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Dr. Stone Original Soundtrack 3 is the first album covering music from the second season of Dr. Stone. Music for this OST was composed and arranged by Tatsuya Kato, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, and YUKI KANESAKA. Contains 22 tracks in total.[1] The Season 2 Blu-ray&DVD BOX set contains a "3+ (PLUS)" edition which includes 10 additional tracks.[2] All totaling up to 32 tracks.

Track List[]

  1. Senku's Story
  2. Spinning Gears
  3. Kohaku VS Homura
  4. Connecting Dots
  5. Jailbreak
  6. Rising Fire featuring Aztech
  7. The Return of Chrome
  8. One Small Step -memories-
  9. Snipers Eyes
  10. Win As One featuring Paranom
  12. Steam Gorilla op2 featuring Aztech
  13. Great Detective Suika
  14. Leader featuring Paranom
  15. Hyoga
  17. Kingdom of Science
  18. Next Level featuring Aztech
  19. Betrayal
  20. Tsukasa's Dream
  21. The Plan
  22. It’s all yours featuring Paranom and Debo Ray

3+ (PLUS) Edition[]

  1. Steam Gorilla DJ Mix1
  2. Steam Gorilla DJ Mix2
  3. Steam Gorilla DJ Mix3
  4. Preview of The Next EP A
  5. Preview of The Next EP B
  6. Preview of The Next EP C
  7. Preview of The Next EP D
  8. Preview of The Next EP E
  9. Preview of The Next EP F
  10. InterAction featuring YUKI KANESAKA

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