This is the Dr. Stone Wiki Discord Policy. It describes the acceptable guidelines and rules on the Discord. Please be sure to read this info before joining the Discord Server, it contains very important information.


➤ Rule #1 - Be respectful. Please do not discriminate others in any way, any forms of harassment or discrimination are not allowed on the server. We do not allow discriminatory slurs on the server.

➤ Rule #2 - No spamming of any kind. Please do not spam on the server, and just for reference, spam could be, and is not limited to, pings, repeated phrases, or a large number of messages sent in a short amount of time.

➤ Rule #3 - No advertising without permission. We do not want advertising to happen on the server without asking an Admin first. For things such as server invites and donation links, please ask for approval from a staff member, this is so we can keep track of who is posting what, where, to gain what. Just be sure to ask us first.

➤ Rule #4 - Don't talk about spoilers outside of the spoiler channels. Spoilers for the manga should be kept in #ds-manga and any leaks for the manga should be kept in #ds-raws-and-leaks. Spoilers for the anime should be kept in #ds-anime, do not post any manga spoilers in this channel. Please refrain from posting spoilers outside of these channels.

➤ Rule #5 - Do not post any NSFW content. We don't want our co-workers to see something that you shouldn't be viewing in the middle of the office, or our teachers to see some very lewd images at school, so we ask that you keep NSFW images and excessive NSFW talk off of the server.

➤ Rule #6 - Follow Discord ToS

And finally, even though this isn't really a rule, please accept Staff judgment. We have the final say on anything related to these rules, or anything else that may happen.


Role Level gained at Condition
No Role 0XP Users have no role until they gain 200XP

Mod/Admin Roles

Role N/A Condition
Village Council N/A Become an admin for the Discord server
Village Guards N/A Become a moderator for the Reddit server
Village Craftsmen N/A Become an admin for the wikia
Servants of Science N/A Bots of the server

Character Roles

Character Roles
Role Level gained at Condition
Villagers 200XP Gain 200XP by conversing with other people on the server.
Students 1,000 Gain 1,000XP by conversing with other people on the server.
Apprentices 10,000 Gain 10,000XP by conversing with other people on the server.
Researchers 20,000 Gain 20,000XP by conversing with other people on the server.
Sorcerers 30,000 Gain 30,00XP by conversing with other people on the server.
Mad Scientist 50,000 Gain 50,000XP by conversing with other people on the server.

Leveling Roles

Leveling Roles
Role # of Members
Ginro's Guards 8 Members Write "?rank Ginro's Guards" in #bot-commands
Homura's Gymnasts 5 Members Write "?rank Homura's Gymnasts" in #bot-commands
Hyouga's Rebels 3 Members Write "?rank Hyouga's Rebels" in #bot-commands
Ukyo's Trackers 7 Members Write "?rank Ukyo's Trackers" in #bot-commands
Nikki's Popstars 8 Members Write "?rank Nikki's Popstars" in #bot-commands
Francois' Butlers 5 Members Write "?rank Francois' Butlers" in #bot-commands
Yo's Officers 4 Members Write "?rank Yo's Officers" in #bot-commands
Ryusui's Pirates 15 Members Write "?rank Ryusui's Pirates" in #bot-commands
Yuzuriha's Fashionistas 9 Members Write "?rank Yuzuriha's Fashionistas" in #bot-commands
Magma's Brawlers 5 Members Write "?rank Magma's Brawlers" in #bot-commands
Gen's Magicians 22 Members Write "?rank Gen's Magicians" in #bot-commands
Kinro's Knights 6 Members Write "?rank Kinro's Knights" in #bot-commands
Ruri's Priests 6 Members Write "?rank Ruri's Priests" in #bot-commands
Suika's Spies 12 Members Write "?rank Suika's Spies" in #bot-commands
Tsukasa's Revolutionaries 11 Members Write "?rank Tsukasa's Revolutionaries" in #bot-commands
Kaseki's Craftsmen 20 Members Write "?rank Kaseki's Craftsmen" in #bot-commands
Taiju's Shield 9 Members Write "?rank Taiju's Shield" in #bot-commands
Kohaku's Ninjas 18 Members Write "?rank Kohaku's Ninjas" in #bot-commands
Chrome's Collectors 25 Members Write "?rank Chrome's Collectors" in #bot-commands
Senku's Scientists 39 Members Write "?rank Senku's Scientists" in #bot-commands

Miscellaneous Roles

Miscellaneous Roles # of Members
Manga Chapter 82 Members Write "?rank Manga Chapter" in #bot-commands
Anime Episode 53 Members Write "?rank Anime Episode" in #bot-commands
Group Watch 26 Members Write "?rank Group Watch" in #bot-commands


- Information -

  1. rules-and-info – The channel you're currently in! Be sure to read everything!
  1. announcements – Important announcements regarding the series, server and subreddit will be posted in this channel.
  1. releases – You will be pinged for all-new chapters in this channel.

- General Channels -

  1. general – This is a place for off-topic chat reserved for members who just want to chat about things.
  1. non-ds-spoilers – Is a channel dedicated to all non-Dr. Stone related anime, manga, and media. Please do not discuss any Dr. Stone spoilers in here. All discussions of anime and manga – unrelated to Dr. Stone – goes here.
  1. bot-commands – Pretty self-explanatory. Keep all bot commands in this channel, please.
  1. suggestions-box – Have a brilliant idea you’d like to share with the mod-team? Let them know. Feedback will accommodate your thoughts and feelings on the server and what we can do to help make your experience better.

- Dr. Stone Channels -

  1. ds-anime – A channel for discussing and talking about the Dr. Stone anime. All anime chat must go in here.
  1. ds-manga – Dedicated to the talking and discussing of all English translated manga chapters for Dr. Stone.
  1. ds-raws-and-leaks – All untranslated chapters must be discussed in here.
  1. subreddit-feed – Provides updates from the /r/DrStone Subreddit.
  1. wiki – A channel for all Dr. Stone wiki-related things.

- Misc Channels -

  1. gaming – Talk about gaming, games, esports and anything else related to games!
  1. sports – A channel to talk about sports.
  1. music-and-art – You can share all art and music in here.
  1. dr-stoned – Shitposting and memes can all go in here.


Milestone 1000 Members

  • In celebration of the Reddit Discord server reaching 1,000 members.

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