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Greed Equals Justice (欲しい=正義 Hoshī Ikōru Seigi) is the thirty-seventh episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the second episode of the third season.


The Kingdom of Science will need rations to last them through their voyage to the other side of the world. But Senku, being no professional, burns all the bread he attempts to bake.

Plot Details[]

Ryusui knows some baddies who hid some revival fluid

Ryusui knows some baddies who hid some revival fluid.

In order to make the perfect bread, they need to hire a professional chef. But with the stock of Revival Fluid empty and the long time required for reproduction, an insistent Ryusui (with a "baddie" face) smirks that he knows some people keep some in their pocket. Ryusui calls Minami knowing she hid some on her as the journalist Tsukasa chose in charge of choosing which to revive. She tries to deny it until Gen then takes the phone and acts like Senku promised something a reporter like Minami wants the most. Now getting excited, Minami reveals her stash and guesses if the next to awaken is a "three-star chef".

The group revives Francois

The group revives Francois.

A small group consisting of Taiju, Yuzuriha, Nikki, Gen and Minami return to the island where they found Ryusui, who recommends his butler, Francois, who was with him before the global petrification. They find and revive Francois, who becomes immediately up to the challenge in dressing during awakening and heading to the village without assistance (except for Gen, who is tirelessly following on). Reaching the village, Ryusui shows Francois the burnt bread and, having understood the situation, requests the timeframe for the bread's longevity. Ryusui states from his experience as a crew that they won't survive any longer than a year at sea and answers 10 months at least; thus, Francois suggests Stollen for the menu.

The breadmaking resumes as Kohaku captures some goats for their milk, making goat butter. Senku, Ryusui and Francois knead the dough and stuff it with dried fruit preserved in alcohol as it sucks out the moisture; thus, bacteria won't grow during fermentation. Senku upgrades the baking furnace to handle the temperatures while adding water for steam condensation. An impressed Francois towards Senku's scientific progress becomes even more resolute with Ryusui to revive Nanami Conglomerate and control the new world, thus absolutely needing Senku.

Chrome and Kohaku loves the bread

Chrome and Kohaku love the bread.

The Stollen was finally baked. The Ishigami villagers become wowed by the taste, and the modern people (namely Ukyo) become relieved with tears at the rebirth of modern food. Minami says that the Kingdom of Science should be thankful to her for donating her revival fluid portion and reminds them of the "thing Senku promised" in return. For that, Senku requires a bored-then-excited Kaseki, to which Minami drives him on the Steam Gorilla (now upgraded to drive up hills).

Minami promises to make use of the one shot

Minami promises to make use of the one shot.

Senku and Chrome develop the mirror out of sodium hydroxide, silver, ammonia, glass, and glucose. Now that everyone can see their reflections, Senku presents Minami the gift "promised," a daguerreotype camera, with which she cries tears of joy with devotion to record the progress of the new civilization. But Senku then brings a bunch more cameras, and Ryusui realizes they need aerial photography to draw the new map. Minami turns annoyed and asks that at least she take the first picture, which Ryusui recommends to Senku for the shoot. Francois assures Minami that Ryusui's greed isn't so tame and that he wants everyone to be in the spotlight. They start dressing Senku in various outfits Francois brought to find the perfect one, until Minami opts for a pose to which Francois suggests a "certain one."

As Senku and Ryusui start taking pictures on the balloon, Chrome follows Senku's instructions in developing the film showing Senku's picture on it with his tongue out. An awed and dumbstruck Chrome wonders about the pose, which Minami explains is the pose of "the world's most famous scientist."






Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Bread
  • Mirror
  • Photography

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • Extra scenes of Minami and her camera from before the petrification were added.


  • The episode was named after Chapter 92 titled "Desire is Noble". The episode's title was translated more literally.
  • In this episode, what Senku invented was photography but according to the manga, it was a camera that he made.


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