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Top Secret Mission ( (ごく) () のミッション Gokuhi no Misshon) is the thirty-first episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the seventh episode of the second season.


Plot Details



Inventions and Discoveries

  • Rupture Disk Gun

Anime to Manga Differences

  • The episode began with a recap of Chrome's escape rather than him directly explaining it like it happened in the manga.
  • Ukyo's pacifistic reasons were elaborated on, showing his depetrification, his discussion with Tsukasa, and a flashback to him helping with disaster efforts.
  • More named fighters were added to the group shots, specifically Argo, Carbo and Jasper, bringing the number of Kingdom of Science combatants to 10 on the ground and 3 in the tank.


  • The episode was named after Chapter 73.
  • Magma's undershirt was not colored correctly in one of the group shots.

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