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"Treasure Island" (『宝島』 "Takarajima") is the fifty-sixth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the twenty-first episode of the third season.


Restoration to Treasure Island goes underway while Senku and the Kingdom of Science gained information from Matsukaze, an islander who was petrified for centuries. Upon learning the Petrification Weapon descended from the skies in "more" ways than one and after pinpointing the repeated mysterious transmissions, Senku calculates that the Why-man is on the moon! Announcing his next project to fly to the moon, Senku and his friends prepare to depart back to Japan, but Soyuz, on the other hand...

Plot Details[]

Senku's plan involves collecting skilled people and materials from all over the world, so they plan to leave after freeing everyone Ibara petrified. Soyuz decides to stay as the new master, becoming the island's intermediary with the islanders so that they become allies of the Kingdom of Science on their free course. Kirisame and Matsukaze agree to accompany Senku to other countries. Surprisingly, Matsukaze swears loyalty to Ginro, who bears such a close resemblance to his master that, before being petrified, he must have been Ginro's direct ancestor. Senku puts on a special show by reinventing fireworks, which were always Byakuya's favorite. Senku feels unexpected nostalgia, realizing Byakuya stood on the same beach thousands of years ago and paved the way for Senku to survive and one day reach outer space. As they depart on the Perseus, Senku reasons that going to space will require Ryusui as pilot, himself as scientist, and their strongest warrior. Returning to Ishigami village with Medusa, everyone rejoices as Senku can now petrify and revive the fatally-injured Tsukasa, still safely preserved in the freezer where Senku placed him.








Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Fireworks

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • Some plot holes from the manga were filled in with the following extra scenes:
    • Senku's announcement aboard the Perseus to make an alliance with the Treasure Islanders as the first step for the rocket project.
    • The construction of the Island's Radio Tower, with Soyuz being the head construction planner, highlights his chosen role as leader.
    • The first night festival in the Stone World was held on the island, while introducing to the islanders the Kingdom's previous discoveries so far.
    • The scene where Soyuz chooses to stay and Kirisame joins the Kingdom is switched from the "day of departure" to the "night festivity."
    • Fireworks will be the first anime-featured invention instead of the manga, along with an original flashback scene of Senku and Byakuya at a night festival.
    • The last scene regarding "Tsukasa's revival" is rearranged to transition the last 2 pages of Chapter 140 and the first 2 of Chapter 141.


  • The episode's title is based on the events of Chapter 140.
  • It is the first episode of the whole anime to be based on a whole chapter with extra scenes to fill in plot holes.


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