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New World Map is the thirty-sixth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the first episode of the third season.


While continuing to use the hot air balloon to search for the oil, it's decided that Ishigami Village needs to take up agriculture to prevent future food shortages as well as to produce preserved food for their upcoming sea voyage.

Plot Details[]

From their balloon flight, Senku, Ryusui and Chrome reach Ishigami Village, where the others bring an impressed Ryusui up to speed of the village's current events. Senku confirms that the villagers are descendants of those who managed to escape the petrification. Chrome explains how Senku kept counting since the petrification without falling asleep and eventually awakened after getting continuously exposed to nitric acid.

Kohaku and Ukyo show Ryusui around the village as they explain how Senku built the Kingdom of Science, gathered people to fight Tsukasa and is now trying to save his former foe by reaching the point-zero destination where the source of the light resides, South America. Ryusui then realizes that they need his skills to get to the other side of the world, hence a captain to steer the ship.

Ryusui shocked to learn the feast consist of grilled fish only

Ryusui shocked to learn the feast consists of grilled fish only.

In the evening, they are having a feast to celebrate the Kingdom of Science's victory and Ryusui's welcome. The nice smell excites a famished Ryusui, but he then turns shocked after seeing that every dish is grilled fish. He asks Senku for how long they will be staying in the village and Senku estimates a year or two until they find fuel. Ryusui becomes more determined to locate the resources, but most importantly, food.

Ryusui happy to obtain some actual food

Ryusui happy to obtain some actual food.

The next day, Senku, Ryusui and Kohaku use the balloon to start searching for oil. Using Kohaku's eyesight, they are coordinating with Chrome and Ukyo on the ground while drawing a map of the new world. They find a Cedar Forest, in which Ryusui locates a herd of wild goats. In the evening, they celebrate their new map with the acquired goat meat. Alumi cries tears of joy now that they learn where to get more food thanks to science, a fact that Ryusui catches on to.

The next day on the balloon, a sympathetic Ryusui realizes that the village never grew because of a food shortage. Kohaku explains that the village used to be bigger before she was born, but they had a year of famine, and a lot of people had died then, including Turquoise's family. Senku states that if they want to grow, they need to rely on agriculture. Though Ryusui is more determined to assist in wiping the tears of beautiful women, Senku catches on as Ryusui's opportunity to seize the supermarket industry. Back to the point, Senku explains that they will either need long-lasting, light food to survive their destination. They return to the goat's area, where Kohaku spots a golden foxtail field; thus, they begin harvesting wheat to bake bread.

Kohaku tells Taiju and the rest that they will be growing their own food

Kohaku tells Taiju and the rest that they will be growing their own food.

Meanwhile, Taiju and the rest are gathering and fixing petrified humans. Magma wonders why they don't wake them up to help with the work, but Nikki explains they can't as there won't be enough food to support the numbers. Kohaku then shows up, showing them wheat and stating they will be making their own food. They start working on preparing the farming fields, Yuzuriha makes a straw hat, and Gen makes use of it as a king's crown for the best at food maker. This motivates the farmers; even a lazy Magma and Yo begin competing for it. Taiju is more dutiful even at night, relating to his experience about how his parents died when he was a kid and is determined not to let the same fate happen for the other families.

The wheat fields start to grow where Taiju's field comes out the most impressive, while Magma and Yo's fields barely grow anything. This was due to Taiju remembering Senku's lecture about "calcium carbonate"[1][2] from crushed seashells, which neutralizes the soil's acidity. The fact is confirmed when Senku instructs them to make litmus paper from grinded morning glories, where the paper turns red from touching Magma and Yo's soil, while turning purple from Taiju's soil. Magma and Yo follow the example and they all manage to make a large wheat field, and Taiju is rewarded with the straw hat "Crown".

Senku, Ryusui and Ukyo shocked to see how burnt the bread is

Senku, Ryusui and Ukyo shocked to see how burnt the bread is.

Later, Senku tries making the first ever oven-baked bread in the Stone World, only to result in a completely-burnt crisp. While the Ishigami villagers are enjoying it and liking its crumbly texture, Senku and Ryusui couldn't. In mutual agreement, Senku and Ryusui decided the next step is to awaken a professional chef.






Inventions and Discoveries[]

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • What Ryusei was doing (christening his new vessel) until the 1st global petrification is only shown in the anime.


  • This episode is named after Chapter 90.
  • The Kingdom of Science's progress is platformed in Minecraft style.


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