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Clear World is the eleventh episode of the Dr. Stone anime.


Gen Asagiri returned to Tsukasa and reported Senku's death, thus becoming a member of the Kingdom of Science. On the other hand, Kohaku and the others plan to participate and win the village's grand bout in order to become the village head and cure Ruri.

Meanwhile, Senku, who's proceeding with the roadmap to making the cure-all drug, promises to provide a clear road for Suika. She has bad eyes, and Senku develops her own glasses.

Together, Senku's group draws in the village craftsman, Kaseki, and challenges him to make glass!

Plot Details[]

Kohaku continues training Kinro and Ginro for the grand bout. She calls their hits too shallow and reminds them they must win so they can save Ruri. While Gen is out distracting Tsukasa, Senku tells Chrome and Suika they must continue their pursuit of the cure-all drug, but first, they must create the cornerstone of chemistry: glass.

Senku makes Suika glasses

Senku develops glasses for Suika.

Senku suddenly snatches the watermelon off Suika's head, revealing her face. Despite being adorable, Suika has terrible eyesight, and a terrible squint contorts her face whenever she tries to see. Suika explains that the watermelon helps her see slightly better, and Senku explains that this is due to the pinhole effect. The villagers recognize this as "fuzzy eye disease," but Senku debunks that and reveals there is a simple cure for bad eyesight from his time.

Senku reveals that in the old technological civilization, bad eyesight was fixed using eyes made of glass called glasses. Emotionally, Suika asks if it's possible to see the world and meet her friends through the eyes of science. Senku, Chrome, Kohaku, and Suika set off to collect quartz sand to start the process of making glass. They journey to a mountain top where Chrome found a clear quartz crystal as a kid, and here they mine plenty of quartz sand before taking it back to Chrome's shed.


Senku's glasswork class.

They use the kiln to mix it with a bunch of ingredients that Taiju helped collected when they created soap. After applying lead, Senku creates a see-through lens glass. They use a polishing tool and corundum to tune the lens glass to Suika's proper prescription. After completing two working lenses, Senku places them straight into the eye holes of Suika's watermelon helmet and lets her see clearly for the first time in her life.

Training for the grand bout continues but Kohaku easily defeats Kinro over and over. For some reason, Kinro's hits are too shallow during his spear fighting. In reality, he can't properly tell the distance between them because he suffers from the "fuzzy sickness" himself, and Ginro is the only one who knows.

Now that Suika's labor potential has risen, Senku decides to get started on making glass instruments. They make a glass-blowing furnace and an iron pipe to try and create instruments. However, they don't have the experience to carefully craft the instruments. Senku says it could take months to correct it, but Chrome and Kohaku don't believe they have that much time.

Kaseki agrees to help

Kaseki shows the scientists true craftsmanship.

Chrome kidnaps the village's craftsman, old man Kaseki, and begs him for help. Annoyed after getting tied up, he refuses. Suika returns his lacquer, as she had taken it prior to making the magnet, and Senku realizes this is the man who crafted Kohaku's shield. Kaseki explains that he made it for her father, Kokuyo, when he won the previous generation's grand bout and became chief. He eventually passed down the shield to her. He also created the suspension bridge and says he'll never help Senku, who pulled planks out of it.

Kaseki is surprised to see the mysterious translucent material, and Senku hatches his plan. He forces the craftsman to watch as they mess up creating glass items over and over, torturing his internal desire to craft perfect works of art. Unable to stand watching them ruin this new material, Kaseki's pride as a craftsman takes over, and he breaks out of his restraints. He knows the boys are provoking him, but he decides to help anyway to show off his skills.

Kingdom of Science Map (Anime)

The foundation of the Kingdom of Science nears completion.

The muscular old man shows his well-honed craftsman skills and creates perfect glass instruments, despite it being his first time glassblowing. Within a few days, the Kingdom of Science completes their science lab, complete with all-new glass instruments. This takes Senku back to the time his father purchased a lab's worth of equipment for him as a child. Proudly, the group looks around to find they've improved the Kingdom of Science.

Senku claims they've only made the essentials so far, but he knows they'll catch up eventually. While training, Ginro suggests that they ask the sorcery team to make them shiny spears to help them fight in the Grand Bout. Clearly missing his gold spear, Kinro agrees.

Despite knowing the brothers just want shiny new spears, Senku agrees to go on a great adventure to find chemistry's greatest treasure. He tells Ginro that the silver spear they are making may as well cost him his own life, as they will be seeking the most difficult material to obtain.







  • Ishigami Village
    • The Kingdoms Home Base (Chrome's Shed)
    • Science Laboratory
    • Ramen Cart
    • Training Grounds
    • Dynamo
    • Glass Kiln
    • Cooling Kiln


  • Glasses
  • Glassware
  • Chemical Lab

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • The anime adds an additional scene about Mecha Senku explaining about attractions available in Kingdom of Science.
  • The anime adds an additional bit of Suika being more productive after receiving the glasses.



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