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With This Fist, A Miracle (奇跡はこの掌で Kiseki wa Kono Tenohira de) is the forty-sixth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the eleventh episode of the third season.


Kohaku, who is infiltrating the enemy's base, discovers a treasure chest called Soyuz where the super rare item "Platinum" sleeps! However, the platinum is covered with a thick block of concrete that cannot be easily removed. Senku collaborates with Kohaku to take on a treasure chest-opening mission to steal platinum without the enemy noticing them! Will it be possible for Byakuya who once spent her entire life on this island, to obtain the precious treasure she left behind for Senku?!

Plot Details[]

Kohaku confirms the capsule is buried under the citadel's largest tree, and another concrete shell protects it, which she cannot break open without alerting guards. Senku, having deduced that Byakuya would preserve the capsule using concrete, decides to send Kohaku a silent bomb. By mixing diluted sulfuric acid with anhydrite, he creates expanding plaster which, when inserted into holes in the concrete, forcibly expands and cracks the concrete open from the inside. Kohaku finds a glass bottle she accidentally breaks but sends the powder it contained to Senku on the toy cars. It turns out to be mostly gold dust but Senku is able to find an entire test tube worth of pure platinum. Given the platinum's rarity, Senku realizes Byakuya must have spent decades dredging rivers to collect it for him, confirmed by flashbacks that Byakuya continued obsessively collecting it until his death of extreme old age while still dredging a river. His children and grandchildren would then seal the bottle in the Soyuz for his wishes. Senku is beyond grateful for Byakuya’s sacrifice and, determined not to waste it, gets to work producing the nitric acid for more revival fluid. Ibara finds the Soyuz and realizes an enemy has infiltrated the citadel. Senku's first goal is to rescue his petrified friends on the Perseus.







Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Silent Bomb (Plaster)
  • Pythagora Switch Rube Goldberg Machine (Nitric Acid Machine)

Anime to Manga Differences[]


  • The title of this episode is from Chapter 116 of the manga.
  • It was rerun on October 5, 2023, a week before the premiere of the 2nd cour as a tie-in continuity.


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