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Since he was young, Chrome has always enjoyed collecting things, which he would store in the tower he lives in, a short distance away from the village. He would experiment with his findings, crusing things, mixing them, burning them, and labelling any weird or strange reactions that would happen as sorcery.[1]


Kingdom of Science Arc[]

After noticing bubbles from the village, he goes to investigate and meets Senku, introducing himself as the "genius sorcerer of the village." He then explains a bit of knowledge about the bubbles to Kinro and Ginro, which catches Senku's interest. Chrome then leads everyone to his shed for a sorcery battle against Senku, demonstrating his first sorcery technique, "Rainbow Bridge" in which he throws various minerals into a fire to change its color, frightening Kohaku, Ginro, and Kinro.

However, Senku is largely unimpressed and explains the science behind it right down to the minerals that Chrome used, much to his great surprise, leading to Chrome thinking that Senku can read his mind. Chrome then brings out a sulfur ball to deliver a static shock to Ginro, but Senku takes the ball and shows him a much more efficient way to generate static by using his Kingdom of Science flag rather than his hands, generating enough static to electrocute Chrome.

Senku becomes impressed by Chrome's scientific knowledge and decides to recruit Chrome into the Kingdom of Science, but Chrome refuses to back down and challenges Senku to another battle in which if Senku loses, then he must bow to Chrome and leave the village, but if Senku wins, then Chrome will work for Senku.

Chrome declares a battle of Arithmetics, which he loses easily, resulting in him joining the Kingdom of Science.[1] In the shed, Senku notices a lot of minerals that Chrome has collected, including cinnabar, which he uses to coat Kinro's spear in gold. He also notices many medicinal herbs and Chrome explains that he's been trying to cure Ruri of her sickness. No one wanted to try the medicine he gathered so he eventually had to test them all on himself.

That night, Senku tells Chrome what the world was like before the petrification, including all the scientific achievements of humanity, resulting in Chrome crying over how all the scientific knowledge and achievements have been lost to time. Senku reassures him that it's not all gone and that they can rebuild everything. Chrome then becomes determined to build the Kingdom of Science and help Ruri feel better.[2]

The next day, Senku explains his plans for creating antibiotics, creating sulfa drugs with minerals, in which Chrome becomes fascinated by the new minerals that he never heard of. That night, Chrome becomes fascinated by Senku's explanation of how it's the Earth that moves around the sun, which eventually leads to Senku wondering how Kohaku knew that the North Star was no longer True North. Chrome then boasts about a special rock that always points True North, only for Senku to identify it as a magnet, much to his surprise as he thought Senku didn't possess knowledge of it.

The day after, Senku, Chrome, and Kohaku head down to a river to fish for iron sand with the magnet where they meet Suika who wishes to help them. Once they collect enough iron sand[3], the four attempt to melt it down in a furnace, but the heavy physical strain of having to heat up the iron sand prevents them from getting anywhere, requiring the Kingdom of Science to get more manpower.[4] Suika goes on a reconnaissance mission to find out what the people want and the group concludes that food is the best way to get people on their side, leading to Senku making ramen using foxtail millet. Chrome is the first to taste the unfamiliar dish and greatly enjoys it.[5]

As the village's leaders become more concerned with their group's well being, Chrome is seen gleefully goading the inhabitants to try ramen. Eventually he offers the guard brothers food as well, with Ginro joyously accepting it, only to be pulled away by Kinro who still distrusts Senku on principle. Kohaku then calls Kinro out on his hypocrisy since the former accepted a customized spear from Senku earlier.

While Senku discusses the situation with Tsukasa with a new arriving figure, Chrome exclaims that the iron making machine has been upgraded.[6]

When Suika, Kohaku and Senku discuss Chrome's allegiances, Chrome bursts out of the cottage to brag to Gen that Kingdom is Science is gonna develop into an amazing society, with Gen complimenting Gen's passion but at the same time saying he doesn't share the sentiments. Chrome is there to witness the "murder" of Gen, being appalled at his condition. Once it comes to light that Gen fabricated his death with blood packages over his body, Chrome is angry, promising they will find the perpetrator.[7]

Chrome is seen gloating at Magma's failure to notice he was tricked by Gen and him misunderstanding the sorcerer's identity - that being Senku. When Kohaku offers Kinro or Ginro to take her sister's hand in order to save Magma, Senku calls Chrome out on not marrying Ruri himself and the gatekeeper brothers taking her from him. Chrome replies that he will be happy as long as Ruri is cured.[8]

Chrome is there to assist Senku in making glass for antibiotics and Suika's lenses, collecting stones along the way and passionately reflecting on his past as a stone collector.[9]

Once they melt the sand into glass, the group fails to mold it properly. Senku says it took him a few months to learn to mold earthenware, so it will be an exercise of trial and error since they don't have an artisan to mold the glass properly. Chrome gets an idea and ties a man called Kaseki, the village's artisan, in order to bring him to Senku. Initially refusing to help, Chrome and Senku tease Kaseki with their improper work with glass enough for Kaseki to respond to provocations and say he will help them. With Kaseki's help, Chrome and Senku finish the science laboratory.[10]

As Chrome arrives to the emerald green springs along with Senku, Kohaku and Ginro, Senku warns them of the landscape and its poisonous gases - hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Chrome quickly comes to a conclusion that Senku will use Ginro's silver spear as sort of a detector, there to tell whether the gases are present or not. He is then shocked to observe a bird being poisoned and dissolving in the lake. Since they will require gas masks in order to collect the water residing in the springs, they return to Chrome's warehouse.

Senku has an eye-to-eye talk with Chrome, ordering him to stay behind. Chrome protests, as Senku says a gas mask they will make is no guarantee for safety. Risking his life, Senku also risks the knowledge he possesses going away. Therefore, he will pass his scientific knowledge onto Chrome before he goes to the lake.[11]

Chrome is shocked at first, refusing the offer quickly after. He states he has no intention on going along with a plan where his friend might possibly die. He refuses to accept any knowledge from Senku this way, and orders Senku to stay alive. Chrome calls Senku out on his faulty logic of going to gather the sulfuric acid himself, saying that despite Senku posing as brutally rational, he is still trying to protect the former. Senku tries to justify himself by saying that he knows what to do with materials and gas masks, meaning it has the highest probability of success. Chrome denies this and says the most efficient and surefire way is for both of them to go together, helping each other along the way if something happens. Senku begins to change his mind and Chrome adds that the former was completely relying on Taiju and Yuzuriha as he sent them to Tsukasa's group serving as his inside people. By that definition, he should also be wholly relying on Chrome if he truly is his friend, as he shouldn't be above nor below him. The two then promise to look after each other.

Kohaku, having observed the talk, compares Chrome to herself and laments that he doesn't possess any battle capability to win Ruri's hand. If their plan succeeds, Ruri's husband would become either Kinro or Ginro, so Kohaku discusses the chance of her becoming Chrome's wife. Chrome rejects this and compares Kohaku to a gorilla, unlike Ruri who bears resemblance to a young lady, promptly being pummeled by Kohaku. He makes fun of Kohaku asking if she's in love with him which she rebukes, him saying she shouldn't be offering things like marriage if that's true.[12]

The gas masks are finished, and Chrome, Senku and Kohaku arrive to the springs once again. Chrome becomes terrified at the knowledge that one breath could kill any member of the group, then being interrupted by Senku rushing in to get the water. A panicked Chrome asks Senku why he's rushing in, Senku replying that the more you get scared, the faster you breathe and the gas masks will eventually not be able to keep up so the task needs to be finished as soon as possible. Chrome becomes uncertain whether he's got Senku's courage, but instead notices Senku's hand shivering and sweating. This gives him the boost to muster up his guts and join Senku. The lake's fumes begin dissolving Senku's mainline of the gas mask, Chrome barging in to warn Senku. He trips on a rock and begins falling into the springs, as Senku desperately tries to catch him. Chrome makes peace with his fate and entrusts Senku with saving Ruri, but is instead saved by Ginro who manages to catch him with his spear, having overcome his fear and deciding to help his friends.[13]

Village Games Arc[]

He participates in Senku's scheme to rig the village games to their favor.[14] Having practiced his decision fervently, he states to Ginro and Kohaku that he plans on hitting Magma in his groin. Chrome is well aware that he won't be able to beat Magma, but he wants to inflict damage on him before the latter has a chance to fight someone else.

The team's planning fails when Kinro is coincidentally set to battle Magma in the first round. They are interrupted by Mantle, Magma's lackey, saying that Suika is drowning in the river as she fell when she was collecting herbs. Chrome and Senku easily call him out on his lies, Chrome saying that if he was just passing by, he wouldn't know she was collecting medicinal herbs. Kohaku, however, says they cannot leave Suika, no matter how small the chance of her drowning is and storms off in order to check on her.[15]

Chrome reminds a panicked Mantle who attempts to throw rocks to help Magma against a winning Kinro that Jasper is watching and will prevent any form of cheating. He is then shocked along with Mantle to see Senku has prepared a various combo of poisons, needles and arrows in order to stop Magma. After Suika arrives back to the village, Chrome is relieved to see that she is well and confirms that Mantle was lying all along.[16]

He battles Mantle and wins after Mantle throws the match in order to disqualify Kohaku from the games. As Ginro gets psychologically pumped due to thinking Senku's supplements are enhancing his battle prowess more than they actually do, Chrome warns him that the raw ingredients he wants to chug down will only produce a stomach ache. Senku tells him to refrain from his warnings as it's best for Ginro to keep his increased confidence for the fight.[17]

Eventually, Chrome comes to face Magma in battle. He is swiftly overpowered by Magma's relentless attacks, sustaining critical injuries. After seeing Suika's helmet in the distance, Chrome crawls to it and shields it from Magma's hits. He rises up and points the helmet at the latter, Magma mocking him for thinking a broken "sorcery mask" would scare his opponent. Senku realizes what Chrome is trying to do and warns him it won't work - as the lenses made for the eyes are concave instead of convex, whereas the lenses need to be convex in order to focus light enough for it to cause a fire on Magma's clothes.[18]

Severely beaten, Chrome is still determinant on winning the match and turning the village into Kingdom of Science along with Senku. Senku shouts that his strategy won't work, as only convex lenses start fires. Chrome replies that he knew that already, as his arms begin to tremble from the pain. The sciencer persistently manages to hold the spear still as not to disrupt water from his sweat and tears collecting on lenses - having realized it's necessary in order to focus the sun's rays on Magma's clothing.

As Gen makes his appearance known once more, Chrome is shocked and asks what his business is to be here right now. Gen replies that he should focus more on his own well being, and seeing that he needs the Kingdom of Science to be victorious in order for the mentalist's cola to be made, Gen asks Senku how many seconds Chrome needs in order to start a fire. Senku calculates it to be around 60 seconds, with Gen immediately approaching Magma who is shocked to see Gen alive.

A startled Magma and Mantle ask how he could be alive as Gen replies he utilized sorcery. Gen makes a magic trick of bursting flowers and warns Magma he cursed his heart to explode should he make another step. The mentalist begins his acting of pleading Chrome to beat Magma quickly. The latter realizes this and begins acting himself, Kohaku and Senku noting it's rather poor acting, albeit Gen is making it more convincing, saying that he can only hold the spell for 60 seconds before he runs out of energy.

This empowers Magma to continue mocking both of them, thinking he only needs to wait a short time interval before winning. With their strategy set, Chrome's spear is still shaking and water is unsteady. However, Chrome enters a state of pure determination and resolve, eventually settling his hand down and making the water ripples subside. With enough time, Magma's clothes ignite.

Panicking, Magma tries to put the fire out, only to spread it further across. Chrome states that he doesn't plan on killing anyone, instead impaling Magma in the crotch with his well practiced kick. Magma stumbles and falls into the river, making Chrome the winner of the match and marking Kingdom of Science's complete victory.[19]

Standing victorious, Chrome tells Jasper that the helmet was already allowed and the rest is his sweat and tears. With this, Chrome is announced the winner of the fight, moving to the finals. Once Ginro attempts to force his win in order to get Ruri's hand as he thought she was indifferent to the winner - despite this being a formality said by Ruri, Chrome assists Senku by throwing him Suika's helmet. Senku uses it as a base in order to step on his spear for the other end to hit Ginro in the crotch. Ginro collapses from the pain, thereby making Senku the winner. With the former out, Chrome faints before Senku can throw in the match, ultimately making Senku the winner of the village competition and the village chief.[20]

An unconscious Chrome is abruptly waken from his state with ammonia inserted into his nose by Senku. He then participates in gathering the last of the ingredients for Ruri's cure, shocked at how many complicated steps the group still needs to take in order to finish the formula. Eventually, the cure is completed and Chrome celebrates along with the rest of the group.[21]

Chrome is shocked to find out that if Ruri is infected with myobacterium tuberculosis, there would be no helping her with the cure they worked hard to make. Her condition, however worsens which is the result of the drug destroying the bacteria and prompting it to mobilize other bacteria by injecting its genes into them, desperately clinging onto survival. A skeptic Kokuyo attempts to attack Senku nonetheless after witnessing his daughter's state, but is blocked by Kohaku who vouches for Senku. Chrome agrees with her along with the rest of the group, and as Ruri is finally cured cries tears of happiness, seeing her get well at last.[22]

Village Origins Arc[]

Chrome is shocked to hear Senku has the same name as the village and to hear Ruri revealing she knows about Senku before he listens to the tale. He is present among Kohaku and Ruri when Senku concludes Ishigami village's founder is Senku's father, Byakuya Ishigami.[23]

Vs. Hyoga Arc[]

Chrome assists Kaseki and Senku in making iron weapons to battle the Empire of Might's second invasion with Hyoga as their leader.[24] During the 2nd invasion when Homura, Hyoga's henchman, sets the village ablaze, Chrome helps with the evacuation to get the villagers to safety.[25]

Communications Arc[]

The aspiring scientist marvels at the possible creation of a cellphone, its properties and its usage as a wartime communication device. He enthusiastically observes the schematics for its making along with Kaseki.[26] Senku briefly explains how the voice's small output of electricity is amplified by the cellphone, creating electromagnetic waves which are then received on the other end. Chrome enjoys eating cotton candy made by Senku along with the rest of the village.[27] He worries about the safety of Taiju and Yuzuriha, considering they are now in Tsukasa's domain. Senku assures him that they are practically being held hostage at this point, stating that they won't be mistreated. After observing the function of gears in aiding the making of cotton candy, Chrome has an eureka moment and spends three days building a water wheel/mill along with Kaseki. Senku already knew about this invention but is nonetheless greatly surprised to see that they have achieved such feat in craftsmanship without possessing any prior knowledge. The water wheel is then used, along with the cotton candy tool, to create an electrical hydro-powered generator.[28] The crafting club gets worn down more by Senku's requests, eventually making batteries and learning about gear mechanisms. Chrome realizes that the light bulbs they made could be used to further explore the caves they've previously investigated.[29]

Chrome brags about his spelunking abilities, though Senku says that they need no additional materials for the current project, much to Chrome's dissapointment. However, the latter states there are future devices which will need further gathering of resources, for example, copper, prompting Chrome to impulsively shoot off looking for them. After a brief while, the aspiring scientist returns with the metal, which Senku is delighted to see, as the next project - a vacuum tube, needs it. To the group's dismay, a bamboo filament burns out in the project's making, as Chrome attempts to acquire various materials in its place, but to no avail. As the village gathers around to observe the sunrise of a new year, Suika luckily finds an appropriate metal to do the job - tungsten. Amazed, Chrome gets ready for another round of cave spelunking, along with Senku and Magma.[30]

In the cave, a worried Chrome warns Senku of Magma's possible intentions, saying that the latter could easily fabricate an accident involving the murder of two scientists to get rid of them. This would wipe science from Ishigami village and allow Tsukasa to mount an attack. Senku jokingly assures him Magma hasn't thought that far ahead. Once the group comes across a formation of a stone called mica, Senku alerts them to caution, as they can crumble into a pit they can't escape from, duo to mica's brittle structure. Chrome is as always amazed by nature's undiscovered properties. As Magma punches Senku to get him out of the way as the floor beneath him crumbles, Chrome mistakenly takes this as an attack.

Instead, due to the impact of the punch, it is Magma who is pushed into the pit, not before Senku manages to grab a hold of him. Chrome tries to goad Senku into letting Magma go, seeing how it is him who seemingly tried to push Senku into the cave's holes. Unfortunately, both of them fall into the pit, as Chrome attempts to pour water into the structure to allow them to escape. Senku does a mental calculation and instructs Chrome on making a transferring device which will pour water in. With more water and time spent in it, Senku begins showing signs of hypothermia, worrying Chrome about his condition. However, Magma suddenly uses his monstrous strength to quickly propel Senku out of the hole, much to Chrome's surprise.[31]

With coming success, Chrome is fascinated with various types of rocks they have available to them. Having realized Magma did in fact try to save Senku from the oncoming fissure, he apologizes to Magma for looking down on him. Once in possession of rare materials, an ecstatic Chrome remarks about bonds of friendship between the three being the more meaningful than a simple rock collection, although is rebuffed by Magma and Senku's reaction. With the sudden kidnapping of Senku, Chrome is bewildered, but soon comes to know that it was a ruse in order to make a surprise for Senku's birthday.[32]

When Chrome asks how they are gonna make a pinpoint device for molding tungsten, Senku states that Chrome has come far enough to think for himself, and that he doesn't need a "professor" to order him around anymore. This motivates Chrome who enthusiastically accepts the job. Kaseki says that he's rather envious of their friendship, saying that he has done craftsmanship all alone and desires a friend like them. Surprised, Chrome responds that Kaseki has already got him and Senku, which prompts the old craftsman into tears. Eventually, after helping in metal melting, Chrome and Kaseki make the tungsten melting device, thereby readying the process of making a tungsten filament.[33]

A curious Chrome inquires about the necessity of repeated heating for required compounds for a cell phone body. As usual, he is both fascinated and terrified of various dangerous plan pieces for the project. With Senku, he assures that the village won't suffer another cold hazard by crafting a stove to maintain heat during the winter. Being tasked with making plastic alongside other team members, Chrome celebrates the completion of the project.[34]

With cellphone functioning, Ginro suggest Chrome makes a confession over it to Ruri. Contrary to the group's hopes, Chrome boasts about the miracles of science to Ruri, much to everyone's chagrin. The aspiring scientist eventually goes to the founders' graveyards to find a record player left there for Senku.[35]

Chrome is later present at Byakuya's speech. He, along with the rest, is both enchanted by Lillian's singing and surprised by realization that the founder of Ishigami village is in fact Senku's father.[36]

He is captured by the Tsukasa Empire, while giving his allies a chance to escape. Chrome meets with Tsukasa and Hyoga while making a failed attempt to tout on science because it changes the color of fire. As a result, Hyoga hangs him above a waterfall while Tsukasa offers the chance to join them but Chrome refuses and tells them to just drop him and they do just that. However, Ukyo saves him by shooting an arrow at his shirt's sleeve.[37]

He is placed in a cage but he manages to spot Suika and coverts alerts her of his location.[38]

He soon manages escape after receiving a battery from Ukyo and tricking Yo.

Chrome is in awe at witnessing depetrification for the first time, when Senku revives Tsukasa's sister.[39]

Age of Exploration Arc[]

When learning of a device that allows flight, Chrome runs from the village to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower and surprises everyone with his eagerness. Chrome then declared he must see the event of flying for himself. He demands to pick a card from Gen's hand, as they intentionally let him pick the right card. [40]

He, Senku and Ryusui ride in the hot air balloon.[41]

Chrome is extremely excited by the new inventions such as, mirrors, bread, and other things.[42][43][44][45][46]

Chrome later rides on the newly created motorboat, being amazed by how fast and easy they left the shore before he speaks to Ruri on the communications until it breaks up. He is shocked to receive a signal from, a mysterious individual and yells at the person for answers while Ryusui and Ukyo try to stop him. However, Senku believes it might be the one responsible for the petrification.[47]

Chrome is later recognized as one of the Five Wise Generals of the Kingdom of Science, though Kohaku jokes on his position while he is annoyed. Later on, he and the others discuss the new foe: dubbed Why-man by Ryusui. He admits he may have jumped the gun but it is likely Why-man is an ally.[48]

Chrome uses the radar and a pole to find iron ore, leading to Senku stating that Chrome created a metal detector. Chrome's discovery also led to an iron mine being made. [49]

After a year of building, the Kingdom's ship the Perseus is created.

Treasure Island Arc[]

During the voyage, Chrome is confused when he learns of Soyuz being from another tribe of Stone World humans on Treasure Island. With help from Senku and Ryusui, Chrome realizes some of the humans came from the island to Japan and are the ancestors of the current residents of Ishigami Village. Chrome also brings up the possibility of Why-man being a member of the newly revealed human tribe. This causes the others to consider the possibility and for Kokuyo to briefly question Soyuz. However after the tension subsides, Chrome is excited to hear that they will make it to treasure Island in just a few hours remarking that it took their ancestors longer to get there while they won't even break a sweat and very soon they reach land.[50]

He is petrified by Kirisame for trespassing. When Minister Ibara spots Chrome's statue, he admires his outfit and Chrome is the first one to be broken into pieces, having been knocked over in statue form.

He is later recovered by Taiju and the others and fully reassembled by Yuzuriha before being revived. Once revived, Chrome is excited at witnessing petrification and is updated on the plans. Chrome witnesses Gen bargaining with Moz, congratulating the mentalist when he is successful.[51]

Once the Kingdom of Science creates a gun, they give it to Yo. Chrome voices concerns on whether he will use it for his own personal gain, due to his previous experience with Yo. However, he watches Amaryllis uses her charms to persuade him to stay in line. [52]

When the group are cornered by Ibara, Chrome watches Senku revive Hyoga. [53]

After Hyoga debated on who to side with, Chrome internally curses the latter for his manner. However, he is relieved when Hyoga sides with them.[54]

Recalling his first petrification, Chrome starts to come up with a plan and Ryusui asks him what his plan is, after he starts to dash ahead.[55]

He is petrified again, but not before getting everyone to gesture for Senku after Ibara petrifies the whole island.[56]

Chrome is later depetrified by Senku. Chrome deduces Senku won and congratulates him, as they make plans. During the celebration, they revive the others. Soon they get a message from Why-man and Chrome is shocked by the latter possessing Senku's voice and attempts to petrify them. [57]

New America City Arc[]

He rebuked Suika's theory of the Why-man being Senku since the latter was with them. He soon came up with a theory of Why-man imitating Senku from his usage of the Petrification device but they aren't able to solve more of the mystery. The next day, they revive a man named Matsukaze who reveals that there were several other petrification devices.[58]

Chrome is soon excited by Senku declaring that they will travel to the moon to confront Why-man and he revels in his amazement of science. The next day, Chrome helps the others in reviving all those who are petrified. When Matsukaze remarks that he wishes his people had the formula to fight against the devices, Chrome asks where the rest of them are and the warrior says his lord destroyed them. Chrome sails with his friends on the voyage to America. [59]

Chrome is present at the revival of Tsukasa and remarks to Nikki on Ruri being bold when she pushes Minami to speak to Tsukasa. Chrome says it’s only natural because she is the older sister of the gorilla Kohaku and is promptly scolded.[59]

Chrome sails with his friends on the voyage to America.[60]

Chrome is later unsure on who to wager on, during Senku and Ryusui's poker game.[60]

When Senku was preparing to revive Hyoga, Chrome asks if he is sure that the latter should be revived. As Senku states they have Tsukasa and a gun to ensure he stays in line. They also honor Hyoga's request to revive Homura and Moz.[61]

During a storm, Chrome gets an idea to navigate through it. Retrieving a stone from their collection, he asks Kohaku to carve it into a prism. Chrome puts the prism into a viewing device with a rocket-shaped hole and brings it to the deck. Chrome uses his device to find the sun, and Senku excitedly notes that the prism is made of calcite, a naturally transparent stone. Ryusui remembers that calcite had been discovered in the wrecks of Viking longships, and Ukyo remarks that the legend seems to be true. Soon the group arrive to America, which Chrome is amazed to see.[62]

When they reach San Francisco, the crew of the Perseus separates with the warrior team following the exploration team in the case of an attack. Chrome is excited for the chance of exploring America to find corn. While passing through the river, the Mobile lab is attacked by alligators however, the Warriors were eager for a challenge and driven by their hunger they attacked most of the beasts well the rest flee in fear. Afterwards, François makes burgers out of the dead alligators to feed the crew, something he is happy on. She is especially by discovering corn and Senku's plan.[63]

They continue to find corn that has been scattered through the river, with Chrome is excited by this find, remarking on how easy the find is. That night, the crew set camp before Tsukasa and the others note on an eerie feeling. Tsukasa alerts everyone to retreat inside the boat. After the gun stops shooting, Ryusui has the group enter the boats before fleeing the scene. [64]

After the Kingdom escape on the river, Chrome helps Senku by crafting a rope and hook for him to have Kirisame bring it down. He is excited by bringing the plane down. Chrome is not surprised when Senku and Ryusui decide to procure the plane, as Senku had the look on his face. [65]

When Senku announced plans to track the enemy, Chrome is selected along with Gen and Kohaku, to pursue the enemy. He is excited at exploring foreign lands and thinks that the group with a mentalist and warrior (stopping himself from insulting her). After Gen realized the enemy is drawing them in and feels insulted at being underestimated. He watches the now driven mentalist tell him and Kohaku to stand back while he goes off but not before leaving a trail behind. [66]

Following Gen's trail and discovering the American Fortress, Chrome was amazed by the sight before wondering about Gen. Kohaku told him that he'll be fine while he questions her description of him. The two then contacted the Perseus to update them on the situation but Tsukasa told them to keep it brief. Soon Senku hung up, to their shock. [67]

While surveying the fortress, they note radio waves could be tracked.[68]

As the two continue going over plans, they are joined by Tsukasa and his group consisting of Suika, Ukyo, and Hyoga. They are relieved because of the extra help. However, they soon get a message from the Perseus in our shocked when it is revealed that Senku was shot. Chrome realize that everything now depending on him as the last scientist of the kingdom.[69]

Chrome soon came up with the idea to create a drill, though was disappointed that Ukyo and Tsukasa already knew what it was. [70]

They have Hyoga create a hole with his spear, with Chrome amazed by the latter's capabilities while Hyoga was dismayed that his ancient arts was being used for something trivial, only to loosen up as Kohaku describes it as a unique. They are surprised when Taiju arrived with the drill and Carlos, one of the enemy colony members. While surveying the fortress, they note radio waves could be tracked.[71]

As the two continue going over plans, they are joined by Tsukasa and his group consisting of Suika, Ukyo, and Hyoga. They are relieved because of the extra help. However, they soon get a message from the Perseus in our shocked when it is revealed that Senku was shot.[71]

After the tunnel was made, they receive a transmission from the Perseus. It is a message in Morse code from the enemy colony Luna who contacts Carlos and tells some of the good news, her boyfriend is Senku, much to his dismay. Chrome and Kohaku both speculate Senku is doing the same thing with Ruri as he is in his relationship with her. Regardless, Carlos decides to aid them for Luna's sake and gives them a map of the castle layout. [72]

Sometime later, they are able to tunnel through the ground to the castle, ending up in the livestock area. Chrome was amazed by the corn that were used as the feed. Sneaking through the castle, the warriors defeat the enemy soldiers and reaches Dr. Xeno.[73] Chrome was fascinated to see more of technology of the modern age, before they escape the area with the captive. When concerns are made about the enemy guards, Chrome reveals that he anticipated this and brought a bomb to close the tunnel. Kohaku applauds him but notes that someone has to stay and ensure it goes off. Chrome reluctantly stays behind to do so but a cave-in occurs. While stuck with Xeno, Chrome talks with him and the scientist says that he could be a commander if he joins with him since their allies are likely defeated and if they join together they can rule the stone world. Chrome refuses a tempting offer while stating because of Senku, he has learned not to use Science to control people. Chrome then uses a method to escape and contacts Senku to tell him Xeno was captured. [74]

Chrome then witnesses Senku and Ryusui arrive and is amazed that Senku survived. The group watch as Kaseki and Francois arrive along with Luna Wright and Max Adams. He is confused when Ryusui say that they have to split up. With Stanley commandeering the Perseus, the group take Xeno in one of his spare boats. Afterwards, he watches Senku and his group discuss how there's someone in the American colony who most likely would not want to see blood shed. Chrome believes the best person seemed to be Dr. Brody, listing how the latter decided on saving them. He watches Senku contact Brody and hears the latter being uninterested in a truce until Senku makes him an offer. Chrome is greatly shocked when Senku reveals the ingredients to the revival formula. [75]

After escaping Stanley, Chrome decides to wish his allies farewell, despite knowing it will put a target on his head. [76]

South America Arc[]

When the group start pondering on what they will find in South America, Chrome believes it might be another Petrification Weapon, while Kohaku comments on his enthusiasm while being chased. Chrome is alarmed when Xeno reveals that he is aware of the Why-man and him being on the moon. [77]

The next day, Chrome becomes intrigued about learning science from Senku and Xeno, two professionals. He quickly takes the tea and food from Francois to have a reason to overhear. Chrome is surprised not only to see Xeno free, but Senku and Xeno blowing bubbles until they reveal it was method to uncover the time difference for Petrification. He was pleased when they compliment him on figuring out a method. [78]

During the voyage, he becomes excited at adventuring through the Amazon. When they make a stop, they gather wood for fuel until Taiju (whose unlimited stamina allow him to go on) discovers lights in the sky spelling H-E-L-L and updates them on the situation. The morning after, Chrome and the others find a hanging pumpkin hut belonging to an unknown woman. After seeing her scary squinting expression, they realized that she needed glasses. Chrome called her impressive for enduring the wilderness with poor eyesight. They learn she is a scientist acquainted with Xeno. [79]

Chrome later calls Chelsea a rival after she offers to be their guide. Chrome is then scared when Ukyo announces the enemy is catching up and they don't have much time. However, the group get an idea to use Chelsea's kites as sails to move faster.[80]

Chrome and the others note with the Petrification beam approaching, they have little time and proposes to create a device that will be rigged to revive someone. However, before he can finish his plan, Chrome witnesses Senku get shot. After Suika arrives with the last bottle of revival formula, Chrome catches it and puts his plan into action. With help from his allies, they prevented Stanley from making any further attempts on Senku's life, by keeping him at bay. He would be petrified alongside the rest of his comrades as the petrification beam that was launched from America reaches South America.[81]

New Stone World Arc[]

Three years later, Chrome's statue is collected by Suika who was revived earlier. She places Chrome with her other collected allies.[82]

After the revival of everyone else, Senku revives Chrome and Kaseki. He shared a joke with Kaseki about petrifying him repeatedly, in order to complete the adventure. He watched as Tsukasa and Hyoga were revived before they hunted several animals and used their pelts to make new outfits for everyone. That night, he spoke with Senku at the celebration, about his scars remaining and the latter stating it was because of weathering. While going to relieve himself in the forest, he accidentally comes across Senku and Tsukasa talking. He is alarmed how Hyoga was dead from his bullet wounds but ended up still being revived, before expressing shock about how the Petrification Weapon essentially gives immortality by the petrifying and revival methods. [83]

Chrome then realizes the benefits this news gives, before he shouts his joy, alerting Senku and Tsukasa. Chrome excitedly announces that he thought Why-Man was evil but they have just given them something helpful, before realizing the latter still wants to petrify the Earth. Chrome wants to tell the others but Tsukasa and Senku stop him and tell him that doing so will be hazardous. Of the four who know this - them plus Dr. Xeno (who he briefly worried over) he is the only one who does not immediately appreciate the potential downsides to the ever-expanding population of Earth never dying; he is consequently sworn to secrecy about this revelation. With Xeno on their side, the group decide to finally confront Why-Man and build a rocket. When Carlos and Max worry over Xeno, Chrome tells them that he won't be a problem because Xeno will likely want to end this conflict.[84]

Globetrotting Arc[]

Moon Mission Arc[]


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