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To Destroy and to Save (壊すもの救うもの Kowasu mono Sukū mono) is the thirty-third episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the ninth episode of the second season.


The second part of the battle for the Cave of Miracles wages on, and the Kingdom must protect their scientists from the hands of Tsukasa and Hyoga. Meanwhile, Senku whips up some nitroglycerin to force a ceasefire. During the negotiations, it's revealed that Tsukasa has a younger sister who he was trying to care for in the hospital, and Senku offers to try and save her life in exchange for stopping the war.

Plot Details[]

With Tsukasa and Hyoga now on the field, the Kingdom of Science fights to protect the Cave of Miracles. Senku attempts to make a weapon of science while Chrome returns to the battlefield to hunt for anything useful. Hyoga easily takes on groups of villagers while Tsukasa destroys the shock cannon.

Senku and Gen making white crystals

Senku tries to make urea nitrate, an explosive, but the poop Gen collected for him was too old to work. Kinro and Ginro take on Tsukasa together while Magma launches a sneak attack from behind. Meanwhile, Kohaku goes toe to toe with Hyoga. Having given up on the urea nitrate crystals, Senku asks Gen if he happened to have any Sulfurina on him, which he responds he doesn't. A moment later, Chrome bursts in holding the remnants of their bluff bullet, containing sulfuric acid.

Senku mixes the nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and some soap together to create nitroglycerin. Taiju prevents Tsukasa from reaching the Cave of Miracles, just as Gen completes a few paper airplanes which Senku drips some nitroglycerin onto the nose of. They fly them over the battlefield, exploding safely away from the people but demonstrating their power. The battle is now at a standstill.

Mirai in a coma

Negotiations begin between the heads of each group, and Senku explains that Tsukasa's actions didn't match up with his old world persona. He deduces that Tsukasa's sister, Mirai, must still be alive, and offers to help Tsukasa find and revive her in exchange for stopping the war. Tsukasa agrees, and the Kingdom begins searching for the location of the hospital Mirai was staying at.

To help the mining, Senku uses dynamite to break apart the harder bedrock. Eventually, they find Mirai's statue.







Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Nitroglycerin
  • Dynamite

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • A scene of Gen and Tsukasa meeting in the old world is shown, a reference to one of the light novel stories.
  • An extra scene was added to show Tsukasa's early life and motivation to be the strongest MMA champion, as well as Mirai in the coma.
  • There's an additional scene where they're walking to the location of the hospital, where Tsukasa explains his motivation and why he broke statues despite being a "good guy."


  • In Tsukasa's flashback, one of his kicks is drawn wrong (he's got a right foot on his left leg).


  • The episode was named after Chapter 78.
  • The man paying Tsukasa for his fight is the same man who Yo tried to arrest for aiding with tax evasion in Episode 30.


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