Dr. Brody is a modern human who is a member of the American Colony, who serves as a mechanic to Dr. Xeno. After the abduction of Dr. Xeno, he allies with the Kingdom of Science to establish Corn City.


He is a large middle-aged man, with dark skin and a bald head.

He mostly wears a standard military uniform along with black sunglasses.


Like Ukyo Saionji, Brody is pacifistic and dislikes needless bloodshed. This was seen when he simply laughed off suspicions of Gen's deceit and scolded one of his soldiers for being quick to want to pursue the enemy, rather than save their leader and enemy after they were trapped. Because of this attitude, the Kingdom of Science believed him to be the best person suited for negotiating with the plan of establishing Corn City and Senku even gave him the revival fluid recipe to show good faith.

When discussing terms with Minami Hokutozai, he wanted to sternly let her know that his colony were in charge, though backed off after Nikki Hanada stepped in and intimidated him. Amused by the girl's ferocity, Brody agreed to ally with them and establish corn city.[2]


As a member of a military unit, Dr. Brody is most likely very skilled in the art of combat. Due to his negotiations with Senku, Brody has knowledge of the revival fluid.

  • Skilled Mechanic: Brody is greatly skilled in creating large machinery, along with Xeno they constructed a large submarine.
  • Mental Resilience: Among the select few mentally strong enough to withstand the millennia-long effects of the Petrification, Brody possesses an extreme amount of determination.


He was with Xeno when the Petrification happened and he was the first to spot the petrifying light, Brody heard Stanley warning everyone and telling them to keep their consciousness.[1]

After his revival, Brody saw how the world changed after centuries. He doubted Carlos and Max would be awake but was amazed that they did. Xeno rallied everyone and told them that the world has reset and he can lead them on a proper path. Brody later became an employee of Dr. Xeno and helped construct his castle.[3]

New America City Arc

When Xeno reveals the Petrification Weapon (having been sent by Ukyo), Gen describes its capabilities. Brody questions Gen on whether he is being truthful because he lied about the science user of his colony, as Gen lies that he didn't know it was Senku. He soon has Maya cover Gen's ears as he talks with Xeno over the project.[4]

When intruders capture Xeno and escape through a tunnel that collapses, Brody stops a soldier from rushing to corner them by prioritizing saving them from death of suffocation.[5]

Dr. Brody is later contacted by Senku Ishigami for a truce. At first, Brody is uninterested until Senku offers him something he would like. To Brody's great shock, Senku reveals the ingredients for the revival formula and his plans to free over a million people.[6]

Brody soon spoke with Minami Hokutozai who served as Senku's negotiator. At first, he tried to establish rules but Nikki Hanada stepped in and intimidated him to easing off. Nikki told him that their goals align and that if he wants to save humanity, then they're a team. Amused by the girl's ferocity, Brody agrees to ally with them and establish corn city but notes on Stanley's desire to hunt them should he learn of Xeno's capture.[2]

South America Arc

Much later Brody is told by the Kingdom of science that they need to acquire the petrification weapon and do a proper analysis on it in order for her to get a functioning again to serve as a substitute medical item until the doctors revive. Brody permits days by us internally suspicious if they’re real reasons having one of his guards monitor them. To properly conduct an analysis the group revive Joel who shares several cocky comments to Brody.[7]

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South America Arc
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176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Absent
177. Medusa Mechanism Appears
178. Science Scales Mountains Appears
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Absent
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Absent
181. New World Science Absent
182. Diamond Heart Mentioned


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