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Top Secret Mission (極秘のミッション Gokuhi no Misshon) is the thirty-first episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the seventh episode of the second season.


Chrome reunites with the rest of the Kingdom of Science and is brought up to speed on their latest inventions, namely the automobile. Meanwhile, Taiju, Yuzuriha, and Gen continue bringing members of the Tsukasa empire to their side using the cell phone and Lillian's recording.

Ukyo discovers this ploy, and rather than ratting them out to Tsukasa, joins them on the condition that nobody dies during the takeover. Senku agrees, and the final preparations for the battle ahead are completed just in time as Tsukasa discovers the hidden cell phone.

Plot Details[]

The episode begins with Chrome recounting how he broke out of jail and explaining how Taiju must've helped him out by passing him the battery. Senku replies that there's no way Taiju would've thought to do that, and was probably Yuzuriha, despite how busy she should be with her secret mission.

Eager to show Chrome, Kaseki rolls up with the Steam Gorilla, wowing him. Senku continues explaining their plan of taking the Cave of Miracles, which would stop the Tsukasa Empire from reviving any more members, while also trying to bring existing empire members to their side with Taiju and Yuzuriha's help.

Gen as Lillian

After gathering a large group of empire members to Senku's grave marker, Gen puts on his little Lillian Weinberg performance to try and persuade them that America is fully functional and will come to save them. While the empire members insist that the US military will easily overpower Tsukasa, Gen-as-Lillian insists they should try stopping any more statues getting broken since it'll be some time before they're able to reach it.

During one of these cell phone conversations, the sound of their group alerts Ukyo. He approaches the cell phone receiver and begins speaking to "Lillian," catching on that it was, in fact, Gen almost immediately by the fact that the voice he was hearing wasn't affected by the powerful singing. Despite this, he hides what he knows from the rest of the group, which makes Gen realize he isn't necessarily on Tsukasa's side but isn't on theirs yet either.

Ukyo is revived

Ukyo explains that he saw Yuzuriha's secret mission to rebuild the statues Tsukasa had broken and that he thinks it's crazy that Senku and the others are still trying to save everyone even in this state. Meanwhile, Tsukasa is told that Yo died falling off the waterfall cliff, but in reality, he simply wanted to avoid responsibility for Chrome's escape.

To persuade him to join the Kingdom of Science, Ukyo has one condition: nobody dies. Senku easily agrees since that was his plan anyway. There is also a scene showing Ukyo's revival, where Minami explains his incredible hearing and skills as a sonar operator, along with his experiences so far in the Tsukasa Empire. Ukyo also informs them that Hyoga lied about what happened previously, saying that Senku was the one to kill his subordinates rather than Hyoga himself pushing them into Sulfurina's path.

Yuzuriha rebuilds the statues

Sometime later, Hyoga visits Senku's grave and notes that the footprints are too neat as if they'd been specifically planted there for show. Tsukasa joins him, paying respects to Yo and beginning to dig a small hole to bury Yo's stone eyepiece.

The tank gets completed, and Senku demonstrates their new weapon of science: a rupture disc designed to scare the enemy into thinking they have better weaponry. To help them, Senku knows they'll need the help of Taiju, who has a heartfelt reunion with Senku along with Yuzuriha, and so, the villagers finally meet the people Senku's been talking about the whole time.

As the Kingdom of Science prepares for battle, Tsukasa discovers the cell phone receiver and realizes that the Cave of Miracles is in danger. Senku points out that they'll only have 20 seconds to take the cave; otherwise, people will begin dying.






Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Rupture Disk Gun

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • The episode began with a recap of Chrome's escape rather than him directly explaining it like it happened in the manga.
  • An extra scene showing Chrome's concern about the viability of Gen's Lillian impression was added, which includes flashbacks of Chrome's experiences with Ukyo so far.
  • The scene of Tsukasa discovering Yo's disappearance was elaborated on and moved to between the two chapters rather than halfway through the second.
  • Ukyo's pacifistic reasons were elaborated on, showing his depetrification, his discussion with Tsukasa, and a flashback to him helping with disaster efforts.
  • More named fighters were added to the group shots, specifically Argo, Carbo, and Jasper, bringing the number of Kingdom of Science combatants to 10 on the ground and three in the tank.


  • Magma's undershirt was not colored correctly in one of the group shots.


  • The episode was named after Chapter 73.
  • Rather than speaking in a different language, the English dub has Ukyo continue speaking in English but says that he whispered it instead so that no one else could hear him.


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