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First Contact (ファーストコンタクト Fāsuto Kontakuto) is the thirty-eighth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the third episode of the third season.


Senku and his search team continue looking for the Sagara Oil Fields before the snow deadline. Meanwhile, Suika and Francois go truffle hunting.

Plot Details[]

The search for oil before the snow deadline progresses a lot faster, thanks to Senku reinventing the camera. While examining the pictures, Gen notices a suspicious blur by the big river beyond Mount Fuji and informs Chrome and Ukyo to check it out.

The village have their first harvest

The village have their first harvest.

The fall comes and the Kingdom harvest their first crops of wheat. Ryusui declares the opening of his three-star Francois restaurant and Francois quickly starts working on the menu, starting with "boar rillettes with black truffle", a high-end gourmet protein that preserves well. For the truffle search quest, Francois picks Suika for her expertise in forests and animals. While trying out the bread, Suika examines Senku's pictures and finds one with a boar.

Suika, Francois and Kohaku then head out to capture a boar. Francois proposes to use a trap before Kohaku easily subdues two boars and some piglets and builds the Kingdom's first pig farm with their meat supply. Gen wonders what they will do about the truffles, but Francois explains they can find them even in forests in Japan. Kohaku looks hard at the photos of the black mushrooms until she spots one with something looking like a puddle. Looking at it, Senku realizes the puddle is the Sagara Oil Field, leaving everyone excitedly heading for the exact location.

Chalk searching for truffles

Chalk searching for truffles.

Francois and Suika take a young boar for their truffle search. It finds one after digging but eats it due to its aromatic appetite for the mushrooms. Suika switches Chalk after picking up the truffle's scent, and soon enough, Chalk manages to find some. Meanwhile, Senku and the oil field team continue searching, but with no success, and Senku stops to rethink a fact that was overlooked. Recalling all the events, Senku realizes the boars are the key to finding the Sagara Oil Field, just as its first discovery in 1872 came from the boars' love for mud. They hurry back to Suika and Francois just in time before Francois starts cooking their truffle-searching boar, only to reek of oil.

Finding the Oil Field thanks to Sagara

Finding the Oil Field thanks to Sagara.

Naming the boar Sagara, Suika asks it to take them to the oil field, which Sagara heeds and starts running with the group following. It soon takes them to the oil field, where Senku takes a sample and lights it on fire for confirmation. The Kingdom has now obtained oil, and Senku and Francois reward Suika with Sagara, which excites her for a new friend (since its covering in oil makes it unfit for consumption).

The group is shocked to hear that Senku intends to make a GPS

The group is shocked to hear that Senku intends to make a GPS.

Senku builds a Stirling-engine motorboat to test the oil's quality. Taiju shows up and recognizes that the smell of the oil is the same as the "love potion" Senku made for him back in the old world. Senku laughs while admitting it was just gasoline, with the same 5:12 carbon content like the oil in the Sagara Fields. The test run was successful as Senku and gang operate the boat out to the open seas, leaving an excited Chrome speechless. As they wonder about location and navigation, Senku states the next agenda is to make a GPS (leaving everyone shocked minus Chrome) using their lookout tower, now a radio beacon with a hydro-powered antenna. As Ruri and Chrome are about to have a moment on their first long-distance conversation, the signal gets cuts off by some radio noise. Noticing it wasn't a natural phenomenon, Ukyo realizes the noise is a powerful signal emitted from somewhere at the same frequency at the timing of the cell phone tower's activation. Gen notices the signal is actually a Morse code and manages to translate it to "WHY". In deduction of the transmission's timing, Senku concludes the recipient must be the mastermind behind humanity's petrification which gets him really excited.







Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Oil

Anime to Manga Differences[]


  • The title of this episode came from chapter 95 of the manga.


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