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To Modernity (そして現代へ Soshite Gendai e) is the nineteenth episode of the Dr. Stone anime series.


Homura Momiji sets the Ishigami Village on fire, and it is revealed that Hyoga intended their fight to be a distraction all along to allow Homura to swim to the village undetected. Kokuyo leads the villagers from their homes to the science hut while Hyoga and the others start a plan to kidnap a child. Seeing that they'll soon be attacked on the grounds of the Kingdom of Science, Suika decides to lure the attackers away from the villagers. She leads them upwind and uphill from the hot springs, but she was unaware that the wind was also bringing down the toxic gases of the sulfuric acid spring. Kohaku and Senku save Suika with a gas mask while Hyoga, Homura and their troops rush up a tree where they stay trapped after Senku and company leave the scene. With the village and the Kingdom of Science secured, if damaged in terms of infrastructure, Senku announces his next plan to get the upper hand in the coming war: building a cellphone.

Plot Details[]

Minami stating she is a fan of Tsukasa

Minami stating she is a fan of Tsukasa.

Some days earlier, Tsukasa Shishio finally finds the petrified Hyoga. He revives him and explains the situation. Some of the men find Hyoga to look weak and Tsukasa suggests they spar with him. Hyoga accepts and wants to fight ten men if he has his favorite weapon. As he defeats them, Hyoga states that the only man he doesn't want to fight is Tsukasa himself. Tsukasa takes him around, explaining that in the world in which they were born, every centimeter of it belonged to someone, but now nothing is claimed. Hyoga agrees with Tsukasa that if the privileged class is revived and has weapons, they will try to make the world the same again. Tsukasa wants to create a new world for the young. He tells him about Senku Ishigami and his scientific knowledge, and that he had to kill him to prevent the old world from being revived.

Homura burning Ishigami Village

Homura burning Ishigami Village.

Having lost his weapon, Hyoga congratulates the teamwork of everyone, but comments that Senku failed to see this was a distraction. Senku then turns towards the village and sees it burning. Hyoga reveals his right hand to Homura, who snuck into the village and set it burning. Homura avoids Kokuyo and Kohaku attacks and crosses the bridge, returning to Hyoga. The villagers escape to the science shed, where Homura sets another fire. Suika decides to act as a decoy. As Hyoga's plan is to capture a child and use it as a hostage, his men go after Suika.

Hyoga leaving his men to die

Hyoga leaving his men to die.

Hearing about it and that she headed down the mountain towards the poison lake and a wind appearing, Senku and Kohaku manage to get to Suika in time and save from the poisonous cloud the wind has blown. Hyoga and the rest climb a tree to escape the poison gas. They wonder if Senku created it, and Senku decides to play it, which he did. Having gas masks, Senku leaves with Kohaku and Suika. Hyoga decides to test if the gas is gone and pushes his men down, who then immediately die from the gas. Hyoga comments: Senku and his allies are frightening as they have control over a variety of metals and chemicals, meaning they will need to overwhelm them with great numbers and a powerful fighting force.

Senku decides to make cellular phones

Senku decides to make cellular phones.

Senku knows that Tsukasa will realize he can't create more gunpowder and he can't use guns even if he has them. As more time passes, Tsukasa is only expanding his army, while Senku has been unable to revive a single person. Because of that, Senku decides they need to attack first using a technology that turned the tides of the modern battlefield: Communications, and that they will create a cellphone in the stone world. Gen is shocked at this prospect, while the Ishigami villagers have no idea what he is even talking about. They soon learn that the cellphone will allow two people to talk despite being in places far away, that they can use it to secretly coordinate their attack and target weak areas in the enemy defense, and then reveal the roadmap for the construction of a cellphone.

Hyoga returns to Tsukasa, informing him that Gen's reports were lies, that the village has considerable scientific power, and that Senku is alive.









Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • In the manga, the animal that dies to Sulfurina is a snake, whereas in the anime, it's a squirrel.


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