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Very little is known about Francois’ personal history, as even their full name, age and gender are unknown. At some point in their life Francois was hired by the Nanami Conglomerate for their skills and has presumably worked with them throughout Ryusui’s childhood.

When Ryusui's reminisces of this childhood, Francois is seen relaying the news to him that his allowance has dropped to 1 million yen.

Later during a Nanami Corp meal, two middleaged members trashtalk Ryusui and even turn to question Francois about him, expecting of Ryusui's own butler to pile in to badmouth him. Francois however, after asking for permission, snaps back in defense of Ryusui, claiming he is not debaucherous in the slightest, and that if he wants something, he will keep pressing forward until he gets it[1]. Afterwards Francois brings dinner to Ryusui in his workshop, they find him building a model of an old sailing boat and question why he spends time on it when he has access to real ship, Ryusui then claims real-life ships are full of modern equipment and he prefers the beauty of more traditional crafts.

Francois would be petrified in 2019 at the Nanami Sailing Academy. Ryusui claims Francois was with him at the time the petrification occurred. When Francois’ statue is found, they are seen bowing, perhaps about to serve an order from Ryusui, as he was clicking his fingers in an extravagant pose when he was petrified[2][3].


Age of Exploration Arc[]

A chef is required in order to prepare long lasting and nutritious food for a long voyage, however with the Cave of Miracles destroyed, the Kingdom of Science only have enough revival fluid left to revive someone small. Ryusui therefore suggests his former butler, Francois. The power team find and revive Francois. As soon as the stone breaks off, Francois puts on the clothes Yuzuriha has prepared for them before immediately setting out in search of Ryusui. Gen chases after them nonstop for two days while trying to guide them to Ishigami Village.

When Francois arrives, informed of the situation by Gen, they become visibly disgusted by the burnt bread presented to them and immediately take action to remedy the offense. Once Senku explains that they need some long-lasting bread for the voyage, Francois suggests Goat’s Gift Stollen, and has everyone begin gathering the resources necessary to prepare the dish. Francois begins to prepare the bread and even teaches Ryusui and Senku to make their own. The completed loaves are delicious enough to bring even the modern-timers to tears.[4]

With Minami's camera complete, the group discusses the subject of the first photograph to commemorate the occasion. Ryusui recommends Senku, which surprises everyone. Francois explains that Ryusui does not want splendor for himself, but instead to own the splendor he can spread to everyone. Francois, predicting the situation, brings out several outfits from Yuzuriha’s fashion shop for Senku to try on. After Minami struggles to find a pose for the photo, Francois suggests he poses like the most famous scientist in history, Albert Einstein.[3]

After acquiring wheat, Ryusui declares the opening of his 3-star restaurant, with Francois endeavoring to prepare Black Truffle Pork Rillettes as the first meal. With the help of Suika and Kohaku, they locate and capture a herd of wild boars as livestock. While the main team is out searching for the Sagara oil field, Francois and Suika use the boars to sniff out truffles for the meal. One of the boars finds a truffle underground but eats it before they can grab it. Suika then teaches Chalk to pick up the scent of the truffles instead. With the truffles located, Francois begins preparing to cook to the boar meat, but is stopped by the scent of oil on the boar's fur and the oil team wanting to use Sagara to find the field.[5] After Suika makes friends with Sagara, Francois recommends that the boar lives.[6]

At the former Tsukasa Empire, Francois has their restaurant built and is seen preparing seafood meals from the fish Ryusui caught, which is enjoyed by many.[7] Later, when Minami wishes to take a group photo, Francois brings out the automatic timer they had Kaseki prepare, in yet another act of foresight.[8] Francois is later selected as the chef for the Perseus on the journey to Treasure Island.[9]

Treasure Island Arc[]

When the Perseus reaches Treasure Island and the scouting team is dispatched, Suika's caught as a stoweaway and scolded by Ryusui, prompting Francois to attempt to comfort her but resulting in them getting scolded by Ryusui too.[10] Francois is later petrified with the rest of the Perseus crew by Kirisame.[11]

Since Senku prioritizes reviving people based on utility in order to conserve resources, while their statue is safely stored, Francois does not get revived while the conflict in Treasure Island unfolds. However, they are one of the first people Senku revives when the battle is over and there is a need for them to once more tend to those revived. Francois is tasked with cooking and casually tells Taiju and Amaryllis that Senku was once wed to Ruri, after remarks on the status of Chrome and Ruri are made. When it is discovered the Perseus was ransacked, Francois offers to have repairs done immediately while Amaryllis comments on their impressive efficiency.[12]

New America City Arc[]

After returning to Japan, Francois, along with many other members of the Kingdom of Science, redraws their previous star-shaped scar as Gen rallies every modern timer to recreate their scars symbolically, declaring the day they remove it will be the day they triumph over the petrification threat.[13]

As expected they accompany the crew of the Perseus in the journey across the Pacific Ocean and when Ryusui quarrels with Senku over the length of the journey, they take Ryusui's side and voice their concerns in handling the rations.[14] They even bet on Ryusui winning the decisive gambling match along with Suika and Yo.[14]

After Ryusui loses the match and the team's efforts unite under Senku, Francois opens Bar Francois at the end of Ryusui's Perseus Luck Casino, a combined endeavor to make the shorter and more hectic sea voyage more enjoyable to the crew. With Senku's help Francois is able to re-create various drinks of the past and they are delighted to get the chance to craft personalized drinks for each and every guest.[15]

While the initial round of drinks they concoct are all virgin cocktails, they soon have to assure the alcohol starved raving masses that are riled up by Yo and Ginro, that beer is underway as the alcohol needs some time to ferment. During all the merriment after beer is finally introduced, Ginro prompts Matsukaze to share his story, which turns out to be quite a dark tale and prompts Francois to concoct a special matcha infused beer to comfort the samurai. Matsukaze however instantly passes out after a single sip as he's incredibly lightweight.[16]

When the Perseus crew eventually makes landfall in America, the first meal Francois cooks for them are gator burgers, the meat for which is provided by the fighter team that very eagerly pounce on the alligators trying to topple the Mobile Lab.[17]

Francois picks up the task of crafting ice cream for Luna and the rest of the Perseus crew, in order to help her warm up to the Kingdom of Science and give information about the American colony more willingly. They are also in Senku's close proximity when he gets sniped at by Stanley Snyder, and they quickly bandage his wounds, indicating they know basic first aid. Francois stays by Senku's side throughout the ordeal and makes sure to transfer his instructions to the group, as he stubbornly refuses to not help given the direness of the situation.[18]

François later tends to Luna at the bar as she laments about her recent relationship with Senku. Francois translates for her as Kinro tells her that Senku was briefly married and used it to further his goals and Luna is dejected as the overall responses she gets from Senku's friends indicate they think he's doing the same thing with his relationship with her.[19]

When Stanley and his men later commandeer the Perseus, Francois is captured along with the rest of the crew.[20]

Francois is later rescued by Max Adams who takes them along with Luna Wright and Kaseki back to the American Castle. They then reunite with Ryusui and Senku and join the group that eventually splits off and escapes on Xeno's yacht. [21]

South America Arc[]

Suika saves Charlottes life

Francois sees Suika save Charlotte.

After fort Medusa is established, Francois and Suika are chosen to be the revival team, as Suika is skilled at hiding while Francois is there to ensure she has a supply of food and fresh water. The two soon transverse the jungle for a safe position before witnessing the arrival of Stanley and his unit and they are able to spot the imprisoned Ginro and Matsukaze.

While Remaining hidden, they also witness Charlotte being bit on the neck by a spider. Francois is shocked when Suika jumps to action as this alerts the enemy group to her presence, but Suika successfully manages to save Charlotte's life by putting the nitroglycerine-soaked swab onto the bite.[22] Francois then has to step in and save Suika since she tries to run when confronted by soldiers since she does not understand english or the meaning of the word 'freeze'. Before they are taken hostage, they claim that Suika is a doctor who was helping Charlotte and convince Stanley that the two are only civilians and that's the reason they broke off from the rest of their team. After feeling as though she has failed, Francois comforts Suika that they've both 'rendered distinquished service'.[23]

Leonard then reveals that Francois has sent a transmition to the US base and Francois admits it to be the harmless message of "We've split into two teams." which while Stanley seems to find suspicious, does not have the appropriate information to figure out why. Francois's message plays a pivotal role in the success of a working medusa device as it tips off Joel to split the diamond in the device in two.

Leonard guarding the hostages

Francois sees the Petrification light.

A while after being captured, Francois witnesses the Petrification light approaching. They are set free by Ukyo and attempt to gather the revival fluid that was previous confiscated by Stanley. However, they are ambushed by Stanley and Xeno who proceed to gun them down for the remaining bottles of revival fluid. To the americans' surprise, the bottles are gone with Suika managing to make her escape with them to Fort Medusa, while she's comes out unharmed again when she's shot at she drops all the bottles but one.

Francois is petrified along with the rest of humanity.[24]

New Stone World Arc[]

Francois's statue is located by a revived Suika and they are one of the few people Suika dreads being the most without as she now has to cook for herself.[25]

After a few years Suika eventually manages to revive Senku, who concocts a revival fluid and revives everyone else within days. Francois is one of the first people revived and they're likely to have prepared the feast for the celebration that takes place later than night.[26]

Francois is quite pleased with the boiling of Chrome to achieve a new superalloy and takes to the introduction of stainless steel immediately, as they can now create canned food and have access to stainless knives, that they use to make sashimi.[27] They later embark on the New Perseus as part of the globetrotting team that is set to revive populations around the world.[28]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Francois is evidently more upbeat during this journey and displays great pleasure to behold the many equipment upgrades on the New Perseus, such as the new freezer. When Whyman begins sending messages again, Francois with the help of Gen crafts a message for Whyman and translates it to as many languages 'as they know', but they receive no response.[29] Afterwards the globetrotting team reaches the coast of Spain and Francois nearly goes mad over finally acquiring olive oil, the one resource they've dreamt of getting their hands on since they were first petrified in the Stone World. While the rest of the team is more focused on the fluorite needed for the space journey, as Gen notes, to Francois that's just a footnote. They're very excited to finally be able to make food using olive oil and have the crew try it and they even go as far to carry a basket of olives that seems to be at least twice their bodyweight.

Francois boasts a feast consisting of ajillo sides and fisherman's whim pasta as the main course, situated in the table there's even roasted chicken, copious amount of bread baked in various sizes and other unspecified condiments. This feast is even shared with the newly revived locals as a piece of home and comfort despite the circumstances. Francois is also keen on practicing the spanish they have been studying back in South America and notes on the importance of respect to the local culture. They later make churros, which Kohaku and Suika are very enamored with, and are pleased to see the coins created in the visages of the craftmen in the crew, they also seem in agreement with Ryusui's potentially nefarious schemes to assume the reigns of the newely introduced currency.[30]

Francois continues to cook new cuisines for the new places the Perseus crew visits, especially once Sai joins the party in India. However they don't take part in Gen's and Chelsea's attempts to mend the relationship between the Nanami brothers and it's unclear if they've met Sai prior to this instance.[31] When the Perseus crew reaches Indonesia, their last stop before Japan, Francois is thrilled to find that farming rice is no longer out of the picture and are very keen to help with the process, eventually concocting a feast of onigiri and seafood, that even moves Ukyo to tears.[32]

After Suika's tearful reunion (and almost re-separation) with Sagara and Chalk, Francois is implied to have provided the feed that helped the two pets reconsider their eminent departure. Francois also puts Kokuyo's worries to rest as they prepare a feast of sushi for the Kingdom of Science and the recently revived population.[33]

Moon Mission Arc[]

Francois helps establish Dragon TV with Ryusui, as they finish painting the sign for the building the broadcast from.[34]

While the scientist team is busy creating the space telescope and subsequent rockets, Francois likely joins Ryusui and Chelsea in their various missions across the globe. They later brew tochu tea for the Kingdom of Science while in Innoshima, and even later while in Hawaii, coffee for Ryusui and likely a larger population too, as the cups in which they serve in appear to be trademarked.[35]

A while before the launch, Francois attempts to comfort Ryusui and they call him noble for giving his seat to the moon to Stanley. They're evidently proud of him but understand the pain the selfless act has caused him. [36]

During his pre-moon launch crafting frenzy, Senku makes plastic food wrap for Francois[37] and they also appear to have cooked the ramen that Senku, Kohaku and Stanley eat while in space. [38] When Ryusui is revealed to have stowed-away on the spaceship surprising everyone, Francois initially wears a tired expression, contrasting the cheers of those around them, but later seem to be pleased that Ryusui is useful to the astronauts.[39][40]

Years later, they show up to chauffeur for Gen as he returns to Japan for Yuzuriha's and Taiju's wedding.


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