Francois is Ryusui's faithful and extremely talented butler whose services were well sought out and coveted before the Petrification. They are demonstrated to be a highly competent worker and a talented chef.


Francois is a short person of very petite build and ambiguous gender. They have a round face with sharp eyes and often sport a serious expression, and they have a very small nose and a mouth adorned with dark lipstick. They have somewhat short blonde hair arranged in neat corkscrew curls. Their stone markings are two burst shapes on the back of their hands, which they often wear gloves over.

Francois is most typically seen in their butler uniform; a dark blazer with striped cuffs and padded shoulders, a striped sash, a light colored ascot, medium length and slightly flared pants, and light colored boots with tall heels.

They have a star like scar on their arm after being revived. It disappears after their second revival. They soon adorned war paint in reflection of their stone markings, during Tsukasa's revival.



They are extremely loyal to Ryusui, as shown by him being their first concern after being depetrified. They are always calm and composed, showing emotion very rarely. They seem to take great pride in their job, and would never compromise on quality.


Age of Exploration Arc

They are depetrified by Nikki and Yuzuriha after Senku and Ryusui decide they want a chef. Almost immediately, they searched for Ryusui and for two days traveled to his location. They started to cook and created bread that was delicious, all those who consumed broke into tears of joy.

They opened their own restaurant.

Treasure Island Arc

They are one of the many petrified by Ibara and his forces along with the crew of Perseus.

They are later freed by Senku to aid him in his plans.

During the final battle, they are ultimately petrified again by Ibara. However, they are freed by Senku to once more to aid in tending to the others. They are tasked with cooking and they casually tell Taiju and Amaryllis that Senku once married to Ruri after remarks on the status of Chrome and Ruri are made.[4]

New America City Arc

When the mentions of Senku's residual scars are made, Gen rallies every modern timer to recreate their scar using paint. They recreated their previous star-shaped scar, stating it will serve as a symbol, declaring the day they removes will be when the threat of Whyman is vanquished.[5]

They accompany the crew of the Perseus in the journey to depetrify everyone across the world. They re-created a bar where they are helping the restoring of alcohol and beverages.

They listen to the story of Matsukaze and gives him an alcoholic cocktail to ease his worries after the story stresses him.[6]

They are pleased when land is spotted.[7]

Afterwards, they make burgers out of the dead alligators that the warriors defeated, something the crew was happy on.[8]

Skills and Abilities

Master Chef

They are capable of making long-lasting rations and delicious food. On top of that, they know how to procure high-quality food based on ingredients. If the ingredients are contaminated, they will not use them, as seen as when they allow Suika to keep the pig as a pet once the pig was soaked with oil before.


They were able to travel from the former Tsukasa Empire to Ishigami Village with little to no rest. It is indicated that their stamina seems suitable to do long-term walking rather than running.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
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Age of Exploration Arc
83. Dr. Stone Absent
84. People = Power Absent
85. Ultimate Resource Mentioned
86. Money Absent
87. Senku's Department Store Absent
88. Wings of Humanity Absent
89. Adventures Absent
90. New World Map Absent
91. Need Bread? Start with Wheat Absent
92. Desire is Noble Debut
93. The First Shot Is Yours Appears
94. The Scent of Black Gold Appears
95. First Contact Appears
96. Eye of Science Appears
97. The Joy of Leadership Appears
98. Ryusui Flashback
99. Kingdom of Science Photo Journal Appears
100. Origin of the 100 Tales Appears
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Treasure Island Arc
101. Treasure Chest Absent
102. Perseus, Ship of Science Appears
103. Light of Hope and Despair Appears
104. Men of Forensics Absent
105. The Island's Great Beauty Absent
106. The Secret of Petrification Absent
107. To the Trump Card Science Vessel Absent
108. Two Trump Cards Absent
109. The Great Escape Absent
110. Beautiful Science Absent
111. Science Wars Absent
112. King of Three Dimensions Absent
113. Cryptography Science Absent
114. Silently, Science Pierces the Stone Absent
115. One Second, One Grain Absent
116. Miracle in Hand Absent
117. The Kingdom of Science Strikes Back Absent
118. Silent Soldiers Absent
119. Science Soldiers Petrified
120. Top Secret Absent
121. Medusa's True Face Absent
122. Brain-Battle Puzzle Pieces Absent
123. The Battle of Wits' Deal Game Absent
124. The Invention of God and the Devil Absent
125. The Decisive Three-Dimensional Battle Absent
126. A 3-D Strategy Absent
127. Medusa and Perseus Absent
128. Island-Wide Battle Royale Absent
129. Joker Absent
130. Devil's Choice Absent
131. Nasty Crimes Absent
132. The Strongest Weapon Is... Absent
133. Flash of Destruction Absent
134. Commander Faceoff Absent
135. Counting Absent
136. Medusa Vs. Science Absent
137. Last Man Standing Absent
138. End Of Part 3 Appears
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New America City Arc
139. First Dream Appears
140. New World Plots Absent
141. First Team Appears
142. World Power Appears
143. Ryusui vs. Senku Appears
144. Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku Appears
145. Bar Francois Appears
146. Bar Francois: Bitters Appears
147. Science Journey Absent
148. Pioneers of Earth Appears
149. Light Lure in Darkness Absent
150. Righteous Science User Absent
151. Dr. X Absent
152. Doctor Vs. Doctor Absent
153. Science Wars Absent
154. Spy vs. Spy Absent
155. Science Is Elegant Appears
156. Two Scientists Absent
157. Same Time, Same Place Absent
158. Who's the Scientist? Absent
159. Lock On Absent
160. Gunshots Echo Absent
161. Craft Wars Absent
162. Down the Earth-Stained Path Absent
163. Multifront Final Battle Absent
164. Re-Lock On Absent
165. Know the Rules, Make the Rules Absent
166. Ultimate Knight Absent


  • Ryusui says he isn't sure what their actual name, gender, or even nationality is, just that they are probably Japanese and named Francois.


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