Call from the Dead (死者からの電話 Shisha Kara no Denwa) is the twenty-seventh episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the third episode of the second season.


On the run from the hunter Ukyo, Gen manages to return to the village where he acts as Lillian Weinberg to try and recruit Nikki a member of the Tsukasa Empire to Senku's side.

Plot Details

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The citizens of the Tsukasa Empire eat some cooked meat, including Taiju and Yuzuriha as a woman named Nikki, glares at them. At dawn of the following day, Nikki follows Taiju and Yuzuriha to Senku's Grave and witnesses them use the Cell Phone to get in contact with Senku at the Ishigami Village.

Once Taiju and Yuzuhari stop crying from getting in contact with Senku over the phone. Senku request that the two grab someone from Tsubasa's Empire and bring them over to the Cell Phone. Although, the villagers are anxious over Senku's haphazard plan, Taiju inquires if his request is part of the best was to avoid any bloodshed and Senku confirms it. To that, Taiju agrees to do it, and Kohaku compliments the trust between Senku and Taiju. With that settled with, Senku asks Taiju if he's gotten any other message's from Gen's group, to which, Taiju answers he hasn't and all he found was the receiver buried deep in the ground.

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Meanwhile, Gen's group hide in some bushes to avoid the incoming arrows shot by Ukyo. Gen discloses to Chrome and Magma about their adversary Ukyo and that he lured them into a trap. After a intense and loud argument between Magma and Chrome; Chrome remembers he has a spare battery he has on his person that he couldn't leave behind for Taiju and Yuzuriha. He then rigs the battery to flare up and cause a smokescreen and along with Magma, they act as a diversion to allow Gen to escape. Back to Taiju and Yuzuriha, they approach an apprehensive looking Nikki.

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At the village, Kaseki creates a Clock Spring, and it was used for the recorder machine. However, all would be for naught without Gen being there with mimicry skill. Just then, a winded Gen appears at the scene ready to help out, however, he can. Returning to Taiju and Yuzuriha's side, they confront Nikki and try to convince her to hear them out, but she refuses due to her position as an over-watch over the two. This escalates to Nikki pounding on Taiju who refuses to fight back and due to his stubbornness, Nikki is shown the Cell Phone and after reaching Senku's side, "Lillian Weinberg" answers it. Acting as Lillian's translator named Sebastian, Senku translates everything she says about how the USA have de-petrified and are on there way to Japan to rescue them. Although Nikki initially questions if the Lillian she's hearing is an imposter, Gen lies and Nikki believes it revealing how big of a fan she is. On the other hand, Nikki proclaims that if someone really is impersonating Lillian, she'll kill them. To prove that the person she's talking to is the real Lillian, Nikki asks a couple of questions only Lillian would know. Thanks to Senku's insightful deductions, Gen manages the first question correctly, however, the 2nd question was a trick question. To avoid a confrontation with Nikki, they play the song left by Lillian, which instantly causes her to become a turnout to the empire.



Inventions and Discoveries

  • Clock Spring


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