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Humanity's Strongest Tag Team (人類最強のタッグ Jinrui Saikō no Taggu) is the thirty-fourth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the tenth episode of the second season.


Mirai is revived but the battle isn't over yet. Homura escapes from jail and steals some dynamite, blowing up the Cave of Miracles. Hyoga takes this opportunity to attack Mirai but Tsukasa throws himself in the way, puncturing his lung. Hyoga throws him over the cliff and follows with Senku in tow.

Another battle wages between Senku and Tsukasa versus Hyoga, resulting in a win for the Kingdom of Science thanks to Senku's quick thinking and a taser.

Plot Details[]

Before Senku can revive Mirai, Taiju stops him, saying they should clothe her first. Yuzuriha quickly whips up a dress similar to her own and dresses her, then Senku pours the revival fluid. It takes a moment to work, and everyone prays that the depetrification process wakes her from her coma.

Hyoga stabs Tsukasa

Mirai wakes, confused, and Tsukasa Shishio runs to catch her. She recognizes Tsukasa despite his quite different appearance, and they hug. Kohaku sees herself in this due to the hard work she puts in trying to save her own sister.

Later, while everyone packs up to return to the village, Hyoga suggests that Mirai go wash off the remaining stone fragments left on her by the river. Chrome notices that a few sticks of dynamite are missing. Suika goes to feed their prisoner Homura but discovers Mantle knocked out and Homura gone. In a flashback, it's shown that Yo had found her and let her out, as she had a mission for Hyoga to complete.

Hyoga calmly explains his reasoning

The Cave of Miracles explodes because Homura has been blown up with dynamite. Senku immediately realizes what's happening and runs in the opposite direction from where Mirai went. Tsukasa goes to check out the explosion, leaving Mirai open for attack. Hyoga thrusts his spear towards her, but Tsukasa blocks it with his body, piercing his lung. After exchanging a few words, Hyoga dumps him off the cliff, but Senku barely manages to catch his hand.

Unbothered, Hyoga simply knocks Senku off with him and jumps after them into the water. Once they arrive on the shore, Hyoga points out that the injury was fatal, and there's nothing Senku can do about it. Senku doesn't particularly care for the chitchat, but Hyoga continues talking about his plans for culling the human race and only reviving the "superior specimens." While he talks, Tsukasa gathers strength and motions to Senku for a distraction.

Tsukasa team's up with Senku

Senku suddenly becomes frightened, throwing stones at Hyoga, who bats them away easily, until they become birds. Using the opening, Tsukasa punches him, knocking the air out of his lungs. Tsukasa vows to protect Senku, and thus, humanity's strongest tag team is born.

Hyoga is unimpressed by this and fights back. With Tsukasa distracting him, Senku sets up a line of gunpowder that he ignites around Hyoga, who wafts it away with his cloak. Hyoga stabs Senku in the torso, knocking him back. Tsukasa continues fighting but Hyoga's spear ends up pinning him. Senku crawls towards them and, with the last of his strength, pokes him with his pinkie that has been wrapped with a wire, acting as a stun gun. Hyoga is zapped.

Exhausted, Tsukasa and Senku share a high five after their victory.







Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Taser

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, the Chapter 3 plot-twist where Taiju interrupts Senku before he can depetrify a nude woman is repeated for Mirai, but Yuzuriha rapidly making clothes only remedies it.
  • Several of the villagers were shown around the destroyed Cave of Miracles rather than just members of the Tsukasa Empire.
  • There is a very short extra scene of Tsukasa holding onto Hyoga's spearhead where it's cutting into his hand.
  • Hyoga's electrocution is no longer censored by Senku's finger; instead, his skirt stays down.


  • The episode was named after Chapter 80.
  • Sangenshoku was used as an insert theme for the battle between Senku, Tsukasa and Hyoga.


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