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Let There Be the Light of Science (この手に科学の灯を Kono Te ni Kagaku no Akari o) is the ninth episode of the Dr. Stone anime.


During their ramen patronage, Gen Asagiri, a magician from Senku's time, who had been sent by Tsukasa to confirm Senku's death, approaches the gang, but decides to give a false report instead. Using the successfully completed iron, Senku takes advantage of a sudden thunderstorm to turn it into powerful magnets. Using these, the gang builds a power generator, which they manage to convince Kinro and Ginro to operate, leading to the reinvention of the lightbulb.

Plot Details[]

A mysterious man approaches through the woods. Just outside the village, Senku serves fox millet ramen, which many of the villagers enjoy. Chrome tries to share it with Kinro and Ginro, but the latter refuses despite accepting a golden spear. Word of the foot even reaches the village chief. Senku plans to work with everyone who eats so they can power his furnace.

Gen Asagiri first appearace

Gen Asagiri of the Tsukasa Empire.

The mysterious man from earlier sits down and has a bowl too. He mentions that it's making him thirsty for cola. Senku notices he uses a term from his time, and Kohaku calls him out as an intruder. Kohaku, Kinro, and Ginro surround him with their weapons and question if he's with Tsukasa. The boy claims he's been alone ever since he was unpetrified.

Senku recognizes the man as Gen Asagiri, the mentalist who used to author books. The magician apologizes for taking some ramen and asks the guards to lower their weapons. Kohaku doesn't believe a word he says as Gen tries to explain himself. Senku says it doesn't matter and makes everyone work on the iron mill furnace. While Gen is working hard, Senku takes advantage of his exhaustion and asks him about Taiju. Gen admits he's with Tsukasa and claims things have changed now that he's seen them create iron.

The God of Lightning Descends

Senku creates a magnet using lightning.

Gen admits Tsukasa's side looks better for now, and he simply sides with whoever will win. Senku believes he can win him over and starts working to prepare a generator. A thunderstorm hits, and Senku gets his group ready to catch some lightning. They start the process, but the untimely arrival of Magma, the village brute, interrupts them. Gen manages to turn them back around by using some convincing magic.

Senku's group travels to the bald mount and prepares to harness the lightning to create a magnet. The lightning closes in faster than expected, so they don't have time to build a tower. Kohaku steals Ginro's spear and turns it into a lightning rod. Lightning strikes the rod wrapped in copper and successfully transforms it into a strong magnet.

The Light Returns

Senku lights up the darkness for the first time in 3,700 years.

Kohaku holds the poles backward and mistakenly thinks they failed to make magnets. Senku corrects her, and Chrome gets pumped to make electricity. Gen asks what kind of generator Senku plans on building and isn't surprised to learn it's going to be man-powered. Together, they spent today creating a dual-crank power generator. Gen convinces Ginro and Kinro to power it for them because they need a pair in perfect sync. Despite sticking around this long, Gen really questions if Senku can use electricity.

Senku asks Chrome if he's afraid at night because of the darkness. Edison created the lightbulb and conquered the 24-hour day. Senku believes there is no darkness in his time, and humanity defeated the night using science. He uses a bamboo string to imitate a lightbulb and lights up the night for the first time in 3,700 years.









  • Iron Mill Furnace, Level 2
  • Iron
  • Copper Wire
  • Powerful Magnets
  • Power Generator
  • Lightbulb

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • In the manga, it was Kohaku that teased Kinro about accepting the gold spear and not food, while it is replaced with Chrome in the anime.
  • The details about the level 2 pump and electric generator are omitted in the anime.
  • The imagination of Gen when thinking about either joining Tsukasa or Senku is changed from Gen bathing in a balance with idols while it is in a hot spring in the anime.
  • Panels showing light bulbs and Thomas Edison are omitted in the anime.
  • A short backstory about Senku during primary school is omitted in this episode.

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