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Dr. STONE reboot: Byakuya (Dr.STONE (ドクターストーン) reboot (リブート) : (びゃく) () Dokutā Sutōn Ribūto: Byakuya) is a spin-off manga that focuses on Byakuya Ishigami. The manga is both written and illustrated by Boichi. It was published in Weekly Shonen Jump between October 28th and December 23rd, 2019, and compiled on March 4th, 2020 in a single volume titled I Am Here (わたしはここにいます Watashi wa koko ni imasu).

It is considered a separate, non-canonical story to the main Dr. Stone series.[1][2][3]

Volume Summary[]

Learn what happened when the world turned to stone in this special side story to Dr. Stone. As Senku and his friends are being turned to stone, his father Byakuya is on the International Space Station. This is the story of the crew as they try to survive as the only humans left unpetrified!


  • Z=1: Humanity's Support System ( (じん) (るい) () (えん) Jinrui no shien)
  • Z=2: Quail Egg Toss (うずらの (たまご) () Uzura no Tamagonage)
  • Z=3: Give Me Space ( () (ちゅう) をください Uchū o kudasai)
  • Z=4: Humanity's Return to Mother Earth ( (ひと) (みな) (はは) なる () (きゅう) Hito ha minahahanaru chikyū e)
  • Z=5: Waiting for Byakuya is a Busy Job ( (ひゃく) () () つのは (いそが) しいこと Byakuya o matsu no wa isogashī koto)
  • Z=6: A Hunt to Preserve the Space Station (I (アイ) S (エス) S (エス) (まもる) ためには () りにいかなきゃ ISS o Mamorutameni wa kari ni ikanakya)
  • Z=7: I See You ( (きみ) がみえる Kimi ga mieru)
  • Z=8: An Era Without Gray ( (はい) (いろ) のない () (かん) Haiiro no nai jikan)
  • Z=9: I Am Here (わたしはここにいます Watashi wa koko ni imasu)


Author's Comment[]

Riichiro Inagaki
Reboot Intro Image Inagaki

An extravagant spinoff drawn by none other than Boichi Sensei!

My only job was supervising character dialogue, and it was a task I performed with gusto.

Anyhow, this is a completely original tale from Boichi Sensei. Sort of a "What if?!" story that takes place in an alternate universe, separate from the main Dr. Stone series. And within that grandiose plot is Rei the robot, who makes for a valiant and adorable hero! I got to enjoy this as a reader, just like you. Hopefully they'll make merchandise!

Reboot Intro Image Boichi

The time spent putting together this spinoff felt short to me, but it was still intense and meaningful. It was my first work in Shonen Jump where I was also in charge of writing the story, and it's also Shonen Jump's first sci-fi series that makes use of hard sci-fi rules and principles. It even contains chapters without any humans.

What's more, it's the product of consulting with a real-life astronaut who actually rode in a Soyuz module and visited the International Space Station.

I'm beyond grateful to everyone who made this challenge possible, including the editorial department, my editor and of course Inagaki Sensei.

And naturally, I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart and then some to the readers who gave me a change to work on something so moving and full of joy. I've gotten so much support from all of you!

I have to confess, I feel the same way about you readers as Rei does about Byakuya. I hereby dedicate this work to those with the spirit to draw, those with patient souls and everyone with feelings buried deep inside their hearts.


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