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Call from the Dead (死者からの電話 Shisha Kara no Denwa) is the twenty-seventh episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the third episode of the second season.


On the run from the Ukyo, Gen manages to return to the village where he acts as Lillian Weinberg to try and recruit Nikki, a member of the Tsukasa Empire to Senku's side.

Plot Details[]

Senku gets in contact with Taiju

At the Tsukasa Empire, people are loudly eating some cooked meat by a campfire, including Taiju and Yuzuriha. As this is happening, a woman named Nikki is observing them.

The morning after, Nikki follows them at a distance to Senku's grave site. Yuzuriha notes that the ground has been disturbed in an unusual way, like something has been buried there. By sheer force, Taiju buries his hand into the crumbly dirt and pulls out the telephone receiver.

Once they recover from their emotional reunion with Senku, Senku requests that they bring someone over from Tsukasa's empire. Although the villagers are anxious over Senku's haphazard plan, Taiju inquires if Senku's plan is the best way to avoid any bloodshed, which Senku confirms. Taiju agrees to do it, and Kohaku compliments the trust between Senku and Taiju. With that settled, Senku asks Taiju if he's gotten any other messages from Gen's group, to which Taiju answers he hasn't, and all he found was the receiver buried deep in the ground.

Magma's plan

Meanwhile, Gen's group hides in some bushes to avoid the incoming arrows Ukyo shoots. Gen tells Chrome and Magma about their adversary, Ukyo, and that he lured them into a trap. After an intense and loud argument between Magma and Chrome, Chrome remembers a spare battery he's carrying—originally a spare for Taiju and Yuzuriha—but he couldn't deliver it. With a spare wire, he short-circuits the battery, causing it to get hot and ignite as he tosses it into the tall grass, creating a smokescreen. Running and yelling through the smoke, he and Magma create a diversion for Gen to make an escape.

At this point, we are brought back to Taiju and Yuzuriha as they approach an apprehensive-looking Nikki.

Clock Spring

At the village, Kaseki creates a clock spring, which allows the record player to be upgraded to a wind-up spring motor rather than having the record spun manually. Most importantly, though, this upgrade allows the music of Lillian Weinberg to be reproduced much more faithfully and convincingly.

All this effort could be pointless, however, as Gen and his voice mimicry haven't yet returned from their secret mission; fortunately, he shows up completely winded and exhausted at the last moment. On the other side of the telephone, Taiju and Yuzuriha confront Nikki and try to convince her to hear them out. She initially refuses, pointing out that she was assigned to watch over them for any suspicious behavior, her stubbornness condensing into violence against the greater stubbornness of Taiju, who doesn't fight back but also doesn't stop insisting. Intrigue ends up overcoming her as Taiju demands she talk to their friend. While visible from Nikki's perspective, they were both alone.

Afoot of the cross-shaped grave marker, they dig out the telephone's receiver and microphone out of the soil, with the realization that what Nikki's witnessing rightfully surprises her, which was only exacerbated when the voice of no other than Lillian Weinberg spoke on the other side. Acting as Lillian's translator Sebastian, Senku translates for Gen about how the United States have recovered from the stone and are on their way to Japan to rescue them. Although Nikki initially questions if the Lillian she's hearing is an impostor, Gen lies, and Nikki chooses to believe it, revealing how big of a fan she is. On the other hand, Nikki proclaims that if someone really is impersonating Lillian, she'll kill them.

To prove that the person she's talking to is the real Lillian, Nikki asks a couple of questions only Lillian would know the answer to. Thanks to Senku's insightful deductions, Gen manages the first question correctly; however, the 2nd question was a trick question. To avoid a confrontation with Nikki, they play the song Lillian left. Overcome with emotions, Nikki recognizes that an imitation was playing her, with Senku confirming her final question about whether Lillian was long gone from the world. Senku refuses to lie to her about the possibility of using science to bring back more of her recorded music, pointing out that only the glass record could survive that long. Instead, he makes the promise to protect the record of her last remaining song for Nikki, and under those terms, she joins the side of the Kingdom of Science.








Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Clock Spring
    • Record player with spring motor

Anime to Manga Differences[]



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