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Kingdom of Science[]

Senku Ishigami[]

Chrome shows Senku his rock collection

Senku and Chrome

Chrome met Senku when he initially arrived at Ishigami Village. As Chrome was very prideful on his sorcery, at first he attempted to set a rivalry between them, and with the purpose of either scaring him away or subduing him, he set up a "Sorcery Battle" in which he ended up losing. Senku revealed that he knows all of his tricks.[1] Nonetheless, Senku is impressed by all the knowledge that Chrome has learned all by himself. In a way, he reminds Senku of himself.

Although Chrome ended up losing all of his belongings and had to forcibly join Senku's Kingdom of Science after betting in their arithmetic duel, all his rivalry towards him would vanish very quickly as the two began sharing their enthusiasm over the minerals collected in the shed. They then team up to overcome the challenges towards creating the cure-all for Ruri.[2] Chrome eventually assists Senku in many ways, including discovering the ore deposit that the Kingdom of Science needs for their campaign.

Chrome quickly becomes one of Senku's main allies and a deeply loyal friend, also seeing him as a mentor figure in science. He was willing to put his life on the line in order to look after Senku while collecting the sulfuric acid, and expected the latter to do the same.[3]

Even as Ruri's health worsened to the worst state it had ever been in upon ingesting the medicine they made, Chrome had unwavering faith in Senku, believing his words and agreeing in opposition to Kokuyo, the village chief.[4] Chrome was happy that his faith was well placed after Ruri recovered.

Senku also respects Chrome for his wit, as the latter recreated modern items like water wheel, metal detectors and others. When Senku was recovering from a sniper shot and the team needed a scientist, he even showed him the ultimate sign of respect by calling him "Dr. Chrome."

Subsequently, Chrome joins Senku as the Five Wise Generals to lead the Kingdom of Science. Because of Senku, Chrome has stopped calling himself a sorcerer and referred to himself as a scientist.


Chrome and Kohaku are good friends.

They have known each other, since childhood and are close enough for her to know his feelings for her sister. They are the first two villagers who completely side with Senku, having the same goal in mind - to cure Ruri's sister.[2]

He often teases her strength by comparing her to gorillas and gets punished for it. Despite this, Kohaku cares for him and nearly rushed to his aid after hearing Tsukasa had him but was impressed when he escaped on his own. In turn, Chrome cares for her and is always in amazement at her skill and resourcefulness.


Chrome and Ruri as kids

Chrome and Ruri

They are childhood friends, with Ruri often being down and Chrome encouraging her with his optimistic side.

In their older years, it is hinted by several characters that Chrome has feelings for her. Kohaku explains this during the group's iron collection, noting that Chrome's affections are subconscious and innocent which makes it cute.[5]

When being called out by Senku on his attraction to Ruri and not being able to marry her, Chrome replied that he will be happy as long as she is cured.[6]

This is seen in the Grand Bout, where he was displeasing at thought of Magma taking her as wife, possessing sincere and genuine worry for her.

He also agreed to take part in the battles to win her over as chief, while also helping Senku out. Though Chrome won the battle, Senku ultimately marries and divorces Ruri soon after.

Since the Grand Bout has likely been abolished by Senku, it is implied in later chapters that Ruri in fact reciprocates his feelings. However, Chrome may not think of romance because he has had chances to confess but didn't take the initiative to confess to her.

Following the confrontation with Why-man on the moon, he promises to marry Ruri upon the completion of Senku's time machine. During the events of Dr. STONE: 4D Science, he marries Ruri.


Chrome and Kaseki are on good terms, due to their similar interests in science, craftsmanship and material gathering. The two often work together on projects like glass and vehicles.


Chrome views Suika as a good friend, with him being one of the few people who didn't judge her based on her appearance.

It is unclear if Chrome and Suika were such big friends prior to the early days of the kingdom of science; while Chrome certainly didn't seem to actively try to drive her away, he did once treat her in a slightly harsh or rude manner when she was introduced; complaining that she had taken his magnet and snatching it back from her hands only to realize she was helping in the collection of iron sand. If it wasn't the case before, they quickly became good friends over the various projects and challenges met by the kingdom.

Chrome has a great trust in Suika and the two have a very good working relationship, with them often seen working in the field of science and crafting, such as when Suika assists him in finding the calcite crystal for the crafting of a sunstone on the Perseus, and when she was able to find the tungsten ore amongst Chrome's rock collection.

After the second worldwide petrification and Suika now closer to his age, Chrome has begun to consider her a rival in the field of science, as Suika proclaims to him that she will work hard to become Dr. Suika.[7] She has developed a similar or perhaps greater understanding of science to that of Chrome's during her years alone, and afterwards she has spent a lot of time working on new developments with Senku and Xeno, a role that Chrome used to play prior.

Gen Asagiri[]

Gen and Chrome talking about Tetsuya Kinomoto

Chrome and Gen

Chrome and Gen meet when Gen arrives at the Ishigami Village as Tsukasa's spy. Unlike Kohaku, Chrome had no desire to kill him despite his selfishness and wished for him to join the Kingdom of Science. When Senku says they need Gen to lie to Tsukasa about his death, Chrome bursts out of the cottage to brag to Gen that Kingdom is Science is going to develop into an amazing society, with Gen complimenting Gen's passion but at the same time saying he doesn't share the sentiments.

Chrome is there to witness the "murder" of Gen, dismayed at his condition. Once it comes to light that Gen fabricated his death with packets of blood on his body, Chrome becomes angry and promises that they will find the perpetrator. Chrome and the others take care of him while he recovers and worries when Gen begins to show pain from his injuries and when he escapes from the tower.

Before interfering with the fight, Gen is seen commenting on Chrome's state after being overwhelmed by Magma, As Gen makes his appearance known once more, Chrome is shocked and asks what his business is to be here right now. Gen responds that he should focus more on his own well-being so that he can get his Cola and helps Chrome by lying to Magma saying that if he moves his heart will explode, giving Chrome enough time to start a fire and be able to defeat Magma.

After that, along with Magma, they go to the Tsukasa Empire so that they can put the phone in the fake tomb. When Gen stops Magma from destroying a statue, Chrome is shocked and Gen says they can't destroy the statues because they are weak. But Chrome replies that they are not weak for wanting to do things differently and without spilling blood.

When Ukyo was chasing them to capture them, Chrome knew that Gen had to go back to the Kingdom of Science in order to fool the Tsukasa Empire with the phone and decided to distract Ukyo (along with Magma) with a blast of smoke so Gen could escape. Chrome and Gen seem to be on good terms ever since, and sometimes when Senku or someone else brings up something from the modern world, Gen explains it to them.

When Gen was manipulating Ryusui into navigating their hot air balloon without having to pay him for it, Chrome came running after he heard the news that one spot in the balloon was still available. He gave a heartfelt speech in front of Gen and Senku on how he desperately he wants to see the earth's curvature for himself, so Gen let him participate in the seemingly random election by choosing cards. Because he witnessed the rawness of Chrome's desire, Gen subtly pushed the joker forward for Chrome to notice. The latter took the chance and was thus, overjoyed, allowed on the vehicle's maiden voyage.

Tsukasa Shishio[]

Even when Tsukasa had Chrome captured, as the leader of his empire during the Stone Wars, he seemed to respect him. He explained to Chrome that he was open to a limited amount of science in the new world he sought to build; when he offered this and the safety of Ishigami Village in exchange for Senku's head, he admired how Chrome didn't hesitate to tell Tsukasa to kill him instead.

When Senku and Tsukasa had their final conversation prior to Tsukasa entering cold sleep, Tsukasa named Chrome as someone he'd take to space with him along with Taiju. Tsukasa suggested this was as a replacement for Senku - who, without Chrome's exploration skills, wasn't as viable a candidate for extraterrestrial travel - suggesting that he considers Chrome a close equivalent in scientific intellect.

Chrome also believed Tsukasa could keep Dr. Xeno in line should he try anything, though Tsukasa stated that's only if Stanley stayed petrified.[8]


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