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A Tale for the Ages (幾千年物語 Ikusen-nen Monogatari) is the sixteenth episode of the Dr. Stone anime.


After becoming village chief and curing Ruri, Senku finally learns why Ishigami Village has his surname through Ruri.

Plot Details[]

After Senku is declared chief of Ishigami Village, he is stunned to find out that the village is named after him. Trying to find out why, Ruri approaches him and reveals the reason she was interested in him, as she tells him everything.

Back in the past, an 11-year-old Senku wondered why the moon had been following him even after going so far. His father, Byakuya, joked that it might have a crush on him, which Senku rudely brushed off. Byakuya then revealed that the distance between the moon and Earth plays a key factor, as it's far away, and he then lamented that his dream was also far away. It was revealed that he tried to become an astronaut but failed the clothed swimming test. This prompted Senku to go to space for himself, promptly declaring to go there the next day at school, to his classmates' laughter and the teacher's skepticism. He then started building rockets day after day with Taiju's help. Meanwhile, at the college, Byakuya saw that the JAXA was hiring astronauts, to which he then smiled.

Byakuya promising to bring scientific gifts for Senku

Byakuya promising to bring scientific gifts for Senku.

Back at school, Senku and Taiju stole a model of the human body and experimented with it at his house. Soon enough, they developed a suit for Byakuya to wear as training for his swimming test. However, as soon as he put it on, Senku kicked him into the pool, then turned it on, electrocuting him to the point of being motionless, with the intention of having his muscles learn how to do swimming movements, but little by little, he began to swim easily and faster, thus helping him pass the test. Finally achieving his dream, Byakuya prepared to go to the International Space Station, but before boarding the rocket, he grabbed the microphone from a reporter and broadcasted a message to Senku (now 16). He thanked him for his training and perseverance and promised to bring back tons of gifts for him once he got back, which Senku brushed off slyly.

Lillian Weinberg Anime Infobox

Lillian acting superior.

Through the Russian rocket Soyuz, Byakuya made it to the space station, marveling at the sight of space. Once inside, he saw three crew members already there. Byakuya introduced himself, as well as introducing Shamil, the Russian cosmonaut, but before the three introduced themselves, a foul-mouthed blonde woman who claimed that she spent millions to buy a seat interrupted them and bragged about being a space tourist and believed that the team had no respect for her. As one of the crew members tried to calm her down, Byakuya laughed, trying his best not to, leaving the team confused, and Shamil sighed in annoyance. Soon after, the blond woman joined in and began playfully pushing Byakuya away, saying that she would have gotten it nailed if he didn't laugh so early, to which Byakuya countered by saying that no person would speak like that. Shamil sighed in annoyance. After apologizing for the prank gone wrong, she introduced herself as Lillian Weinberg, an American celebrity singer, who revealed herself as easygoing. She was then introduced to Darya and her husband, Yakov, both doctors from Europe. Byakuya then noted aside that Yakov was in space for the 2nd time, much to Darya's and Shamil's irritation. Afterwards, Darya introduced Connie, an American crew member from NASA who was a big fan of Lillian's. After some encouragement from Yakov, she was able to get Weinberg's autograph. In celebration, Byakuya declared that they would play Connie's CD of Lillian's songs on repeat for the duration of their stay, much to the crew's delight and Lillian's dismay.

The Space Station Crew witnessing the petrification event

The Petrification event from space.

Later that night, Lillian sang to the world from space, with people watching from various points on Earth (Shibuya-Tokyo, the United States, Paris, the Middle East, and Yuzuriha from school being examples). After the show, she started inquiring about every crew member's past. Shamil remained quiet, and Byakuya explained that he had no family and that his past was a mystery, while revealing Senku to them, comparing him to Shamil, and accurately predicting that he was involved with research. Down to Earth, Senku was investigating reports of swallows being petrified in Eurasia and North Africa. A few hours later, Lillian was humming to herself and staring at Earth, waking up Byakuya. She then revealed her past to him as a poor girl from a downtrodden area of America who possessed a record player with one vinyl record, which she played every day while singing to it, eventually learning to sing herself when it broke down. Much to her chagrin, Byakuya fell asleep and threatened to punch him, but he was able to calm her down by asking that she sing to Senku one day, to which she happily obliged.

The next day, Byakuya brought out packets of miso ramen for everyone to enjoy. Though hesitant, Shamil eventually agreed to try some, but while eating it, he saw Earth going through some phenomena. Byakuya looked out in awe as he saw South America being petrified. Realizing what was happening, he called out to Senku, as he himself saw Tokyo being petrified in the science lab. Taiju tried to protect Yuzuriha, but to no avail, and all 7 billion people in the world were petrified as Senku watched in horror before being petrified himself. All of Earth had been turned to stone (leading back to Episode 1).

Byakuya decides to go back to Earth

Byakuya decided to go back to Earth.

Back on the ISS, the crew tried to find out what happened, but to no avail. Byakuya eventually got access to the internet but found all the social media sites empty. The crew suggested the security cameras; he accessed them and saw in horror what happened on Earth. Everyone was turned to stone, and they were the only survivors of humanity left. While Yakov tried to calm the crew down, Byakuya decided to take an enormous gamble: return to Earth despite near-impossible odds and help all life recover.

Back in Ishigami village, Senku confirms Ruri's suspicion and confirms that the village was formed by his father.








Inventions and Discoveries[]

  • Custom miso ramen meals for the ISS

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • While Senku is watching the livestream of the Soyuz launch, he is sitting at the back by the window instead of at the front of the class. None of the classmates are in the frame.



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