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Stone Wars Beginning is the twenty-fifth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the first episode of the second season.


Senku reveals the next innovative invention that will help the villagers survive through out the winter that being Space Food. From there, after getting an epiphany from listening to the song left by Lillian Weinberg, Gen tells Senku of a devious plan of his that would help them win the upcoming war.

Plot Details

Gen tells a story about the modern world before the mysterious petrification event occurred to a group of children at the Ishigami Village. When Gen asks for Senku's thoughts on what he calls the "Stone World Foundation Story", he sarcastically praises it and orders Gen to get back to work. He, however, only works for a brief moment and then continues his story leading up to the current events. Curious to know what the village will reinvent next, Senku answers that it's "Space Food", which leaves the children confused as to what it is. On the other hand, Gen is perplexed as to how that could be recreated in the Stone World.

Freezedried ramen roadmap.png

The Ishigami Villagers are informed about Senku's next reinvention that would improve the village's Ramen. Kokuyo gets the wrong impression that they'll be using it for space artillery purposes, however, Ruri denounces that notion. Senku then explains the purpose and practicality of Space Food to the villagers. Due to Tsukasa not wanting to invade the village in the winter due to the environment, Senku plans on taking advantage of Tsukasa's setback with science. The blue print on how to create Space Food is laid out and wasting no time, the villagers get to work. Kaseki is tasked with creating a vacuum, Kohaku cooks Ramen with the help of Suika and is bothered by Ginro. Right when Kohaku was going to warm up the ramen in soup, but Senku intervenes and informs them that they'll actually be freezing it. Afterward, Ginro and Kinro build an igloo and, eventually, all of the necessary ingredients for the "Space Food Ramen" is prepared. From there, Senku reveals to Gen that what they'll really be reinventing the old age convenient snack Instant Ramen. Senku goes onto explain the process of how they'll freeze dry the Ramen to Gen and the others as they head back to the village. Upon returning to the village, Kaseki and Chrome reveal that they've finished the Freeze Dry Machine. Immediately, Senku tries it out and then shows the newly reinvented Freeze Dried Ramen/Space Food to the villagers. At first, the response is tepid, but after Senku adds warm water to the Ramen, Chrome volunteers to try it and he euphorically approves of it. Everybody else in the village then tries the Ramen and a flashback involving Byakuya and Senku creating their own freeze dried Ramen is shown.

Ruri asks Senki if there is a way to win the upcoming war without violence and Senku details to her that the basis of the war is simple. The one who captures the Cave of Miracles will be the winner. Kaseki interrupts their conversation asking about Taiju and Yuzuriha's well-being and Kinro also states his concern for them too. However, Senku isn't worried for them at all, as he's confident they're both alright. Just then, Chrome plays for the village kids the recording of Lillian's song, which gives Gen an epiphany about sound quality.

"Let's hear it, mentalist".png

That night, Gen visits Senku in his mini observatory, and proposes a plan to help out on the so called "Bloodless Siege" of the Tsukasa Empire. Below them, Chrome eavesdrops on their conversation, and Gen elaborates how they can topple the empire with an even more popular figure than their charismatic leader. That person in question would be Lillian Weinberg and Gen briefly mimics her voice revealing he can for a short time, mimic a woman's voice. This leads to Gen's idea of replicating the low quality voice from the recording left by the original settlers to trick the invaders of a false hope that ships from America will rescue them. Impressed with the idea, Senku agrees to it, but Chrome then crashes his head through the floor screaming that he didn't comprehend any of it. As Senku and Chrome mend the floor, Gen explains to Chrome the new plan from the top. Although impressed by the plan, Chrome points out the fatal flaw of when the empire citizens figure out the projected hope was a lie, they'll retaliate again. But Senku and Gen figure it'll all work out on its own in the end. When asked by Senku to not inform the other villagers about their plan, Chrome claim's he's an accomplice in their plan and will help them with it. Meanwhile, Tsukasa visits the statue of a young girl at the beach.

After dawn, Senku assigns assigns a 3 person task force: Chrome for engineering, Magma for transportation, and Gen for navigation. Kohaku states that there's still the problem with Homura acting as a spy in the outskirts of the village. If she were to learn about their plan and worse, about their acquisition of cell phones, they'd be doomed. To solve their spy problem, Senku reveals that they'll place the newly invented "Sonic Bombs" around the periphery to distract Homura. With that, the Stone Wars has officially begun.



Inventions and Discoveries

  • Freeze-dried Ramen
  • Sound Bomb


Start End Title # Album
0:01 4:26 Senku's Story 1 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 3
4:29 6:56 From Zero 4 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack
7:03 9:44 Spinning Gears 2 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 3
10:38 11:24 Diligence And ingenuity 48 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 2
12:45 13:45 One Small Step 3 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 2
14:22 15:00 Strong Desire 14 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack
15:16 17:25 My Boy Goes Funny!! 24 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack
17:43 18:39 Chemical Boys - Zap Mix 55 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 2
19:03 19:45 Rising Fire 6 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 3
20:03 21:30 Voice? 1 Voice?
21:41 22:12 Beginning 3 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack
22:14 23:42 Paradise 5 Paradise
23:44 23:52 It's all yours 22 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 3


  • When trying the freeze-dried ramen, Magma's bracelets are missing. This is probably an animation error.
  • Voice? is used as background music before the end of the episode.

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