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Kinro is Ginro's brother.

Strangely, despite not sharing a physical resemblance to each other and being vastly different in personalities to the point of being polar opposites, the two share a deep strong bond and understanding. They work together as guards, with Kinro being more responsible, while Ginro does his best to shirk his responsibilities or push them onto someone else. Ginro is often lectured by Kinro on being less lazy and shirking his responsibilities while Ginro thinks of Kinro as too straight laced and being a stick in the mud.

Ginro on occasion also enjoys teasing Kinro or rubbing something in his face, such as stating Kinro's menacing look is due to him having blurry sickness and bragging how he was able to get a silver spear while Kinro, who had a golden spear that broke, wouldn't be getting a new spear anytime soon. Despite their differences, Ginro and Kinro clearly love each other. When Senku builds a generator that needs two people to work in sync, he immediately looks for Kinro and Ginro as the two do manage to work together harmoniously to produce the energy Senku needs. When Kinro is heavily injured on a bridge with Hyoga's forces, he tells a horrified Ginro to cut the bridge with him on it so Hyoga's forces cannot cross the bridge, but Ginro refuses and breaks down crying, saying he could never sacrifice him. Similarly, when Kinro is turned to stone, Ginro is initially afraid of the intruders on their boat, but remembers Kinro was also turned to stone and tries to take his statue with him, refusing to leave him behind. He eventually is forced to as he realizes Kinro would want him to leave him behind to help Senku so that Senku could help rescue them all later.

Kinro is later revived and once he learns Ginro acquired information that helps Senku at the cost of nearly dying before being petrified, Kinro is deeply worried for Ginro, but is proud of Ginro's accomplishment and promises to save him the same way Ginro tried to save Kinro.


Senku Ishigami[]

Senku is Ginro's new village chief.

Initially hostile and distrusting of Senku, due to him being an outsider[1], Ginro has since warmed up to the Modern Human. Since Senku was named village chief, Ginro follows his instructions but is often annoyed by the hard work; he usually complains about manual labor Senku has him do, should it range from brute force or material scavenging.

However, he does believe in Senku as he had full faith that his chief would revive him after he was petrified. [2]


Although Ginro annoys her with his perverted nature, she does see him as a good friend. She saved Ginro from Ibara and was pleased that he got valuable info. Although Ginro was prepared to die, he knew Kohaku got them petrified to save his life. [3] Once they were revived, he thanked her but she punched him away, knowing he had lecherous intentions, though accepted his gratitude.[4]


Matsukaze is Ginro's new bodyguard.

They meet on Treasure Island, where Matsukaze saved Ginro from Kirisame and Kohaku. Ginro was amazed by his skill and learned that he resembled the latter's master who he thinks is a distant relative. Ginro then had Matsukaze become his subordinate.[5] With Matsukaze, Ginro is happy at gaining protection from his former "tormentors", bragging about his strength, to the others dismay. However, he is humbled when watching Tsukasa defeat him in a match.

Although Matsukaze has learned Ginro isn't his lord, he continues to address him as such, as seen when he carried Ginro on the ship, despite the latter's lies to avoid trouble. Ginro once felt bad, when he drunkenly asked Matsukaze about his master and saw his sad reaction.[6]

When seeing Stanley and his men surrounding Matsukaze, Ginro was worried for him after Stanley appear to aim a pistol at his head. To save him, he blurted out the destination of Senku and the others.


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