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As part of their job Francois seems to be well acquainted with most people in their vicinity. They are very keen to serve and their priorities lie with ensuring the needs of the team they work with are met. They were able to make personalized cocktails for 'every guest', even people they didn't get to interact with as much like Tsukasa and Matsukaze and presumably the rest of the Perseus crew that consists of give or take 100 people.[1] They also seem to have knowledge of Tsukasa's background and Senku's brief marriage with Ruri, events that they weren't present for, so it's evident the stories of those around them are significant to them.


Francois is extremely loyal to Ryusui, as shown by him being their first concern after being depetrified. Despite their background differences the two have very similar world views and share the same the motto "desire is noble". It's evident that Francois relates to Ryusui's desire to follow his calling in captainship and ship crafting, perhaps because they have a similar drive to constantly hone their craft. When Ryusui gets put under the microscope for his excessive spending habits, Francois does not hesitate to defend him, but only after they're specifically asked for their opinion on the matter.[2]

From their interactions and Ryusui's conflicting relationship with his family, Francois appears to have been Ryusui's primary caretaker and parental figure. While Francois initially claims to seek to revive the Nanami Corp, they likely only do so as that was Ryusui's goal at the time, it's evident they're loyal to him even if his goals shift over time.

During the impending space mission, Francois tries to comfort Ryusui after he gives his seat to space to Stanley, understanding the pain it has caused him.[3]


Francois gets along with Suika from very early on, they brand her a 'forest and animal expert' and task her and Chalk with helping them out on the truffle hunt.[4] Senku and Francois later even allow Suika to keep Sagara as a pet while claiming that the hog was unsuitable for a meal.

Francois encourages and takes Suika's efforts seriously and they seem to take an almost custodian role around her. They're also evidently displeased when Ryusui scolds Suika for sneaking in the first Perseus journey, so they make sure to comfort her and explain Ryusui's reasoning to her. [5]

Suika is also the very first guest to get a drink made for them in Bar Francois and the most overjoyed.[1]

When Suika is send out on her mission to hide and eventually revive her allies in Fort Medusa, Francois is send along as her escort to ensure the mission goes smoothly and she's not left without necessities.[6] Later when Suika risks her life to save Charlotte, Francois easily adapts to the change of plans and even praises their collaborative efforts during the situation.[7]


The two seem to hold each other in high regard almost immediately, Senku is rather stoked by how competent they are and Francois in turn thinks Senku is essential to the revival of Nanami Corp.[8] Francois prepares multiple outfits for Senku fully anticipating of Ryusui to step down of getting the first photograph in the stone world, but despite their efforts Senku eventually changes back to his usual outfit. Senku later makes up an excuse to allow Suika to keep Sagara and Francois plays along with it in the same aloof manner. Francois seems to have gotten a grasp of Senku's mannerisms rather quickly.[9]

Francois is the one in closest proximity to Senku when he gets shot by Stanley and they're evidently distressed when they attempt to patch him up with what first aid they know.[10] During the ordeal, Francois stays fairly close to Senku, at first translating for him to Luna and then taking up the task of recording Senku's commands and making sure it's seen through without him leaving his resting place.[11]

In honor of his father and the rest of their predecessors, Francois makes ramen for Senku, Stanley and Kohaku, the new astronaut team.[12]


It's unclear if Francois ever met Sai when they initially worked for Nanami Corp. While they cook for him on more than one occasions, they don't appear to be particularly invested in the drama between the two brothers.


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