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Dragos ($) are the exclusive currency developed by Ryusui Corp. It is the only known currency in the Stone World. The approximate real-world value is 1 Drago = 10 Yen = 0.1 USD.[1]



Drago bills depict a large, Japanese-style dragon facing left, with a long looping body and two visible legs near the front. It is breathing a small amount of fire. Below it in the bottom left corner, there is a small right-facing profile of Ryusui Nanami in his captain's hat, however it lacks his fringe. On the right half of the bill, framed in a swirling cloud, the denomination of the bill is written in simple serif bubble font, followed by a stylised silhouette of the same dragon in the shape of a dollar sign. It is unknown if the bills are printed on both sides or just one.

The only known denomination of the bills is 100$.


Drago Coins

The coins and their denominations.

The coins are made of various superalloys the team acquired in Superalloy City, and are now using as currency because the rare Earth metals possess inherent value, unlike the paper money. The coins are all circular in shape, with ridged outer edges. The front face has a small decorative border in a ball chain style. To differentiate the values of the coins, there are four different versions:

  • 500$: Made of ferrochrome and depicts a right-facing Kaseki.
  • 1,000$: Made of ferronickel and depicts a right-facing Chrome.
  • 5,000$: Made of ferromolybdenum and depicts a right-facing Suika.
  • 10,000$: Made of ferroniobium and depicts a right-facing Senku.

All the alloys used in the coins contain iron, and the other element's rarity increases with the value of the coin.

Casino chips[]

Casino chips for games were issued by the Perseus Luck Casino with Drago denominations.[2] The chips being simple bi-color disks of an undetermined material, featuring the dragon from the 100 drago bill, with its body coiled instead to fit the space, and the denomination marked on top.

Rather strangely, the casino offers some chips with denominations that are smaller than any known to circulate as legal tender, with known values of 5, 10, 50 and 100 dragos.[2] Casino chips typically hold no value outside the casino that issued them, this would make it difficult to cash back these chips, if they don't add up to a multiple of a hundred.


Ryusui develops Dragos as a method of compensation for him leading the rest of the Kingdom of Science to discover the source of the Petrification. He claims the rights to the oil discovered in the Sagara oil field, which he then sells back for Dragos.[3] Initially, as they hadn't found oil yet, the currency was backed by the trust that Senku would be able to find some.[4] Later, after the oil field was found, Dragos became backed by oil (rather than gold or other metals). Ryusui conscripts Namari into carving a stamp for the paper bills and creating them by hand.

Later, once the Kingdom of Science acquires superalloys, Ryusui creates hard currency in the form of superalloy coins as payment for the aid of the people they revive in Europe.[5]

Depicted Prices[]

Ryusui Conglomerate[]

  • Oil: 100$ Per Milliliter

Ishigami Village[]

  • Cotton Candy: 100$
  • Ramen: 200$
  • Manga: 100$
Ruri's and Kinro's Fashion Outfits

Ruri's and Kinro's fashion outfits[6]

Haute Couture Yuzuriha[]

  • Ruri's Outfit
    • Stole: 45,000$
    • Sleeveless Top: 32,000$
    • Skirt: 26,000$
  • Kinro's Outfit
    • Turtleneck: 12,800$
    • Button Up: 10,500$
    • Tailored Jacket: 45,000$
    • Belt: 29,000$
    • Slacks: 53,000$
Suika's and Kaseki's Fashion Outfits

Suika's and Kaseki's fashion outfits[7]

  • Suika's Outfit
    • Blouse: 6,900$
    • Pullover: 4,900$
    • Skirt: 2,600$
  • Kaseki's Outfit
    • Dress Shirt: 25,000$
    • Necktie: 15,000$
    • Vest: 35,000$
    • Tailored Jacket: 115,000$
    • Cuff Links: 23,000$
    • Studded Bracelet: 12,000$


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