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Prison Break is the thirtieth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the sixth episode of the second season.


Desperate to escape his prison confine, Chrome tries to strategize a plan that will allow him to escape. However, surrounding his prison are traps and his new head jailer, Yo, is a former loose cannon police officer.

Plot Details[]

Chrome contemplates

Before they charge into the Tsukasa Empire, Senku reviews their plan to save Chrome. In preparation for Senku's ambush with a tank, Tsukasa enlists the help of Yo, a former police officer, to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Chrome contemplates a strategy for how he can escape, but fails to come up with anything. It's then that Chrome sees his new jailer Yo disciplining a Tsukasa Empire goon, and after he's finished, he reveals his story as a failed police officer. Yo was fired from his job because of his reckless and loose-minded attitude. Furthermore, Yo plans on becoming the 4th most important member of the empire and he hopes to use his newly-assigned task to curry favor with his superiors. Another thing to note is his crush for the beautiful Minami, who he hopes will be impressed by his accomplishment, allowing him to court her. One of the goons then points out that Chrome listened to everything Yo stated, but he thinks nothing of him. Frustrated by his predicament, Chrome revows to break out of his imprisonment.

Chrome Fails to start a fire

During a bathroom break, Chrome collects a bunch of items for him to try and use to help with his escape. All of the items are worthless except for a bunch of sticks, which he tries using to start a fire without success. Later that night, Chrome gets a battery from whom he suspects were Taiju and Yuzuriha. Rigging the battery to his cage, Chrome unintentionally alarms the guards, and Yo knocks him backward. Chrome is terrified that Yo and the guards were going to figure out that he was in possession of a battery. Yo and the guards instead misinterpret Chrome using twigs and sticks to try and start a fire as an attempt to escape his cage.

Afterward, while contemplating an alternate strategy to escape, Chrome realizes he could use sodium hydroxide, to melt the ropes of the cage. He remembers that it can be made by electrolyzing salt water, but not having any at his disposal, he starts working out intensely, drinking a lot of water, and collecting his sweat. He runs electricity through it and gets a strong alkaline solution. As his guard sleeps, Chrome pours the concoction onto the cage ropes, causing them to loosen and break.

Yo gets it to him by Chrome

Chrome then makes his escape out of the prison, using a single bamboo stick, pole-vaulting to avoid any of the pit fall traps. He then manages to avoid all of the other hidden pitfall traps too. Eventually, a panic-stricken Yo learns about Chrome's escape and pursues him to a cliff by a waterfall. Having the upper hand against Chrome, Yo gives him two choices: return to his cell dead or alive. Left with no other choice, Chrome answers that it doesn't matter as he's going to die soon anyway and then vomits a bunch of blood. In his own words, Chrome confesses that he has pneumonia, a disease as good as a death sentence, and he sprays his blood onto Yo. Taking advantage of Yo's horrified state, he makes use once again of his Grand Bout training by taking a shot directly into Yo's crotch with the bamboo pole. With Yo now incapacitated, Chrome makes his escape back to the camp, where he reunites with the people of Ishigami Village. It's also revealed that the blood Chrome vomited was fake, made from some of the leaves he'd shoved into his pants earlier.







Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Oxalic acid

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • An extra scene was added at the start to explain the possible Steam Gorilla method to save Chrome in case he doesn't save himself.
  • An extra scene was added about why Yo was revived, where Minami explains she'd interviewed him previously after his win in the baton category of the police martial arts competition.
  • A short scene of Chrome imitating Senku to try and help him think of ways to escape was added.
  • The explanation of Yo's past was extended to him catching tax evaders, getting shot at while trying to apprehend them, and then his superiors disciplining and firing him for shooting the perpetrators.
  • Yo has also been given a crush on Minami, presumably for her looks.
  • Chrome is shown whistling several times, but he only whistles once (if that) in chapter 70 when they first notice him testing the bars.
  • The silhouette of the person rolling the battery to Chrome was shown.
  • The narration from the end of chapter 71 was turned into an extra scene where they discuss the science Chrome used to escape.
  • Ruri rather than Senku noticed the "blood" on Chrome's mouth, so he coughs some more up to prank them and make them think he has pneumonia.


  • The episode was named after Chapter 71.
  • The man helping evade taxes that Yo tries to arrest is the same man who paid Tsukasa for his fights in Episode 33.


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