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Kingdom of Science[]

Senku Ishigami[]

Senku and Gen at the observatory

Gen and Senku.

Initially, he was sent to spy on him but was amazed by Senku's wit and capabilities.[1][2] Realizing that he can revive science, Gen becomes one of Senku's most trusted retainers to manipulate others and advance Senku's plans to bring back items from the modern world.

Senku himself has no problems with Gen being a turncoat and becomes close friends with Gen. The two are both intellectual equals, though Gen is more talented in the science of psychology and the art of manipulation and lacks in most fields of physical scientific knowledge. He assists Senku by manipulating people into following Senku's orders, facilitating cooperation, and helping Senku prepare for the bloodless war against Tsukasa. He officially joins Senku after the latter recreated his favorite drink cola.[3]

While Gen initially claims he joined Senku's army for the benefits[2], he later admitted he had seen Senku write his release day and name on a stone. He became fascinated with the person who could not only know the year and time they were de-petrified, but also swore to bring back science, telling Senku he already liked him a lot before they met. He even goes so far as to have the Ishigami Village help him build a telescope for Senku's birthday. A touched Senku appreciates what Gen did.[4]

Gen finds Senku to be interesting, though often expresses comedic shock at his experiments. Gen has respect for Senku because he is trying to rebuild the world and the fact that he continues to try. He serves as the Kingdom of Science five wise generals right next to Senku.

Tsukasa Shishio[]

Prior to being petrified, they first met at an appearance on a psychological magic show. After the Petrification incident, Gen was de-petrified by Tsukasa Shishio and was shocked to see him again. Ironically, Gen is the kind of person Tsukasa originally wished to not revive, as he is a greedy man who cares only about his own desires. However, Tsukasa was desperate for a brilliant mind like Senku's to help him.

Gen sees Tsukasa as a dictator, who uses his charisma in order to win over others as he did so with his subjects and found him to be a worse kind of foe.

After Tsukasa's sister was revived and Tsukasa joined Senku, the pair have gotten on better terms. Tsukasa even stated he doesn't regret reviving Gen, something the mentalist smiled at.[5]


Gen has a complex standing with Magma after the latter attempted to kill him while believing him to be the "sorcerer" who Kohaku brought to the village, when it was really Senku. Fortunately, Gen had anticipated being attacked and created fake blood packs, which the brute stabbed into allowing him to survive.[3] Magma was surprised to see that the mentalist survived. Because of Gen's tricks, Senku became the new leader of Ishigami village.

After his official desertion from the Empire of Might, Gen and Magma have become neutral, though Gen occasionally brings up his attempt to kill him while Magma laughs it off and half heartedly apologizes.


Gen and Chrome

Gen and Chrome.

Gen and Chrome met when Gen arrived to Ishigami Village as Tsukasa's spy. Unlike Kohaku, Chrome had no desire to kill him despite his selfishness, and wished for him to join the Kingdom of Science. When Senku says they need Gen to lie to Tsukasa about his death, Chrome bursts out of the storehouse to brag to Gen that Kingdom is Science is gonna develop into an amazing society, with Gen complimenting Chrome's passion but at the same time saying he doesn't share the sentiments.

Before interfering with the fight, Gen is seen commenting on Chrome's state after being overwhelmed by Magma, As Gen makes his appearance known once more, Chrome is shocked and asks what his business is to be here right now. Gen responds that he should focus more on his own well-being so that he can get his Cola and helps Chrome by lying to Magma saying that if he moves his heart will explode, giving Chrome enough time to start a fire and be able to defeat Magma.

After that, along with Magma, they go to the Tsukasa Empire so that they can put the phone in the fake tomb. When Gen stops Magma from destroying a statue, Chrome is shocked and Gen says they can't destroy the statues because they are weak. But Chrome replies that they are not weak for wanting to do things differently and without spilling blood.

When Ukyo was chasing them to capture them, Chrome knew that Gen had to go back to the Kingdom of Science in order to fool the Tsukasa Empire with the phone and decided to distract Ukyo (along with Magma) with a blast of smoke so Gen could escape. Chrome and Gen seem to be on good terms ever since, and sometimes when Senku or someone else brings up something from the modern world, Gen explains it to them.

When Gen was manipulating Ryusui into navigating their hot air balloon without having to pay him for it, Chrome came running after he heard the news that one spot in the balloon was still available. He gave a heartfelt speech in front of Gen and Senku on how he desperately he wants to see the earth's curvature for himself, so Gen let him participate in the seemingly random election by choosing cards. Because he witnessed the rawness of Chrome's desire, Gen subtly pushed the joker forward for Chrome to notice. The latter took the chance and was thus, overjoyed, allowed on the vehicle's maiden voyage.


Kohaku and Gen

Kohaku had a deep distrust for Gen when they initially met, as she could tell he was putting on an act and lying to their faces.[6] Likewise, Gen was very scared by her insistent threats on his life, often pulling knives on him. They didn't have many other interactions besides such violence early on, over time she would start to embrace him as an ally but would still be cautious and react at the slightest indication that he had possibly treasoned the kingdom of science. She did seem worried for him after Magma supposedly killed him, though he survived with fake blood packs.

Once Gen's allegiance to the kingdom was solidified they developed a dynamic in which they could mutually read each other and she would once call Gen out for pretending to be detached and self serving while truly caring for their friends.[7] Meanwhile, Gen would use his mentalist skills and trickery to make attempts to stop her from being recklessly unreasonable for her own good, but with irregular success.

They also seem to enjoy teasing and having jabs at each other. When Gen failed to trick Amaryllis into hitting on him, Kohaku jokingly offered him a hug which he declined for the sake of his own physical integrity.[8] Later he would take the chance to embarrass her from a safe distance once she had infiltrated the harem in Treasure Island.[9]

They have strong faith in each other's capabilities, when Gen wandered into the American Territory, Kohaku was confident that he was alive and well in the heart of the enemy base due to his mentalist skills.[10] Once news got around that Francois and Suika had been captured by the enemy not far from Fort Medusa, she rushed to their aid as expected. Gen seemed very distraught that Senku and Ryusui decided to just let her go, but later he was confident that Her, along with Tsukasa and Hyoga who had followed, would not have passed on without first succeeding in disabling the enemy's radio.[11]


Gen intimidated by Kaseki's physique

Gen and Kaseki.

Kaseki has been said to have a soft spot for Gen. For unknown reasons, when the Kingdom of Science splits into different groups for a project, Kaseki almost always takes Gen aside to work with him (Possibly due the trickster's keen eye for details).

Kaseki is the only person who can force Gen, who is normally capable of outsmarting anyone, to help him (especially since Gen is intimidated by the old man's physique).



They first met, when Tsukasa revived Hyoga to have someone wipe out Ishigami Village in case Senku found it. Gen was amazed by his skill with his spear after seeing him defeat several of Tsukasa's men. Like Tsukasa, Gen sees him as a deadly foe and saw the pair being in agreement to be troublesome.

However, Gen found himself relying on Hyoga to hold off Moz.


They meet in the caverns, where Mozu tracked Amaryllis and discovered them plotting. Mozu talked about how easy it would be to kill them on the spot. The ever-clever mentalist realized Mozu kept his knowledge to himself rather than informing Ibara, and coaxed the latter into siding with the Kingdom of Science.

After the arduous task, a relieved Gen collapses while he was congratulated by his allies.

Xeno Houston Wingfield[]

Gen him offers a knife to Xeno

Gen and Xeno.

Gen meets Dr. Xeno when Stanley brought him to his base for questioning. Xeno introduced himself along with Stanley and Gen was upset and uncomfortable at the little personal space he gave him when he questioned him.

Xeno asked him who he is and where he came from, and was fascinated to hear that he came from Japan. Gen was eager to see Xeno's polygraph test and was ready to challenge him. Xeno was impressed that the polygraph test did not detect any lies and said that he can be honest to the extreme or a very good liar. He doesn't mind however, saying that he is fond of both types.

Despite that start, when Xeno is captured by the Kingdom of Science, Gen shows no hatred for Xeno. Gen him offers Xeno a knife and asks if he wants to help too, Xeno questions this and asks why he would give a prisoner a gun, however Gen is convinced that Xeno would never "taint science with lies". To which Xeno turns his face away with a smile.


When Gen got stabbed and was being treated, he requested a bottle of cola. Senku replied that he could make it, and in return, Gen lied to Tsukasa and said that Senku is dead. Shortly after Senku made the sulfa-drug, Gen finally got his cola. If you look close, you can see tears in his eyes.


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