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The Europe Arc is the 13th story arc of Dr. Stone and the 4th story arc in The Truth of the Petrification Saga.


After leaving South America and traveling across the Atlantic, Senku and the crew of the Perseus receive a message from the Why-man saying "DO YOU WANNA DIE?". Believing this to be a threat, and that they may be working on borrowed time now, the crew head to Barcelona in Spain to craft three items necessary for the space mission from the mineral, fluorite.[1]

On the way to Barcelona, Francois and Ryusui both express a desire to obtain olive oil. Upon arriving in Barcelona, Ryusui gets Chelsea to create a map to a place they can harvest olives from. Members of the Kingdom of Science harvest and crush it into liquid form and run it through a centrifuge, which Kaseki builds in a matter of seconds. Upon obtaining olive oil, Francois is moved almost to tears at the thought of how much the olive oil will improve the meals they create, and go onto create two dishes for the Kingdom of Science, much to their enjoyment. Later, the Kingdom of Science revive the local petrified residents of Barcelona. Francois prepares an opening banquet for them and even shows off a little Spanish they were taught in South America.

Later, Kohaku and Chrome head out in order to discover food sources, and run into a wild pack of bulls. Chrome begins to get chased by one of the wild bulls, with Kohaku stating hes being used as bait. Ryusui jumps at the opportunity and begins to bullfight, amazing most. Francois and local chefs later prepares churros, a sweet Spain is known to create, and Ryusui pays said chefs with coin dragos, which they created from the ores in South America. The locals are amazed that in the stone world even with the scientific head start, they aren't trying to rule over them but rather intend to bring back the old world. The locals kneel down to the Kingdom of Science to thank them, but Ryusui has them stand, and rallys the locals up to work in exchange for compensation. With the locals agreeing to begin work, Ryusui exclaims his desire for fluorite.[2]

After obtaining fluorite in Barcelona, the crew made use of it's low relecting index to create better a telescope. To do the calculations for the space rocket, Ryusui says they'll be going to India and founding Math City. The problem is the new Perseus goes through fuel faster than expected, so going the full route around the Cape of Good Hope will mean waiting for months before they can safely make the journey. Chrome suggests they make their way through the Suez Canal, however there's a risk it's blocked and they'll be left stranded. To avoid the risk of not being able to turn around in the canal, they use their new telescope and a hot air balloon to scan the route.

Chelsea makes a map of the area, only to discover there's a small dam 20 km into the canal, blocking the way. Senku decides that it would be a great opportunity to test a ballistic missile from adding dynamite to a model rocket, it's fired directly into the dam to blow a path through it.

Story Impacts

  • The Kingdom of Science decide to use morse code.
  • Why-man sends a message to the group.
  • Senku plans to travel to Spain, to obtain fluorite from Barcelona.
  • Residents of Spain are revived.
  • Math City will be founded in India.
  • Ryusui's older brother, Sai, is revived.
    • Sai is revealed to be a prodigy of mathematics and coding.



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