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Steam Gorilla is the twenty-ninth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the fifth episode of the second season.


The final touches to the automobile are made and it is used to transport the science supplies to a ridge near the Tsukasa Empire. From there, the automobile is upgraded into a tank, but unbeknownst to the Kingdom of Science, preparations are being made to counter any vehicular attack.

Plot Details[]

Magma unconscious

With the newly-created steam engine running out of control, Magma steps up to the plate to try and stop it, but it instead knocks him aside. Senku names the steam engine a "Steam Gorilla" due to its power and plans to use it to invade the Tsukasa Empire. At the said empire, Chrome is imprisoned and Hyoga inquires why their prison is in such an open location. After which, he realizes that Tsukasa has a plan.

Meanwhile, Gen tries out the prototype car, to which he proclaims the handling and the car itself are far too shaky. Wanting to know why he was the test driver, Senku explains that Gen was the only one with a driver's license. To replace the tires, they use woven bamboo strips. Once they're finished, the automobile is created. As everyone in the village is impressed by the automobile, Kaseki is sad that Chrome isn't there—not just because they miss him but also because he's not around to help build it.

Once they're ready, Senku orders the villagers to load up the automobile with science supplies and the elderly. An old man by the name of Natri, speaking on behalf of the elders, says they'll stay behind, and they know Senku mostly built the automobile because of their limited mobility. Although the villagers are worried that the empire might invade in their absence, they're confident that Senku will defeat them. Wasting no more time, the villagers in fighting condition march forth to the Tsukasa Empire with the Kingdom of Science flag in hand.

The Steam Gorilla is pushed up a hill

En route to the Empire, everything progresses smoothly until they reach a steep hill, where everyone has to try and push the automobile up the incline. From a conversation with Kaseki, Senku gets an epiphany on how the single-cylinder engine they built does not deliver power continuously and relies on inertia to complete every other half turn; therefore, the automobile is unable to continuously power up the hill without assistance.

Eventually, the group reaches a clearing with a ridge where they make camp. Acting as a lookout for the camp, Kohaku lays at a cliff edge, observing the empire through a telescope. She is shocked when, through the scope, she spots Suika, who's decided herself to go on a reconnaissance mission to locate where Chrome is being imprisoned. Arriving at the camp, Chrome spots her in the distance and makes a scene to expose his location. Knowing where Chrome is located within the empire, Suika reports her findings back to the camp. Following Magma's suggestion to charge into the camp, Senku compliments the idea and reveals they're going to upgrade the Steam Gorilla to become a tank. Initially, Kaseki is against the idea but is persuaded after learning the automobile will power up because of it. Instead of using iron, paper will be used to fortify the tank.

Magma is unimpressed

Weeds are collected and boiled in sodium hydroxide to loosen up their fibers. They're then washed, pressed, and dried. With the paper, Senku creates a shield and orders everyone to fortify the Steam Gorilla with paper shields. Kinro then opines his dissatisfaction with paper shields protecting them when they're so flimsy compared to what they're going up against. To prove his point, Senku fights against Kinro using a single paper shield against his spear. Amazingly, a single powerful thrust from the spear doesn't break the paper shield whatsoever. This was due to Senku using plastic on the shield as an adhesive, creating a laminated shield that was flexible, durable, and lightweight, effectively a primitive version of modern carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. Soon, the upgrades to the Steam Gorilla will be made, and the invasion of the Tsukasa Empire is near.

Back at the empire, Chrome learns that several pitfall spike traps are now laid across the area and that Tsukasa is aware that Senku would create a tank to use to rescue Chrome. To help Senku and the others, Chrome plans to make a breakout from his prison.






Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Woven Wheels
  • Automobile
  • Paper
  • Carbon Fiber Shielding
  • Armored Vehicle

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • The first scene of Chapter 69 was extended.
  • There was an additional scene of some of Tsukasa's men throwing Chrome into his cell, and a short conversation between Hyoga and Tsukasa outside about the location of the jail.


  • In several scenes, the lower half of Magma's hair is missing (after the vehicle hit him and when he was not recognizing the usefulness of paper).


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