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Dr. Stone: The Voices That Face the Future (Dr.STONE 声はミライへ向けて Dr. Stone: Koe wa Mirai e Mukete) is a spinoff novel written by Ichio Morimoto's, based on Dr. Stone Manga written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi.

It was published on April 3, 2020 along with the release of Volume 15 of the manga in Japan. The English translated version of the novel is yet to be confirmed.


Before the collapse of civilization, Tsukasa and Gen confronted each other live on TV!! Can Tsukasa, who fights to keep his pride and secrets, win against the terrifying trap of Gen the mentalist!?

In these three chapters, we see the battle between Tsukasa and Gen, the radio broadcasting project undertaken in Ishigami Village, and finally the Cinderella party before the Perseus' departure!


Mental Battle[]

Persuaded by his senior officers, JMSDF officer Ukyo watches the face-off between the mentalist Gen Asagiri and the professional MMA fighter Tsukasa Shishio along with two other famous sports stars.

In a card-guessing game of three rounds, Gen uses his skills to narrow down which cards the players have. If he guesses them all, then Tsukasa will be forced to reveal a never-before-told secret of his. Each round, Gen grows closer to winning, but it appears that he's using more than just his wits. Tsukasa and Ukyo both discover he's cheating. In the end, however, Gen foregoes the obvious conclusion and allows Tsukasa and his teammates to win.

Speak Towards the Future[]

Years after the petrification, Byakuya and Lillian begin writing the Hundred Tales. Thousands of years after that, the Kingdom of Science try to bring back basic education for their communities. The leaders struggle to train teachers while also working on completing the Perseus.

After some thought, they decide to make a radio program so that they can advertize their products, teach their kingdom, and have Ruri recite the Hundred Tales all at once. To make teaching more fun, they design lessons around stories, similar to the Hundred Tales. Mirai requests one based off the Little Mermaid, but is accidentally told the true bad ending of the original story.

The first Stone World broadcast is set to happen, however Ishigami Village's receiver isn't responding. Senku then rushes as fast as possible to fix it in time for the Hundred Tales. In order to delay it, Yo and Gen act as radio show hosts and take questions from the audience. Eventually, the receiver is fixed and Mirai gets to listen to Ruri's retelling of the Little Mermaid.

To the Cinderellas of the Stone World[]

Still lacking the funds for fuel, Senku requests that Yuzuriha prepares for a closing-down sale, and also makes some outfits suitable for cooler weather. The day of the sale arrives, however no one is buying the clothing. That evening, they discuss why they didn't manage to sell anything, and realize that no one had anywhere to wear the cute but expensive clothes. Thus, they decide to host a celebration.

Increasing their profit with custom-made clothes for the party, Yuzuriha becomes overworked as the deadline nears. A few people offer her their aid in the final night before the party, leaving them exhausted but satisfied in the morning. The party happens, raising everyone's spirits except for the pair left in jail after the events of the Stone Wars. Despite the situation, Minami and Kohaku still try to include Homura in their fun.

Afterwards, Senku and Gen count their profits, but they're still 500 Dragos short. Mirai then comes by and offers to buy Minami's photobook off them, giving them the final amount they needed to buy the fuel for the Perseus.




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