Francois is Ryusui's faithful and extremely talented butler whose services were well sought out and coveted before the Petrification. They are demonstrated to be a supreme chef.


Francois is a person of average build and ambiguous gender. They have light hair with corkscrew curls.



They are extremely loyal to Ryusui, as shown by him being their first concern after being depetrified. They are always calm and composed, showing emotion very rarely. They seem to take great pride in her job, and would never compromise on quality.


Age of Exploration Arc

Francois is depetrified after Senku and Ryusui decide they want a chef.

They opened their own restaurant.

Treasure Island Arc

They are one of the many petrified by Ibara and his forces along with the crew of Perseus.

Francois is later freed by Senku to aid him in his plans.

During the final battle, François is ultimately petrified again by Ibara. However, they are freed by Senku to once more to aid in tending to the others who are also petrified.

Skills and Abilities

Master Chef

They are capable of making long-lasting rations and delicious food. On top of that, Francois knows how to procure high-quality food based on ingredients. If the ingredients are contaminated, Francois will not use it as seen as when Francois allows Suika to keep the pig as a pet once the pig was soaked with oil before.


Francois was able to travel from the former Tsukasa Empire to Ishigami Village with less rest. It is indicated that Francois' stamina seems suitable to do long-term walking rather than running.


  • Ryusui says he isn't sure what Francois' actual name, gender, or even nationality is, just that they are probably Japanese and named Francois.
    • However, most fans just treat Francois as a female due to their feminine appearance.


  1. Dr. Stone Manga — Vol. 1 Chapter 1, Francois is Petrified along with all of Earths Human Population.
  2. Dr. Stone Manga — Vol. 11 Chapter 92, Francois is revived by Yuzuriha or Nikki.
  3. Dr. Stone Manga — Chapter 103, Francois is Petrified along with majority of the Perseus Crew.

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