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Gen's previous appearance

Gen during a show.

Prior to the events of Dr. Stone, Gen Asagiri was a famous mentalist making a debut on TV before he was encased in stone for thousands of years.

He met Tsukasa during an appearance on a psychological magic show.


Kingdom of Science Arc[]

He was de-petrified in the year 5739 by Tsukasa Shishio. Disoriented, he inquires to himself on whether this is a camera prank, berating his manager for not preventing it. He is surprised to find Tsukasa standing right before him, recalling he knows him from the magic show.

Tsukasa revives Gen

Gen revived by Tsukasa.

Tsukasa informs Gen that thousands of years have passed and what is before him is a pile of petrified humans who he deems should be revived first. He then tells Gen that he revived him for his usefulness, in order to give him a job - tracking down Senku Ishigami.[1] Asagiri was assigned as Tsukasa's spy[2], sent to find Senku and report back if he was dead.

Gen subtly made his way into Ishigami Village and ate ramen, before revealing his familiarity with Cola. Senku realized from this that he is a modern person, as Kohaku surrounded him with Kinro and Ginro. Senku then recognized him and he revealed his name. Gen revealed his mission after Senku made him work to pay off his gift of ramen, to his dismay. However, Senku's progress at creating iron and plans of making a generator, impressed Gen and prompted him an offer to lie about it and allow Senku to fall under his radar once again.[2]

Gen PV

Gen arrives at the Ishigami Village.

Gen stuck around Ishigami Village for some time after this, pondering over whether or not to join Senku against Tsukasa or stay with the Empire of Might. He scales his benefits on staying with Tsukasa, meaning working much easier and having a harem. He then compares it to Senku who looks for hard work but creates more and more modern products like ramen, still stating he leans towards his allegiance with Tsukasa. Suika asks Gen what a harem is, a flustered Gen telling her she's better off not knowing yet.

An angered Kohaku threatens to kill Gen due to his rotten nature, as Senku stops her and warns her that Gen not coming back to Tsukasa would prompt the latter to come check up on him. He assures Gen that what he will make will certainly place him into Senku's team. Gen inquires what the next invention will be and Senku replies that he will make a power station, much to Gen's shock.

Stunned Gen PV

Gen impressed that there is electricity in a stone world.

A storm comes, and Gen asks Senku whether he's making a lightning generator. Senku says such thing doesn't exist, and that he is planning on collecting lightning in order to make a magnet to contruct a generator instead.

Carbo frighteningly asks whether the cause of lightning was the sorcerers, meaning Senku and Gen. Magma offers to kill Senku himself, and as he approaches, Gen surprises the latter and Carbo with flowers bursting out of his sleeves in an effort to fascinate the villagers with his skills in magic. He then uses a backpalm technique in order to instantly hide the flowers, drawing the villagers's attention once again.

Gen follows the kingdom members up to the summit of the bald mountain, the atmosphere is interrupted by a bolt of lightning striking Kinro's spear.[3]

Magma killing Gen

Gen "dying".

Gen is in shock as he witnesses Senku actually carrying out his plan of building a generator by successfully making a magnet, but isn't surprised when Senku says it will be manually powered. Shortly after, Gen manipulates Kinro and Ginro into powering the generators, saying that with electricity, things like silver and golden spears shouldn't be an issue to repair. Having acquired manual-powered electricity, Gen bears witness to the creation of of light by Senku through a roasted bamboo fiber.[4]

However, in his anger at the "sorcerer" in the village and due to mistaking him for Senku, Magma assaults Asagiri and impales him with his spear, with Gen only surviving due to the bags of fake blood hidden under his clothes, in preparation of an attack. He is left wounded nontheless, remaining bedridden for several days afterwards. In his condition, he asks Senku if he can make him cola, one of the things he misses from the past, and is put out of commission. Once Senku agrees to this, Gen is happy. Gen is shown reporting back to Tsukasa, lying about Senku's survival.[1]

Village Games Arc[]

Before interfering with the fight, Gen is seen commenting on Chrome's state after being overwhelmed by Magma.[5]Soon after, after asking how much time Chrome needs to ignite Magma's clothes with lenses; he joins the spectators and interferes with the match, shocking both Mantle and Magma who thought he was dead. Gen claims he used sorcery in order to stay alive, and then does a magic trick with flowers and makes up a lie that he cast a spell on Magma that will kill him should he move even for a step. Magma tries to blame sorcery as interference from a third party, trying to disqualify Gen at first. This is rebuked by Senku who says it could simply be a bluff and therefore obsolete, but that's on Magma to verify if he truly believes it.

Gen then orders Chrome to beat Magma before he "runs out of energy", prompting Chrome to notice his acting and reciprocate by saying he's weak and isn't able to do it. This empowers Magma to continue his bragging and celebration of victory. Gen thinks to himself that Magma was his to manipulate from the start; he deduced Magma was still tired from his fight with Kinro and that he needed rest anyway, therefore finding Gen's threat as a justification to rest - being vain and corrupted Magma is ready to justify even the most suspicious of lies if it suits him. Together with Chrome, he ignites Magma's clothes and effectively eliminates him from competition.[6]

At the games' end, once it's certain that the Kingdom of Science will win the leadership of the village, Gen states that it's his time to leave; considering the ever faithful to the rules Kinro won't agree with him staying inside. Kinro gets reminded of this and notices he got wrapped up in the village games so much that he wasn't even aware of it. On his way out, he remarks on Ginro's behavior, saying that he's the type of guy to goad someone into competing together, then leave them in the dust once the match begins.[7]

When the group consolidates after their win in the village bout, Kaseki shows them his new creation, a spinning waterfall bamboo. When asked by Gen about its utility, Kaseki states he has no idea what it could be used for. After Senku tells Kaseki to look forward to tomorrow and leaves along with the rest, the latter orders Gen to watch his creation with him so he doesn't get lonely. Gen protests and accidentally rips the clothes of the old man who grabbed him beforehand, revealing his pronounced physique. Now startled, Gen agrees to watch over the spinning bamboo.

Gen further inspects Kaseki's creation and discovers that it's used for carbonic acid - reminding him what Senku promised earlier. He approaches Senku to ask him what it's gonna be used for only to find him and Chrome in wreckage. Senku explains the chemical cascade that occurred with Gen fascinated how Senku could even say it without tripping over his words. Mentioning carbonic acid, Senku states it's going to be used in the making of baking soda, much to Gen's disappointment. Once the group wraps up the cure for Ruri, Senku tells Gen to stay in the lab as he can't get into the village. What's waiting there for him is in fact cola that he asked for. He smiles in happiness and gladly drinks the gift Senku left for him.[8]

Village Origins Arc[]

The villagers offer Gen alcohol to drink in celebration of a new chief, which Gen refuses, saying that he has an important message to convey. Once Senku is back, the mentalist informs him Tsukasa's army is coming.[9]

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

Gen reveals that he volunteered to go first and ready for the attack. He also tells them that there is a man named Hyoga who was recently revived and he is just a threat as Tsukasa and they would be doomed if either one appeared. Surely enough, Hyoga would appear as leader of the assault. Using Magma's strength, Gen tricks the Empire of Might into running after Senku created a rifle.[10]

He manipulates Hyoga's men into attacking during a storm, aligned with the trickery that Kingdom of Science possesses gunpowder. Once Hyoga is called out on inefficiency of his battle prowess without his spear by his warriors, Gen seizes the opportunity to "inspect" Hyoga's spear, being threatened to let go of it immediately by the latter.[11] Once his plans get inevitably busted by Hyoga as his spear gets broken since the mentalist tampered with it, Gen officially deserts Tsukasa's society and joins the Kingdom of Science.[12]

Gen worries about the incoming attack with the full force of the enemy's army, while Senku assures him with the option of a preemptive strike instead. The scientist promises the Kingdom of Science a new invention that will allow them to do so.[13]

Communications Arc[]

Gen laments on Kingdom of Science's lack of firepower and Tsukasa's growing army. He is shocked to find out that Senku plans on crafting a cellphone since communication is vital to overcome the difference in manpower and intentionally less the amount of casualties during the war between two groups.[14] Senku explains that in order to test the machine for making cellphone wire, they will need to first make cotton candy, with Gen greatly pleased with the arrival of a new sweet. As he eats the candy, he jokingly thanks Homura for setting the village on fire in order to give them rock sugar, as Senku asks whether he knows what kind of character Homura is. The latter has spied on them from afar for a while now, and Gen says that Homura is extremely loyal and admires Hyoga greatly, so the chances of her defecting are slim to none.[15]

The mentalist agrees on the short time interval left to prepare for Tsukasa's onslaught, imitating how latter would behave considering his main adversary is alive, impressing Senku on his acting skills.[16]

When the iron-melting forge is mechanized by attaching it to the new hydroelectric plant and more resources are dedicated to preparing for the winter, Gen teaches Kokuyo and the other villagers about bottling to help them preserve food and meat.

Once the ornamented Christmas tree is made by Senku and the craftsman club, Gen realizes the schedule is on point and that it is the time of Christmas. As Senku says that it's merely a huge coincidence, Gen playfully calls him a liar.[17]

Impressed as always, Gen observes the making of a new tool - the vacuum tube. He states to Senku that he is aware of its name, although he knows nothing about its function, to which the latter responds with a simplified explanation on how its gonna help in crafting a phone. Later on, Gen wakes Senku to watch the sunrise of a new year, saying that its his job to keep the high spirits of the group, much to the scientist's annoyance.[18]

He conspires with Ishigami Village to create an observatory for Senku's birthday, having Magma suddenly kidnap Senku and bring him to the village for the element of surprise.[19] After Senku returns blindfolded, he initially takes it as betrayal, concluding they are offering him to Tsukasa - however, it turns out to be a ruse designed as a birthday surprise; they show him the present and Gen admits from the time he saw Senku's drawing of the day he awoke carved on a tree, he respected him for his intellect and determination. Gen is pleased with Senku accepting the gift.[20] He is present in aiding Senku make a tungsten filament, typically becoming dumbfounded at the prodigy's explanations of various processes and methods needed to extract and mold the metal.[21]

Once Kaseki is tasked with a difficult hurdle of making a proper vacuum device, Gen uses his mentalist techniques to pump him up for the job. He is later task with making manganese batteries, remarking how it's a rather easy job, only to be discouraged by Senku who orders him not to make 1 battery, but 800 instead, albeit is aided by Ruri.[22] The mentalist realizes Senku's plans when he hid the fact that the phone needs another part to function, and is there to guide Senku to realization that Byakuya left a clue on a record player being buried in the graveyard.[23]

Gen is present when Senku discovers Byakuya left a record for him. After the record player is made, Gen is amazed to hear the voice of Senku's father and the song by Lillian Weinberg. He compliments Senku's father on his skill of invoking the desire of astronauts' descendants to revive the petrified folk. Soon after, Gen approaches Senku in secrecy for an interesting proposition.[24]

He attempts to convince Tsukasa Empire members to defect using a Lillian Weinberg impression. After defecting, Nikki Hanada, a Lillian Weinberg fan, decides to coach him to improve his performance.

Age of Exploration Arc[]

Gen was amazed by Yuzuriha creating a clothing store, but is happy that he and Senku scam Ryusui out of a lot of money, that he spent at Yuzuriha's clothing store. [25]

When Senku recreates the hot air balloon, Gen stops Taiju and Senku from trying to trick Ryusui, telling him that he can handle this. Using his set of cards, Gen tricks him to take the wrong card and using his psychological skill easily has the latter take his card while at the same time making a hefty profit, as Yuzuriha remarks he scares her. Gen is then surprised at Chrome appearing and states he ran from the village to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower to ride in a vehicle that flies and surprises everyone with his eagerness. Chrome then declared he must see the event of flying for himself. Amused, Gen allows Chrome to pick a card from his hand, intentionally letting him pick the right card. He is then present at the test for the balloon. [26]

He and Ryusui manage to barter depetrification formula from Minami, in trade for cameras to revive a chef. After the chef Francois is revived, Gen follows them to the village. [27]

During a test run on a motorboat, Gen and the others receive a transmission from an unknown person.[28]

Gen officially becomes recognized as the Kingdom of Science's Five Wise Generals. [29]

Treasure Island Arc[]

He is made to go on the exploration, since his talents are needed. During the trip, he and the group are formally introduced to Soyuz who reveals that he most likely comes from the island. [30]

After Senku realizes there is another human tribe and are the people of Soyuz, Gen remarks that Senku has bad luck after Ukyo notes the island is populated. He is not so excited after Senku brings up on how he is needed to negotiate with them should they not be friendly. Gen is then worried when Chrome bring up the possibility of the enemy Why-man being a member of the tribe. Gen notes it could be possible because of the new tribe. After Kokuyo questions Soyuz in withholding this information until stopping after seeing it was hard on him. Gen and Kohaku then tell Soyuz that he has a place in the Kingdom of Science, to his relief. Gen is then surprised to hear they will reach Treasure Island in a few hours. After a long journey, they reach their destination.[31]

After reaching the island, Gen is part of the scouting squad with Senku, Kohaku, and Soyuz. Since Soyuz is a native they use him as a guide and he promises to use his memory to the best of his ability. Once disembarking the group travel the island until Kohaku reveals that she saw a flash from the direction of the ship. While Senku and Kohaku go off, Gen and Soyuz stay back and attempt to call the Perseus who were strangely unresponsive. Curious, Soyuz tries to contact the Perseus but received no answer. Using his telescope, he goes to look at the ship but drops the telescope in fear. Confused, Gen uses the telescope and doing so, he makes a horrible discovery all of the crewmembers petrified.[32]

The two alert Senku and Kohaku of this. When Kohaku tries to attack the new enemy, Gen quickly stops Kohaku. After Soyuz brings up a traumatic memory of a device capable of petrifying them, Gen notes on how he had a good memory, despite being a baby. After the group created a microscope, they decide to befriend the female resident of the island to have a way of bringing down the enemy. Following the trail that the woman left they find her being proposed to by other men. Gen is confused by what they are seeing. [33]

The group continue to watch the woman revealed to be Amaryllis. They watch as she rejected her suitors while Soyuz is taken by her. The group briefly wonder how to talk to her until Senku abruptly speaks to her. Gen questions Soyuz on the Village head after hearing Amaryllis mention it. He watches Amaryllis believed Soyuz to be the island leader because of a supposed resemblance. He watches her use her charms on Senku who is not all fazed by her beauty. Trying to join in on the fun, Gen says he is the leader but is sad that she ignores him. When the members of her village starts to riot, the kingdom of science uses teargas to stop them. This display amazes Amaryllis who soon allies with them.[34]

Afterward, they learn of Amaryllis' history and Gen notes to Senku on how she mentioned her friends petrified. He asks the latter if he brings back any haunting memories for him as well. When Amaryllis brings up her plan to infiltrate the harem, Gen notes on her assurance to be selected. However, they realize she needs help to do so. Gen was shocked to realize that Kohaku was needed to infiltrate as well. He was speechless about the plan because of her tomboyish nature and lack of etiquette. [35]

After they take an a cave for a base, he and the others give Kohaku a makeover and realize they need more to help. They decide to return to their ship but see they has been overrun with enemies. Gen tries to stop Kohaku from attacking the enemy, as it is too dangerous. He is shocked when she battles Kirisame but shouts the word “lab”. He realizes that she said that in order to see if anyone survived the attack on the ship and understood to reach the lab. Knowing that no one in treasure Island has heard that word, Gen easily takes advantage of this and tells Kirisame that Kohaku was looking for her boyfriend “Lab“ (Senku), as they were on date. Gen is not too fazed by Kohaku kissing Senku to prove it. [36]

The group see that someone did understand Kohaku's message as Ginro survived (to their brief disappointment). Gen had to explain to Amaryllis on why they are frustrated that it was Ginro, especially when he asks them for help. Very soon, they see he was not the only one, as Suika survived too. The two were able to elude the enemy and obtain the mobile lab which was passed off by the enemy as a wild animal. [37]

Gen later helps with Kohaku's makeover and they are successful. When Amaryllis stated another girl is needed, she does makeovers on all the men. Gen even does a successful female voice impression but is not chosen before Ginro is able to pass off. [38]

Gen was shocked that Senku plans to create a drone to help their plan. Using the mic comm Senku made, Gen gives Kohaku instructions on being ladylike that works but he is scared when she threatened him for this embarrassment.[39]

After they retrieved the platinum that Kohaku sent, Gen was amazed that it had all been there as if it was gathered. It did not take long to realize Senku's father gathered it. Gen notes on their familial similarities.[40]

The group proceeded to make a makeshift lap in the caves and the mentalist remarks on how they were able to create revival in no time flat. Later on, he and the others slowly work at rescuing and reviving all of their petrified friends. [41]

After return to scout the Perseus and notice that Ibara and his men have dumped the statues in the ocean and has put the statue of Ryusui on display to draw out the invaders. Gen was disturbed by Senku instructing Kohaku to smash his statue so they could reassemble him. Gen was very disturbed but they were successful in reviving Ryusui, whose lack of scars amaze Gen. He is impressed when seeing the Captain immediately grasp the situation. [42]

After seeing that the enemy commandeered the Perseus and dumping the statues, they realize they have to take another approach. Gen is dismayed at the hard labor they use to create scuba gear and oxygen tanks. However, he is relieved that they found Kaseki and they revive Taiju whose mass endurance and stamina allowed them to find everyone. Although he was notably shocked by this display of strength, Gen realizes why Senku and Taiju were friends. Very soon he and the other is fine and an unknown statue among everyone else but leave him petrified because he was missing an arm. [43][44]

He is later amazed by Soyuz using his photographic memory to help the revived Yuzuriha put back their petrified allies. He is tasked with getting Moz to ally with the Kingdom of Science and successfully manipulates to latter into siding with them. Afterwards, he is praised by allies for his actions. [45] [46]

Gen watches Senku create a gun, he and Ukyo are disturbed when he deviously says it won't even matter because they could use the Petrification Weapon to heal them. He soon watched Yo Uei being revived to wield it. Gen used his manipulations by telling Yo that he would be the first sheriff of the new world and cheers for him after he shoots a snake to prove himself capable. [47]

He does not join the others in the invasion because he was forced into helping Magma who he caught stealing Yo's gun. He is saying constantly complaining in a comedic fashion.[48]

Gen is still forced into helping Magma. At one point he tricks to soldiers into giving up their boat before he realizes that he is unintentionally helping in the suicide mission. [49]

Gen reunited with the others and is chased by the enemy soldiers. After they are boxed in, he bears witness to the revival of Hyoga.[50]

He starts to panic, since they have both the threats of Ibara, Moz and Hyoga. He makes a resort at having Nikki flirt with Hyoga but stops after seeing her pure nature. Gen is scared when Hyoga threatens him though is relieved at being spared. He subsequently watch his as Hyoga debating on who to side with until he ultimately chooses them and fights Moz. [51]

He scares the enemy by promising to curse them with sorcery, as they evacuate the ship along with the others so the Hyoga and Moz can duel. He is quick to run and when Moz nearly strikes him.[52]

Afterwards, he and the others create a bamboo tube for Hyoga to use his spearmanship to battle Moz.[53]

Gen is petrified by Ibara along with the whole island except Senku.

Gen was later freed by Kaseki and celebrated their victory. However, his joy is short-lived when the Why-man attempts to use the Petrification weapon. He is alarmed the enemy wants to petrify the world again. He is also disturbed Why-man has Senku's voice.[54]

New America City Arc[]

Gen and the others question how the Why-man has Senku's voice and remarks how he is really a villain if he means to doom humanity. The next day, he watches the revival of the unknown statue Taiju brought, he notices the person has the symbol of the Petrification device on his arm and realizes he knows something. After the man is revived, who is revealed to be a warrior named Matsukaze. Gen is surprised by the latter there were other Petrification weapons before he is not surprised to see Senku and Ryusui run off. He is then surprised Why-man is on the moon, becoming worried when Senku announces his plan to go to the moon. [55]

Gen questions how they could create a spaceship, as Senku reveals plans to travel the world and gather supplies, to his dismay. The next day, he and the others revive all the islanders. After Matsukaze reveals that his master destroyed most of the Petrification weapons, Gen remarked the one they have is the last. [56]

He is present at Tsukasa's revival and is pleased to see him awake. When the mentions of Senku's residual scars are made, Gen used paint to recreate his scar. He states it will serve as symbol, declaring the day he removes will be when the threat is vanquished. This rallies every other modern timer, who do the same and Gen convinces Tsukasa to do the same.[57]

Sometime later, he was approached by Tsukasa who brings up how Gen once betrayed him and states he regretted his revival but now sees it was the right choice. [58]

After Senku and Ryusui reach a disagreement on what course they should take, Gen sides with Ryusui because of the dangerous path Senku has in mind. To settle this, they recreate poker and Gen is on Ryusui's side but Senku accuses him of going to cheat, but Kohaku enters the game. Gen is worried, as her actions prevent him from trying to cheat. [59]

Ultimately, Senku wins the game and his course is chosen. [60]

Gen is pleased when the crew have fun in the bar. He is ecstatic at receiving a cola.[61]

Gen is present when Senku and Ryusui describe traveling the seas in ancient days. He questions how GPS works in the Stone World, as Senku explains with help from those in Japan. When a storm hits, Gen berates Senku's poor luck but Chrome creates a sunstone to better travel. Gen is amazed that it can actually help them. Very soon, he is excited when land is spotted.[62]

When they reach San Francisco, Gen sees the statues of others lined up. He sadly discusses his hope that the lie he fabricated for the fake Lillian had been true: that America had recovered from the petrification, or beaten it altogether. Very soon, the crew of the Perseus separates with the warrior team following the exploration team in the case of an attack. While passing through the river, the group wonder about the corn since it's about the time where it would wither. Gen states America is vast and they may not find any. Soon the Mobile lab is attacked by alligators something Gen chalks up to Senku's bad luck and panics. However, he is in awe at the Warriors being eager for a challenge and driven by their hunger they attacked most of the beast well the rest flee in fear. Afterwards, François makes burgers out of the dead alligators to feed the crew, something Gen was happy on.[63]

They continue to find corn that has been scattered through the river. That night, the crew set camp before Tsukasa and the others note on an eerie feeling. Soon Tsukasa alerts everyone to retreat inside the boat, where they could take cover. Surely enough, bullets rain down and everyone ducks for cover. After the gun stops shooting, Ryusui has the group enter the boats before fleeing the scene. Once at a safe distance, a panicking Gen notes on the events, wondering if America really survived but Ryusui brings up the statues. Gen hears Ukyo brings up the plausible cause of someone reviving on their own like Senku. A gleeful Senku notes they should be grateful because they did the grunt work. However, he notes if the person is a scientist then that person is finished because he won't lose in his strongest field. [64]

After the Kingdom escape on the river, Gen is stunned to see an aircraft and panics as the enemy surely wants them dead before watching Senku have Kirisame bring it down. Gen is not surprised when Senku and Ryusui decide to procure the plane, as Senku had the look on his face. [65]

When Senku announced plans to track the enemy, a worried Gen wondered who will be selected for this endeavor before he is picked along with Kohaku and Chrome, to his dismay. Gen bemoans this before he realized the enemy is drawing his group in and feels insulted at being underestimated. Now driven, he tells Kohaku and Chrome to stand back while he goes off but not before leaving a trail behind. He wanders the forest until the enemy appears and he quickly surrendered when a weapon was pointed at him. The enemy proceeded to check Gen but found no weapons and realizes he is not one of the warriors he saw from before. The soldier questions who Gen before Gen reveals he is magician and has Gen follow him. During the trip, Gen learns the soldier had been following his group, since the Alligator hunt and was planning to snuff out his allies sooner but now wants to interrogate Gen for what his colony is. Gen is led to the American base, where he is amazed by its development and finds the corn field and landing strip. Gen is led to a factory, where he is put onto something and meets the American scientist Dr. Xeno who introduced the soldier as Stanley Snyder before intently questioning Gen on who he is and where he came from. Gen gives his name and some of his history, though withholds his status as a mentalist. As Xeno is fascinated to hear that the man comes from Japan, Gen realizes what he is placed into resembles a polygraph test and decides to use his mentalist tactics. Gen describes his leader's behavior, Xeno makes a point that the stranger may either be honest to a fault or a very good liar. He doesn't mind however, saying that he is fond of both types and Stanley resolves to eliminate his colony's scientist, to Gen's worry. At the end, Xeno inquires on the leader scientist's name, knowing Senku would be easily eliminated Gen thinks of someone stronger and replies with "Dr. Taiju".[66]

Remaining captured, Gen is still in the enemy castle before the colony revealed they have obtained the Petrification Weapon, having been sent by Ukyo. Gen describes its capabilities while briefly wondering what Senku's plan is for delivering it to them. However, some of the enemy wonder if he is truthful because he lied about the science user of his colony, as Gen lies that he didn't know it was Senku.[67]

Gen later feigns sickness, as his allies approach to capture Xeno.

After regrouping with the others, Gen escapes with them on an enemy yacht. As they wonder what to do next, they note that there are some Americans that do not want a conflict and he brings up one in particular and called Brody. Gen watches Senku contact Dr. Brody. He was promptly shocked when Senku reveals the ingredients for the revival formula. He watches as Senku requests for the crew to be free and reveal his plans to have both sides cooperate to create Corn City, which will consist over 1 million people. [68]

South America Arc[]

After escaping Stanley's grasps, Gen starts panicking to his friends of traveling the world whilst being pursued by Stanley on their former ship, something Ukyo supports but Senku is not fazed. As they sail, the crew ponder on what they will find in South America before Xeno reveals that he is aware of the Why-man and the signal coming from the moon, which surprises Senku and the others. Senku notes on how it was not odd Xeno noticed, becoming excited as Xeno hopes that they can work together to figure out the course of the personification and they proceed to exchange information.[69]

After realizing that it will take years for them to sail around the continent and with Stanley on their tail, the group decides the best bet is to scale across the the continent itself. Taking a break for supplies on the California coastline, they reach a deserted island. They soon learn they are not only when they discover a geographer called Chelsea, who has the same fuzzy sickness as Suika. After making her some glasses, Gen and the others learn she is acquainted with Xeno as well as the fact that his research on the petrified birds brought her to NASA. Chelsea eagerly joins the team and tells them that the best way to After realizing that it will take years for them to sail around the continent and with Stanley on their tail, the group decides the best bet is to scale across the the continent itself is via motorcycles, prompting Senku to create a roadmap in the steps needed to make one.[70]

With Chelsea on board, Gen updates Chelsea is on the recent events such as the Why-man, the plan to reach the moon, and the actions of Xeno. With this, she sides with the Kingdom of Science and joins them. Despite gaining a new ally, Gen and the others note that they still face a problem with Stanley and his men coming after them in the more faster Perseus. Ukyo even states it will not be much long. The group note that with their small ship, they could not make it very far but Chelsea remarks on how the wind helped her kites. Getting an idea, the group create sails made from Chelsea's kites. With this, Gen's group elude the enemy at a faster pace while Stanley and his group are infuriated the enemy continue to escape.[71]

When Chelsea creates map for geographic layout of the Stone World, Gen is amazed. When it is mentioned that they would not reach America, Gen comments how its difficult to shake off modern time habits. However, he is surprised when Senku recreates the fax machine while dismayed he has to send the message in morse code. [72]

Gen was distraught to watch Taiju and Ryusui be gunned down, pleading for them to get up.[73]

After the petrification beam was launched and was approaching, Gen and the others wondered how long it will take for the beam to approach. Senku stated it was the only way to defeat Stanley. Gen soon remarks on Senku's bad luck if he was to depend on it for a countdown. He was then shocked to see Senku shot. Gen was shocked when Suika arrived with bottles of revival fluid, before Stanley arrives and Suika drops some bottles. After Chrome catches the last bottle and gives it to Gen, the mentalist quickly placed it on the rig to ensure someone is revived. He and the others impeded Stanley to prevent from any further attempts on Senku's life, by keeping him at bay. He would be petrified alongside the rest of his comrades as the petrification beam that was launched from America reaches South America.[74]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Gen's statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She places Gen with her other collected allies.[75]

Four years later, Senku revives Gen. He watched as Tsukasa worried over Hyoga, before he was revived too. He then watched as they hunted several animals and used their pelts to make new outfits for everyone. That night, he spoke with Senku at the celebration, telling Tsukasa went by the water wheel hut. He then entertained the group with the first magic show in seven years, in part of give Senku and Tsukasa privacy. [76]

Upon learning that Dr. Xeno was revived and they needed his help, Gen orchestrates a deal with him alongside Ukyo and Ryusui - Xeno's cooperation in exchange for testimony that the petrified Stanley Snyder was not a murderer for what he did once courts are reestablished.

Globetrotting Arc[]

Moon Mission Arc[]


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