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Final Battle is the thirty-second episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the eighth episode of the second season.


The Kingdom of Science attacks the Cave of Miracles and captures it. Immediately after their victory, Tsukasa and Hyoga arrive to try taking it back.

Plot Details[]

The episode begins with a recap of how Senku's statue ended up in front of the Cave of Miracles along with several scenes of nature and his revival. The fighters (and Senku) in the Kingdom of Science prepare to attack the cave while Ruri and Yuzuriha remain with the children at their base. Ukyo does not fight and instead perches on a treetop, watching out for Tsukasa's possible arrival.

Steam Gorilla ready for action

Senku explains how they only have 20 seconds to capture the cave before the enemy regains their senses and the killing begins. Immediately after, they begin rushing forward to attack.

Fighters lined up

In the first second, the bluff bullet is fired and explodes above the Cave of Miracles. Over the next few seconds, the Steam Gorilla rushes across all the vehicle pitfall traps, triggering them and eventually getting stuck while the rest of them knock out or capture all the enemy foot soldiers. Taiju protects them with his carbon fiber shield. Kokuyo and the other adults tie up the defeated soldiers.

Shock Cannon

After ten seconds, the Steam Gorilla is stuck in the ground, and Magma brings out the shock cannon they'd made earlier. Chrome loads it with a sonic bomb while Magma directs the sound towards the cave, knocking out all the enemies in its way. Meanwhile, Minami watches the fight and runs off to tell Tsukasa. Nikki stops her with a tickle attack.

Minami walk

The last sonic bomb is destroyed, so Taiju decides to use his powerful voice as a bomb instead. Chrome and Senku brace the shield while he yells, taking out the remaining fighters. The Cave of Miracles has been obtained!

Everyone rejoices and feels relieved; no one died in the process, but Senku immediately begins trying to make gunpowder with the materials he collected previously to prepare for Tsukasa's inevitable arrival. As soon as he brings out the materials, Ukyo cries out that Tsukasa is coming, and Hyoga's spear knocks him down from his tree.

Tsukasa and Hyoga have arrived

Tsukasa and Hyoga assess the battle scene, and Tsukasa and Senku share a few words of greeting. Gen attempts to take back control of the situation by pretending to be Lillian again, but Hyoga smashes the cell phone, stopping it swiftly. The deceit disappointed the Tsukasa Empire members who had converted. Senku tries to offer himself up as a sacrifice as long as Tsukasa allows the rest to live, but this time, he realizes it's different because of all his allies.

Instead, they choose to fight once more, defending both Senku and the Cave of Miracles for the future of humanity.






Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Shock Cannon

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • The introduction included scenes from when Senku was still petrified and several other flashbacks, as well as scenes of the group preparing to attack.
  • Several panels were extended slightly to show more action or include the other fighters from Ishigami Village and the converted Tsukasa Empire people.
  • Unlike the manga, Hyoga's spear knocks Ukyo out of the tree rather than simply exploding with blood and falling onto Senku.
  • One of the lines of narration in the manga is given to Hyoga instead.


  • Ukyo's body is diligently shown several times on the ground in various positions, bleeding out.
  • After the Cave of Miracles is taken, Senku pulls out his gunpowder starter kit and says: "All you need to do is add sulfuric acid." This is a mistake as it should be nitric acid.
  • Magma's bracelets are missing in one shot.



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