Voices over Infinite Distance (声は無限の彼方へ Koe wa Mugen no Kanata e) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Dr. Stone anime, and the final episode of the first season.


In a flashback, Byakuya decides to leave a glass record for Senku containing a message from him. In the present, Senku and his group create a record player.

Senku unveils the record player to the village and plays it. To their amazement, Byakuya's voice is heard as he introduces himself. He then stops with the formalities as he addresses Senku, knowing full well that he is free by now and is hearing the message. Byakuya wants to voice confidence in him before stopping, since he knows his son wouldn't go for sappy father-son moments. Senku laughs that Byakuya truly gets him, as Kohaku notes that Senku is cold to his father while Kokuyo sadly notes she is no better.

Byakuya then has Lillian perform a song preformed with the crew helping. The villagers are in awe at the sound.

Plot Details

Senku reveals they need a second phone.

Senku had obtained a cell phone. As others wonder how the others will hear them, Senku acts stupid that he forgot they would need a second. Gen realizes he intentionally hid it, so that the others don't give up if they knew they had to build two. Senku explains that if they want a cell phone, they do need two, but if they run a cable they can use it as a phone. They run a cable from the village to the science shed. Ginro tells Chrome he can use this and confess his true feelings to Ruri, which is on the other end, however Chrome just talks about how awesome science is. Ruri finds the phone to sound like a speaker, which surprises Senku that she knows that word. Ruri then explains the 14th of the hundred tales, about a talkative bee Speaker that poked a gravestone with its needle and heard the voices of the dead. Senku wonders whats the point of this tale as it doesn't teach them anything and Gen guesses it was trying to communicate something to the modern people and connects 14 as Senku's birthday.

Senku finds his father's record.

Senku and others rush at Byakuya's gravestone. Looking at it, Senku realizes its not a gravestone, but a time capsule in concrete. Senku guesses there is glass inside and Kohaku carefully breaks the stone. They find a metal plate, which Senku explains its aluminum foil. He washes it in hydrochloric acid, removing the foil and leaving a glass record plate, guessing its a message left by his father and his crew. The villagers find his father amazing, but Senku explain his crew probably made it as they are all elite scientists, but likely this was his idea.

Back in time, Byakuya finds a bottle and takes its bottom, guessing they can make a recording. The crew agrees and if they preserve it, it will last for thousands of years. Byakuya didn't knew that, but though of it as he saw the round glass bottom. Using what they have and the diamond from Darya's ring, they create a recorder.

Byakuya leaving a message for Senku.

Having all the materials, Senku easily creates a record player. Playing it, they hear Byakuya, who introduces himself, but then quickly starts talking casually as he is sure Senku is the one listening. After a short monologue, Byakuya tells him that if he still haven't won the villagers, to let them hear this. Lillian then starts singing, amazing everyone with her voice. Chrome wonders if there is other amazing music like that and Senku explains that due to science, there is much more modern entertainment such as Games, TV, Comics and Movies. Senku will let them see all of it, once they beat Tsukasa and revive the rest of the statues. The villagers gets motivate to win the war and experience all of those things.

Taiju and Yuzuriha awaiting Senku.

Elsewhere, Taiju and Yuzuriha are excited to meet Senku again. Tsukasa and Hyoga comment the winter is almost over and the final battle with Senku will soon start.



Inventions and Discoveries

  • Record Player

Anime to Manga Differences

  • Announcement of the "Stone Wars Saga" was officialized in the second season, as previewed in the sketchy visual.
  • Due to the conclusion of the first season, the adaptation halts to where Gen's pseudo-Lillian strategy continues in the next season.
  • One Small Step is vocalized as the song Lillian performs in the record.

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