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Stone World is the first episode of the Dr. Stone anime series.


Once upon a time, there is a science-minded boy with a superhuman brain, Senku, and his close friend, Taiju, who prides himself on physical endurance. Taiju has longed to convey his true feelings for a childhood friend, Yuzuriha.

However, suddenly, the sky is covered with a dazzling light, and a mysterious phenomenon occurs—humans all over the world instantly turn to stone!

Over 3700 years pass until one day, Taiju miraculously breaks free from the stone. He reunites with Senku, who has also broken free, and the two swear to rebuild civilization from scratch through the power of science!

After six months of experimentation, the pair develops the Revival Fluid, allowing them to set others free from the Petrification.

Plot Details[]

Determined and hyperactive, a young student named Taiju decides today is the day he will confess his true feelings for his long-time friend, Yuzuriha. He goes to the school's science laboratory to tell his best friend, Senku, about the decision. Senku tells him he'll cheer Taiju on from the science lab and even offers him a love potion. Taiju refuses and storms off to reveal the contents of his heart.

Taiju Oki turns to stone

Humanity is petrified in stone.

Senku's classmates ask about the love potion, which Senku reveals is just gasoline created from plastic. He is 10 billion percent sure Taiju will never take the effortless way out of this. Taiju has long feared that professing his love would ruin his friendship with Yuzuriha. No longer a coward, Taiju finds his future love trying to repair the damage done to a tree using a red bow.

Some of the other students bet on how badly he'll get rejected, but Senku honestly believes the girl will receive his feelings well. Just as Taiju is about to confess, a dazzling green light encompasses the sky. He tries to protect the girl from the effects, but he, along with every other human in the world, is petrified in stone.

All the humans on Earth find themselves trapped in stone. Everything goes dark, but Taiju stays focused on confessing his love for the girl. For thousands of years, the young man survives on willpower alone until one day the stone covering his body crumbles away, setting him free at last. He awakens from a long slumber and realizes the entire world has been affected. Many are still trapped in stone, and eventually, he happens upon the love of his life.

Taiju promises to free Yuzuriha

Taiju promises to rescue Yuzuriha.

Yuzuriha is still trapped in stone, still next to that same tree, which has grown exponentially larger over time. He finally tells the girl he loves her and apologizes for not saving her. Instead, she saved him, allowing his mind to be focused on her in all of that darkness over time. He finds a hidden message by her body, instructing him to head upriver.

Taiju eventually encounters his best friend, Senku, who is amused to see the big oaf has finally awakened. He is ecstatic to see that Senku is in good health. The smug young scientist reveals the day is October 5th, 5738, and it has been about 3700 years since the world was turned to stone. Senku counted and remained focused while frozen in stone until springtime, six months ago when he began working.

Senku reveals himself to Taiju

"So you're finally awake, you big oaf."

Senku takes Taiju to his treehouse and claims he needs more manpower to restart civilization. He knew Taiju would survive no matter what because of the strength of his heart and his love for Yuzuriha. Together, these two high school kids will try to rebuild humanity from scratch. Using his enhanced stamina, Taiju spends his days searching for food, and despite Senku deeming half of the items he brings back inedible, he brings back a large haul.

During Taiju's small expositions, he finds the strongest high schooler trapped in stone as well as some grapes and some sort of contraption collecting droppings in a cave. At first, the boy believes there might be another human around, but Senku disproves his theory and reveals it was his doing. Senku believes nitric acid from bat guano was the key to unlocking them from their stone prisons.

Senku and Taiju experimenting

Senku and Taiju tirelessly experiment on a cure.

By experimenting with the effects of nitric acid on stone-clad birds, Senku believes he can find a way to dissolve the stone minerals. He wants to increase its potency using alcohol, so Taiju suggests they create wine using grapes. Over the course of a year, Senku and Taiju experimented with Nitol distilled from wine and bat droppings. They distill enough potent Nitol to, one day, free a bird from its stone prison. Senku teaches Taiju that there is nothing that can't be proved scientifically. Science is simply the process used to explain anything, even this phenomenon.

With their first breakthrough since awakening, Senku expresses his excitement to defeat fantasy using science.







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22:21 23:50 Good Morning World! 3 Good Morning World!
23:51 24:00 Preview of Next EP A 35 Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 2

Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • There is no Donald Trump cameo in the anime version.
  • In the manga, Taiju says that he told Yuzuriha to meet him under the Camphor tree. This does not happen in the anime.
  • The anime shows Yuzuriha tying her bow tie around a broken branch of the Camphor tree.
  • The scene showing how to make wine in a plastic bottle is omitted in the anime.



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