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The Kingdom of Science's Counterattack (反撃の科学王国 Hangeki no Kagaku Ōkoku) is the forty-seventh episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the twelfth episode of the third season.


Senku and his friends get the platinum, a super rare item hidden on Treasure Island. He immediately made nitric acid with a scientific craft using platinum and obtained an "infinite production machine for resurrection liquid"! First, Senku wants to wake up the craftsman Kaseki, but Ibara and the others throw his petrified friends from the Science Kingdom into the sea. Meanwhile, to rescue Ryusui who was brought to the inner palace first, Senku cooperates with Kohaku, who is infiltrating, and sets out to recapture his friends!

Plot Details[]

To improve his drone, Senku decides to revive Kaseki first but realizes guards are throwing all their friends smashed statues into the ocean. This means they will first require Ryusui to dive and retrieve them. Ibara has taken Ryusui to the citadel and begun smashing him to pieces, hoping to provoke enemy infiltrators to reveal themselves. Kohaku diverts suspicion by destroying Ryusui herself, knowing he can be revived as long as he is rebuilt first. They send the pieces to Senku on the radio cars, allowing Ryusui to be rebuilt and revived. Due to the ocean depth, Senku creates scuba gear by borrowing steam pipes off the mobile lab, though it will only hold 10 minutes of air. Ryusui and Soyuz dive and locate Kaseki hopelessly buried in the sand. With only four minutes of air left, Ryusui realizes they need brute strength, so by Morse code, he asks for revival fluid from Senku and performs an emergency underwater revival on Taiju. Despite only having one breath of air, Taiju grasps the situation and tears Kaseki free of the sand, making it to the surface with only seconds to spare.








Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Oxygen Tank

Anime to Manga Differences[]


  • The title of this episode is from Chapter 117 of the manga.


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