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Dr. Stone Ryusui (ドクターストーン 龍水 Dokutā Sutōn Ryūsui) is an hour-long TV special of the Dr. Stone anime placed between its second and third season. It was announced at Shueisha's Jump Festa '22, and aired on July 10, 2022.


After Tsukasa's empire is defeated, the Kingdom of Science prepares to embark on a journey to the other side of the world in order to discover the source of the petrification. To this purpose, they begin constructing a large ship to cross the ocean, and to captain it, they revive Ryusui Nanami, a young, extremely skilled sailor and heir of the powerful Nanami conglomerate.

But first, the Kingdom must find a middle ground between Ryusui's greedy demands and keeping his desires under control. Money, fabric, and a hot air balloon are made in the search for the Sagara oil fields.

Plot Details[]

The episode starts with people from the Kingdom of Science carrying out a stage play summarizing what happened so far regarding the petrification and Senku's discoveries regarding the revival fluid for the ex-Tsukasa Empire members. In doing so, they gain their trust. The performance concludes with Gen telling them that they'll compete to design a ship capable of making the journey to the other side of the world.

Design contest

The ship design contest contestants.

The design contest ends up being between Magma, Yo, and Senku, with the former two wanting to gain prestige by showing off their skills. Magma goes first, showing off what Ishigami Village can do. Everyone is impressed, and Yo slinks off to hide as his pales in comparison. Suika pulls the cover off his pile of sticks, much to his distress.

Senku asks Magma a few questions regarding his boat design, pleasing Senku, who then reveals his winning design. Kaseki worries he might not live to see the completion of such a grand ship, but Senku points out that Tsukasa kindly revived a ton of strong young men to help.

The power team on the boat

Minami leads the power team to the old school.

Work begins immediately, leaving Senku to find a captain for the ship. He goes straight to Minami, whom Tsukasa recommended as an information gatherer. Using a small sailboat, they head towards a nearby island to search for the old boat school. They find several statues, but Minami seems apprehensive about reviving one of them because of his personality. Senku, not caring about anything other than their skills, revives him immediately.

Assembling the captain statues

Collecting statues.

Quickly catching on that the old world and all his assets are long gone, Ryusui gets dressed and joins their small party in returning to the Perseus' construction site. After a quick scan of their subpar resources, Ryusui tells them to cover everything as a storm is approaching. Senku reveals that the wood was a test, and Ryusui says they'll need both better wood and better fuel if they want to survive their journey. Senku agrees and says they're looking for an oil field.

Unimpressed with Ryusui

"I thought he'd be bigger in person..."

After sending Chrome, Ukyo, and Kohaku searching, Ryusui demands the oil field as payment for his captain services, and says he'll sell the oil back to them for the journey. With no other choice, Senku agrees to the deal.

Immediately, Ryusui begins producing dragos, his new currency. Ginro and Yo approach him, asking what the point of cash is when there's nothing to buy, so he shows them the ramen and cotton candy stalls Suika and Mirai are running. Very soon, the scouts discover Senku's map is worthless as the terrain has changed too much in 3,700 years. The oil field is next to impossible to find due to the changes, and the value of the currency plummets significantly.

Ryusui's new currency

Freshly-minted dragos.

To avoid the dragos becoming worthless paper, everyone helps to collect enough hemp and then weaves it into enough fabric to make a hot air balloon. Gen schemes to make them some extra money by offering a prize to whoever can make the longest string, except he doesn't have the cash he's promising. Instead, he intends to make clothes with the leftover fabric and sell them to make a difference.

Stone World's first shopping center

The Stone World's first mall.

A short fashion show is done to advertise Yuzuriha's creations with great success. Ryusui buys a ton of clothes, funding the Kingdom of Science's schemes. When the hot air balloon is finally done, Chrome rushes over as quickly as possible.

Senku and Gen love money

Senku and Gen enjoying economic benefits.

To choose the passengers, Gen tells people to select cards. He tricks Ryusui into thinking he is going to be automatically chosen, forcing him to pay for his position on the maiden voyage. As Senku is going by default, the remaining card is left to chance, until Chrome arrives, and Gen gently persuades him into picking the correct card.

Hot air balloon flight

The hot air balloon's maiden voyage.

The next morning, the conditions for flight are good, and the hot air balloon makes its first journey. They rise high into the sky, the sunrise lightening up. They fly through a flock of birds, which rips a hole in the balloon. They follow the river to Ishigami Village. On the way there, they get sucked into a storm. They barely manage to escape by blasting through the top of the clouds, where oxygen is thin.

They arrive safely at the village in record time, ready to move on to the next wave of science.







  • Thermometer
  • Dragos (Currency)
  • Loom
  • Hemp Clothing
  • Hot Air Balloon




Anime to Manga Differences[]

  • The addition of a stage play titled "The Mysterious Light" shows Senku's journey from the day humanity was petrified until his eventual triumph at discovering the revival fluid and subsequently defeating the empire. Kohaku narrates the story, with Chrome playing as Senku, Taiju and Yuzuriha playing themselves, Ginro and Kinro playing a tree, and Suika being in charge of special effects.
  • The scene between Magma, Mantle, and Namari during the ship design contest was skipped.
  • The fashion show to debut Yuzuriha's new clothing line added extra commentary to the models.
  • Tetsuya, instead of Namari, carved the stamp used to print the dragos. Ryusui also wasn't shown holding a whip while forcing them to work as he originally did.


  • When Senku asks to be helped out as he's hanging from the hot air balloon while Chrome and Ryusui celebrate, he says, "leave that manly-friendship-after-a-riverside-duel stuff for later," a reference to his battle against Hyoga with Tsukasa.


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Story Arc # of Episodes Original Air Date
Age of Exploration Arc 1 (Episodes 1 to 1) July 10, 2022


Opening Theme: "Good Morning [New] World!" by Burnout Syndromes

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