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Where Two Million Years Have Gone (200万年の在処 Ni-hyaku-man-nen no Arika) is the seventh episode of the Dr. Stone anime.


After saving Kohaku from Tsukasa's attack, Senku follows her back to her village, aiming to convert them to his cause. Despite his deeds, he's blocked from entering by the village guards, Kinro and Ginro, as all outsiders are forbidden.

Chrome appears, confronting Senku and challenging him to a duel of "sorcery." Senku quickly exposes the science behind Chrome's magic but takes a liking to the young man and his boundless curiosity. After a mental bout, Chrome joins Senku, along with his stash of valuable minerals.

In the village, Kohaku returns to the village priestess, her sister Ruri, with healing water from a nearby spring. Chrome explains to Senku that Ruri is ill, and he's perusing sorcery to heal her.

Senku reveals to Chrome the fate of humanity 3,700 years prior, including the scientific and technological progress humans had made until that point. With Chrome now emboldened, Senku reveals his next scientific goal: Antibiotics.

Plot Details[]

Kohaku admits she likes Senku as a person, but he rejects the idea of ever getting into a relationship. That night, Kohaku rests with her knives to protect herself, but it makes Senku uncomfortable as he asks her to go to sleep. The girl asks about Senku's fight against Tsukasa and says she won't back down from him either. Senku reveals he wants to build the Kingdom of Science to defeat him, and Kohaku invites him back to her village to gather allies.

Ishigami Village (Anime)

Kohaku leads Senku back to her village.

Kohaku collects water from a hot spring for a bath back in her village. The bath is for her sister, who has been sick recently. Moving the water this way helps train Kohaku's body. Even so, she stumbles with the large jar, and Senku helps her keep her balance. He asks her to hand it over, but he's completely incapable of lifting it.

Senku built a makeshift car to roll down the mountain using the pulley from the previous day. They reach a cliff that overlooks Kohaku's modest yet beautiful village, which has more people than even Senku expected. They reach the entrance, but two guards, Kinro and Ginro, confront them. They refuse to let Senku in because he's outside, but they're afraid when Kohaku threatens them with violence.

Senku breaks up the skirmish by mixing his soap with some of the water they collected to create soap bubbles. Laughably ignorant of the idea of bubbles, Senku's "sorcery" astonishes both boys. Senku believes he'll get all forty members of the village on his side using science alone. The two guards call their ally Chrome, a self-proclaimed genius sorcerer and the man Kohaku mentioned to Senku before.

Chrome the Sorcerer

Chrome the Sorcerer!

Chrome challenges Senku to a battle of sorcery, and they head to his remote shed. He creates fire and changes its colors with his "sorcery" called Rainbow Bridge. However, Senku sees right through his trick and says he threw salt, copper, and sulfate in that order using blue crystals from a cave. Next, Chrome brings out a ball of sulfur, which he uses to create a static charge. Senku uses his leather flag to make it much stronger and zaps Chrome with it.

Senku is impressed by Chrome's intellect, despite clearly being inferior to his own. He asks Chrome about the collection in his shed, and the latter explains that he's been trying to create sorcery with his collection since he was a kid. This reaffirms Senku's belief that even if the world or Tsukasa resets science, there will always be someone out there willing to try anything.

Senku zaps Chrome

Senku outclasses Chrome in a battle of wits.

Chrome challenges Senku to one last duel in a battle of numbers where he bets everything and loses. Senku and Chrome both geek out over his collection of rocks, while Kohaku heads back into the village. Senku breaks apart some of Chrome's cinnabar and heats it up to create mercury. He melts some gold dust into it and dips Kinro's in it to make a shiny gold spear. It doesn't appear that Kinro is impressed, as he refuses to allow Senku into the village. Kinro strolls off and admires his spear, showing Senku and Chrome that he just needs another push.

Senku checks out Chrome's collection of plants and notices they're mostly used for medical purposes. Chrome says he began studying sorcery so he could heal Kohaku's older sister, Ruri. Meanwhile, Kohaku brings the water to Ruri, the Priestess of the Village. They speak in private, and Ruri is concerned about her sister's safety.

Chrome agrees to build the Kingdom of Science

Chrome agrees to help Senku build the Kingdom of Science.

Back in Chrome's shed, Senku shares everything about the world from 3,700 years ago. He tells him about technology, different inventions, and even the potential of the world's technological advancements before the world collapsed. The revelation saddens Chrome that the Petrification destroyed the civilization humanity spent millions of years building up instantly.

However, Senku refuses to back down and claims humanity isn't finished yet. Two million years of history live in both, and they can bring it back to fruition. Chrome agrees to build the Kingdom of Science and asks Senku if there is a way to defeat Ruri's illness. Senku believes they can create the ultimate medicine of science, the antibiotic.









  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Sulfur Ball Static Generator


  • Senku vs. Chrome

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • There is no named introduction to all the villagers in the anime. This is replaced with scenes showing the villagers performing tasks around the village in groups.
  • A panel showing a random scientist is omitted from the anime.
  • When Kohaku brings the water to her sister, in the manga, she has a flashback of being stuck under a tree. In the anime, she simply looks into the water.



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