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Wave of Science (科学の波 Kagaku no Nami) is the twenty-third episode of the Dr. Stone anime.


Senku unveils the pile of tungsten for final preparation. After being crushed into a fine powder, it needs to be heated at an extremely high temperature for it to become usable. While Senku readies the tungsten powder, he charges Chrome and Kaseki to create a method of pinpoint high-temperature heating using everything they've learned since Senku's arrival in the village. Once the tungsten filament is created, everyone splits into groups to complete the remaining tasks: Suika and her friends finish twining the gold wire; Senku and Chrome create the necessary plastic; Kinro, Ginro, and Kohaku burn coal for its ash and make a microphone; and Gen and Ruri create zinc-carbon batteries. They all finish their tasks, and Senku puts it all together, creating the first modded cell phone in the new world.

Plot Details[]

Senku and Chrome maker buddies

Senku and Chrome are maker buddies.

Having obtained tungsten, Senku's goal is closer. While he comments they need to extract it, Magma starts smashing it, and Senku confirms that is a way. As they turn it into dust, he will use chemistry to make it into toothpaste. To get rid of the rust, they will place it in a glass filled with hydrogen and warm it up to 1000 degrees. Kaseki and Chrome find that easy, but Senku reminds them that glass will melt at 700 degrees and will need a pinpoint heating mechanism to just warm the tungsten inside. Senku decides they split work, and he will be doing the toothpaste. Chrome wonders who will be doing the heating mechanism and realizes that Senku intends to let him think of it and create it. Kaseki recalls how he was making everything himself and wishes he had a maker buddy too. Chrome states he has two and points to him and Senku, making Kaseki happy.

Senku pulls Gen to assist him in chemistry; as a modern person, he must know a bit at least, which is more than the villagers. Meanwhile, Chrome uses everything he learned from Senku to create a pinpoint heating mechanism. Little by little, he increases the heat and reaches 1000 degrees, but recalling Senku's statement that the warmer it is, the stronger the tungsten will be, he decides to continue and increase the heat.

Obtaining Tungsten filament

Obtaining Tungsten filament.

Senku finishes the toothpaste, and Chrome states he is done too. However, what Senku has built surprises him, as it is too big, but he thinks it may be for the better as it will involve everyone in working on it. They successfully manage to create tungsten filament.

Kokuyo accepts Senku as chief

Kokuyo accepts Senku as chief.

In the next step, Senku isn't sure Kaseki will be able to make the glasswork they need, as it's a bit more complicated. Kaseki doubts it, but as he sees the blueprint, he is shocked. Senku wants a Hickman pump—a vacuum pump. Gen tries to fire him up, stating that only the most talented craftsmen were able to build that pump, and there is an age difference as well. Kaseki explains that complicated things excite him, but he wants to get a high five like maker buddies like Senku and Chrome did. Senku agrees and leaves the pump for him. Kaseki takes Gen to help him out. Meanwhile, Suika and the kids decide to help by making the wire. Senku and Chrome proceed with making plastic using chemistry and making formalin. Seeing the kids and older people having a hard time working in the cold and needing coal ash, he turns to Ginro and Kinro. Chrome leads them to get some coal, while Senku works to make a heater. He creates heaters for each house, and while they burn the coal, the villagers can stay inside and work in the warm houses. Seeing that, Kokuyo confirms to himself that making Senku the chief wasn't a mistake.

Senku wants zinc-carbon batteries and tasks Gen with making them. He provides him with the materials and instructions, and Gen starts to work. Gen happily sings while he works, surprised by how easy the work is, until he learns they need 800, which crushes his soul.

Senku creates his phone

Senku creates his phone.

For making microphones, Senku takes the crystal formation in wine barrels, mixes them with some seaweed in hot water, and gets Rochelle salts, which can turn sound into electricity. Adding them to a plastic megaphone, would create a microphone. Working together, they manage to finish all tasks and create a cell phone.







Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Tungsten Filament
  • Hickman Pump
  • Metal Fireplace
  • Manganese Batteries
  • Rochelle Salts
  • Cellphone

Anime to Manga Differences[]



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