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Prologue of Dr. Stone is the thirty-fifth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the eleventh and final episode of the second season.


Homura and Hyoga are jailed, the Tsukasa Empire is absorbed into the Kingdom of Science, and Tsukasa is dying. The statues he'd broken previously are assembled, and the first broken statue is successfully revived. Senku does everything he can to save Tsukasa, but he needs to freeze him, preserving him for when they can get the source of the petrification and use that to save him. Afterwards, Senku informs everyone their next goal will be building a ship so they can reach the source of the petrification.

Plot Details[]

The remaining villagers recapture Homura, and Hyoga is tied up as well. Chrome asks how long they'll keep them prisoners for, and Senku responds that it'll be until civilization is back up and running. Everyone feels relieved that the fighting is over.

Kingdom and Empire bonding

Back at the empire, furnaces and other scientific facilities that Senku had already given Ishigami Village are being built. The villagers show off their science, such as glasses and ramen. Yuzuriha adds the final pieces to their first reassembled statue to test whether or not a broken statue can be revived. Their worries are assuaged, and the manga artist Tetsuya Kinomoto is revived.

Yo hiding

Yo next to a cameo statue.

Yo sees all this happening and returns, pretending to have amnesia. Chrome suspects he was the one who freed Homura, but Yuzuriha doesn't mind and says that in return, Yo can help her piece the statues back together. He's confident until he sees the pile of rocks Yuzuriha was working with.

On his deathbed, Tsukasa tells Ukyo the locations of all the statues he'd broken so that they can be collected and revived. Chrome calls the village and tells them that no one from the village was lost, so they rejoice. Senku works to make superglue and seal up Tsukasa's superficial wounds.

Magma and Taiju collect statues

Hyoga and Homura are fed ramen in prison by Kohaku, and Hyoga points out how mush-brained they are for not killing the man who killed his commander. Kohaku retorts by saying that he's not dead yet and that Senku's science will save him. Hyoga has his doubts.

Senku operates on Tsukasa, sewing up wounds without any anesthetic, much to the horror of poor Mirai and Gen. Later, Tsukasa acknowledges that he'll die of sepsis in a few days if nothing more is done, so Senku says he'll freeze him while they go search for the source of the Petrification. Tsukasa agrees to the freezing because he trusts Senku and also because he's got no other choice.

Blood Bag

To make the refrigerator, the Steam Gorilla and cell phones are taken apart and reassembled into a cooling system. Senku explains the benefits of refrigeration and how the petri-beam could solve food storage issues. Kaseki shoos everyone out, leaving Senku alone with Tsukasa and the fridge. Senku insists on idle chatter while he works on the fridge, and while he's talking at some point, Tsukasa ceases to respond. Somehow, Senku gets his body into the refrigerator, and Tsukasa is frozen solid. Later, Mirai arrives to protect the fridge in return for her brother protecting her all those years.

The next day, Senku assembles everyone in the Tsukasa Empire together, along with the villagers who'd come over for the battle, to inform them of the next objective: building a ship and finding the source of the petrification.









Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Super Glue
  • Freezer

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • When Tsukasa was reciting all the broken statue locations, Minami was there instead of Kaseki.
  • Kokuyo and Ganen were replaced with Ginro when Senku explained how a refrigerator works.
  • During Senku and Tsukasa's last conversation, the following locations from the Prologue Saga appear:
    • The hot springs atop Mt. Hakone.
    • The timbered tree where Senku rescued Kohaku.
    • Senku's treehouse and first lab.
  • When Yo mentions that he was urinating in public when he was petrified in the manga, Ukyo makes a comment about him being a police officer. In the anime, it is Nikki.
  • There's an extra scene of the main characters dressed as pirates.


  • This episode is the only one of season 2 that is not named after a chapter in the manga.
  • One of the backgrounds behind Senku near the end of the episode includes several alchemy symbols: an octogram-based transmutation circle, Robert Fludd's Tree of life (Kabbalah) and a phoenix.
  • Ryusui's statue at the end hints at the upcoming sequel.


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