's Day, he is disappointed at not receiving chocolate. He is later pleased at the swimsuits for the females. Afterwards, he is pleased when the ship is made.[36]

Treasure Island Arc[]

He is chosen to set sail with the crew but refuses out of fear, as Ryusui tells him it was optional. When the Perseus sails off, Ginro swims after them in a ploy to impress the women and pretend to fail, while knowing to avoid Ukyo's hearing. However, he did not anticipate Senku detecting him on the radar or Taiju swimming to bring him aboard. Ginro is silently dismayed by his situation while being praised by the others for a sudden sense of bravery.[37]

During the voyage, he experiences sea sickness until Senku gave him a remedy. He regains his cocky nature but it is short-lived when a storm breaks out.[38]

While Senku's group explored the island, he was forced to do chore work. When Ukyo detected something on the sea floor, Ginro decided to go and check it out while Yo called him lazy. While swimming, he discovered several statues who were clearly not modern timers.[39]

He is one of the only members of the crew to not be petrified, due to being underwater at the time and swimming out of range after Ukyo's arrow hit the weapon. Ginro made it back on board the ship to find his allies statues and hid in a barrel when enemies appeared.[40]

He overheard Kohaku's shouting for the lab and was down-casted at the work he'd have to do while having to avoid getting caught. Peeking out the barrel, he spotted Senku's group, while begging for help. They were annoyed he survived the attack but wanted him to help. While he initially wanted to escape, his brother's statue motivated him to help out Suika (who also survived). Due to him causing a distraction, they were able to get off the ship and manage to get the mobile lab and reunite with Senku and the others.[41][42]

After reaching a cave, Ginro was amazed by Kohaku's makeover, while remarking on her beauty being like her sister. To his dismay, he is sent undercover as a woman to infiltrate Ibara's forces, after being disguised as a girl because he fit the right description. [43]

As luck would have it, he is selected along side Kohaku and Amaryllis, due to Ibara liking boyish like girls.[44]

When Kohaku finds the capsule, Ginro helps Amaryllis distract the guards by passing off his spearman ship, as dancing to fool the warriors.

Ginro stayed with the girls, as their allies sent them items for the mission. He remarked to himself on how the girls were a capable duo.[45]

Ginro stabbed

Ginro stabbed by Ibara.

Ginro was impaled after learning Ibara really usurped the original ruler who was petrified. He is saved by Kohaku but tells her of what he discovered before he could die. Kohaku nearly reveals the truth to the island about the Head but Ginro realized this was a ruse to get them petrified to save his life. This was confirmed after Kirisame tossed the Medusa at them. The pair then saw the Medusa put their bets on Senku to win before they were petrified. [46]

After Ibara was defeated, Ginro is revived and his wound healed from the formula. Kinro praises his efforts, to his joy. He thanks Kohaku and tries to hug her in a perverse way but he is of course punched by her but she does accept his gratitude. He is upset when she hugs Senku instead.[47]

New America City Arc[]

Matsukaze "saves" Ginro

Ginro saved by his new bodyguard.

He is later at the training session of warriors, where he is shocked by the training of Kohaku and Kirisame, their freakish strength causing him to run away but he is chased by them though he is saved by a new warrior called Matsukaze who is very skilled. According to Matsukaze, Ginro resembles his former lord and a bashful Ginro thinks that person is a distant relative of his and asks Matsukaze to serve him. [48]

Ginro helps with reviving people, bragging about this feat to the impressed Matsukaze, while Kinro says he has nothing to be smug about. Ginro is worried when Ryusui wants to revive the enemy soldiers. When Soyuz has Kirisame take his place on the crew, Ginro requests Matsukaze join too and the latter accepts. [49]

With Matsukaze by his side, Ginro is pleased that now his torturers can't come after him. After returning to the Kingdom of Science, he witnesses the revival of Tsukasa Shishio. Ginro then excitedly introduces Matsukaze and touts on skill, he watched Matsukaze challenge Tsukasa to a sparring match but is easily bested by his opponent and sees Matsukaze surrender. Ginro's cockiness drops at seeing how outclassed his bodyguard is to Tsukasa.[50]

Ginro mentioned that he tried to sneak away but Matsukaze carried him back onboard the Perseus along with the supplies.[51]

In the voyage, Ginro is bored by the traveling and notes how he wants to go back. When Senku and Ryusui recreate poker, Ginro is happy Senku won because he bet on him.[52]

During the party after the poker game, a drunk Ginro asks Matsukaze to tell the story of his lord and of the Petrification Weapon got to Treasure Island. While Matsukaze explained, Ginro was shocked how his master died, and how he ultimately came to be petrified.[53] When Hyoga, Moz, and Homura are revived, Ginro sneaks away as they joined Matsukaze and Tsukasa in weapons training. He asks his brother to train him instead and the latter obliges.[54]

During the voyage, he and the other Stone world members are amazed by the sights of the ocean such as seeing creatures like whales and structures like an iceberg. He is excited to reach land.[55]

Once the Perseus settles on the land, Ginro is excited at finally getting off the ship and is eager for food because of having to save some supplies. Ginro is part of the warrior team that follows the exploration crew. Unlike the other members, he is worried about the prospect of an animal attack. Soon alligators attack, as the other members are eager for food and he realizes this is why the other warriors were eager. Ginro and his allies defeat them and use the Alligator meat to restock on supplies. Ginro is exceptionally pleased with the hamburgers that François made from them. [56]

When the crew set camp at night, Tsukasa notes there is danger lurking something that is supported by other warriors. Ginro isn't worried because of the strong group and Kinro remarks on his sheepish nature. Tsukasa alerts everyone to retreat inside the boat, where they could take cover. Surely enough, bullets rain down and everyone ducks for cover. Thanks to his allies saving him, Ginro is able to dodge the attacks, thanks to his allies. As the bullets are fired, he panics and questions what is happening before they retreat. [57]

While on the river, Ginro panics when the enemy pursues them in an aircraft and resume fire. He begs for Matsukaze to help after the latter is grazed in the shoulder, while Kinro tells him that he didn't even get hit. Ginro is relieved that Kirisame and the others brought the plane down and Senku has salvaged. [58]

Ginro is later shocked to hear the enemy Dr. Xeno has made contact. Ginro is impressed by Taiju acts out the part of the Scientist. After negotiations turn turbulent, since Taiju refused to serve Xeno, Ginro is stunned to see the enemy had another plane and dismayed they cannot bring it down. However, he is relieved Senku plans to use their salvaged plane. [59]

Ginro is later shocked to hear the enemy Dr. Xeno has made contact. Ginro is impressed by Taiju acts out the part of the Scientist. After negotiations turn turbulent, since Taiju refused to serve Xeno, Ginro is stunned to see the enemy had another plane and dismayed they cannot bring it down. However, he is relieved Senku plans to use their salvaged plane. [59]

Ginro is worried when Minami leaves Xeno a message and wonders if he'll believe it. He is later excited by ice cream being created. Ginro then becomes alarmed that Senku really knows who Xeno is after hearing his trademark word.[60]

After Senku is nearly hit from a bullet by Stanley, Ginro broke down at the supposed death of Senku but agreed with Ryusui on how they should move forward. However, he is relieved when Senku was just wounded from the shot, he tries to cheers but Matsukaze quickly stops him from letting it slip of his survival, telling his lord to keep silent because the enemy might hear. [61]

He is later seen checking out Kaseki's new invention, he is quite disturbed by Matsukaze and Moz both believing it to be a weapon of mutilating the enemy while criticizing them.[62]

When the crew are alerted of Stanley's arrival, Ginro is worried when Matsukaze remarks that the Science War and the other warriors stand ready for battle.[63]

While the crew were watching the aerial battle, Ginro cheered for his allies while simultaneously agreeing with Minami on possibility of failure. When the Perseus came under attack by the American Colony warriors, Ginro was shocked by the submarine. With help from Matsukaze, he was able to get below decks with the latter and Moz before he watched them take down one of the American colony soldiers. [64]

South America Arc[]

Ginro stayed below deck, hiding before Matsukaze appeared. Ginro was happy before Matsukaze voiced the assumption that he was trying to infiltrate the enemy, something Ginro “confirmed”. Ginro was worried when his bodyguard collapsed from his bullet wound but the latter had him hide before the enemy appears. Ginro watched Matsukaze being interrogated by Stanley Snyder but the samurai refuses to comply. When Stanley seemingly threatens to shoot him, Ginro reveals himself and states they are heading for South America. However, he is dismayed when it turns out that the gun Stanley had was actually a lighter for his cigarette. With the new information, Stanley orders his unit to pursue their enemies to South America.[65]

When the Perseus finally reaches the shore, Ginro calls for his allies to run after Stanley orders his men to attack.[66]

Ginro and Matsukaze remained prisoners aboard the Perseus, while they wonder where Stanley is taking them.[67]

After Stanley has his unit dock the ship, Ginro and Matsukaze were made to march through the jungle in ropes. [68]

Remaining bound, Ginro was shocked to see Suika being cornered after saving Charlotte. When the soldiers told Suika to "freeze", Ginro was confused and asked Matsukaze what "freeze" means, Matsukaze is equally confused and replies that he believes it means the process of becoming ice. Since neither they nor Suika understand that it's a command to stand still, so Suika bolts. Stanley's men assume that she's trying to escape back to the base and give chase.

When Francois throws a small paring knife out of their bag towards Ginro and Matsukaze, he is surprised and watched as Matsukaze reacts immediately thanks to his anti-medusa training and leaps on top of one of the guards to catch the knife midair. Since he can't cut his own rope, he opts to cut Ginro free instead. Although dismayed, Ginro gained courage to fight back but his resistance is short-lived, however, as Stanley shoots Ginro's spear to shards and ties him back down. Ginro then watch Francois surrender to Stanley.[69]

Leonard guarding the hostages

Ginro witnesses the Petrification light

As the rest of the American Soldiers charge in for the attack under Stanley's orders, Ginro and the others are guarded by Leonard. Matsukaze alongside the other hostages see the Petrification Light begins shining on the horizon above the trees. He panics at recognizing the light of the dreadful beam. However, the light distracted Leonard long enough for him to let down his guard, giving Ukyo Saionji time to free the hostages. With help from Matsukaze, he takes out Leonard after he reacts too late. However, they were attacked by Stanley and Xeno, Ginro would go on to be petrified alongside the rest of his comrades as the petrification reaches the base.[70]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Ginro's statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She unintentionally breaks his arm off but after finding glue on Senku, she places it back on. Suika then puts Ginro with her other collected allies.[71]

Sometime later, he and Matsukaze were revived and joined the others in constructing Superalloy City. Both he and Matsukaze were worried about using Xeno's specialty in the rocket building process because of his former enmity with him but Xeno ultimately proves himself in a good light by using his expertise to create superalloy. Much later, Xeno's followers are revived to aid in the construction of Superalloy City. After some days, the city is established with several people revived to inhabit it. [72]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Ginro continued to aid his allies with construction, while being stopped by Maya Biggs from trying to escape the hard labor they had to do. Half a year later, Xeno makes his superalloy, inconel, and Senku finishes his liquid fuel for the engine. After it was decided the group will split into three teams, Ginro is shocked to hear he has assigned to the team staying in Superalloy City, consisting of Xeno, Maya, Tsukasa, and Matsukaze.[73]

While learning morse code, Ginro asked why he is staying in South America, denying that he intends to avoid more dangerous adventures but voices concerns on Xeno. Tsukasa tells him that there is no concern for worry because he and Matsukaze are there to prevent Xeno from doing anything evil.[74]


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