"She's got the whole world in her head!"

— Dr. Xeno, Chapter 172

Dr. Chelsea (Dr. チェルシー) is a geographer that was found alone in North America.


Chelsea is a young woman with a ponytail ending in pronounced swirls. She has short bangs that are swept outward in both directions, with smaller pieces of hair sticking out in front of her ears. She has wide, round, cutesy eyes and her upper lip seems to always be in a '3' shape.

Initially, Chelsea was dressed in a large pumpkin, similar to Suika's helmet. She used it to store her tools in. In addition, Chelsea has the "fuzzy sickness", resulting in a terrible squint.

Soon after meeting, Senku and the others create a set of glasses for her, also outfitting her with a generic explorers outfit consisting of shorts, a large belt, and a jacket with rolled sleeves and several pockets. She replaced her singular large pumpkin with a smaller one smashed over her pith helmet, and another medium-sized pumpkin as a knapsack. A smaller pumpkin rests on her belt, presumably to act as another container. She also wears a whip on her hip. Her socks are pulled up to just below her knees, and her ankle boots have a single button clasp with no laces.


Chelsea is a happy girl who seems friendly and excited, especially after seeing people for the first time after petrification. She also insists she is "besties" with Dr. Xeno after bumping into him in the national park prior to the petrification event, which might show it doesn't take much to befriend her.[4]

While Chelsea is generally enthusiastic and composed by most things she has shown a comedic shock as seen when she freaked out by Senku suggesting they create a fax machine.

Her staightforward and carefree attitude when talking earns her a nickname of "Chelsea the Blunt" by Gen, practically when she ask Luna directly about her weight.

In alignment with her amicable personality, Chelsea opposes Xeno's ideas of ruling the world with an iron fist.[6]


Dr. Chelsea is a skilled geographer and appears to be able to identify rocks such as sphalerite.

She possesses a strong will, as she was able to stay conscious during her time petrified. Despite suffering from nearsightedness, she was able to endure for a year while completely alone in the wilderness, showing excellent survival skills and the ability to make her own shelter and distress beacon.


Prior to the petrification, Chelsea was a "genius teen geographer" who was invited to the summit to discuss the swallow petrification thanks to her expertise.

After becoming petrified, Chelsea stayed awake like the rest of the American Colony after she heard Stanley's order.

In the year 5741, Chelsea broke out of her petrified state three years later than Xeno did for unknown reasons, in the middle of a pumpkin patch. She found the sign Xeno left directing her north, though due to her lack of glasses she was unable to read the sign and made the choice to follow the coast southward, as she incorrectly assumed the group would aim to go to California's orange groves. Regardless, Chelsea manage to survive in the wilderness for over a year and survived in a pumpkin hut.


South America Arc

Chelsea is freed

Taiju was the first one she made contact with after flying several large kites with letters spelling H-E-L-P on them in phosphorescent paint made of sphalerite pebbles. Unfortunately, she failed to notice that she ran out of paint on the 'P' and ended up spooking Taiju by writing H-E-L-L. This caused him to believe that the Whyman was around. The morning after, Chelsea's hanging pumpkin hut was found by the group. After seeing her scary squinting expression, Suika realized that she needed glasses. Hearing Suika's exclamation alerted Chelsea to the presence of other humans, causing her to cry with relief. Once cleaned and dressed, Chelsea is given a new set of glasses and is excited that she can see again. She and Xeno soon recognize each other and he described her to everyone. Chelsea then gives a little of her history and is dismayed by everyone criticizing what choice she made to go in direction.Senku explains their plan to get to the other side of South America without Stanley catching them. After some thought, Chelsea points out a location that would allow them to cut across via landing in northern Ecuador, climbing a mountain, then using the Amazon river the rest of the way. She recommends using a motorcycle for the land-based part, as "that quick trek is basically a death sentence." Obviously, as the Kingdom of Science do not currently have a motorcycle, Senku took this as a challenge and started the next roadmap.[4]

During the voyage, Chelsea is updated by Gen on the recent events like Whyman, their recent fleeing from Stanley, and the reason for the journey. After getting the gist of the situation, she excitedly calls Xeno a "bad guy" and decides to join Senku's group after refusing his offer. Very soon, the crew face a problem when the Perseus nearly catches up. When making Chelsea remarks on her kites, the group use them as sails elude the enemy at a faster pace.[6]

The team continued to sail, while knowing they were still being pursued by Stanley's forces on the Perseus. Deciding they need to collect rubber for motorcycle tires in order to cross South America. Chelsea makes a comment that she wishes the Panama canal was still viable, prompting Francois to explain to everyone what the canal was. After Taiju becomes excited at the prospect of being able to use it, Chelsea remarks it's probably been filled in over the last few centuries. Needing a decoy to lure Stanley away, they cast off the amphibious Mobile Lab, decorated in metal to be better seen by the radar on the Perseus, sending it in the direction of the canal on 'autopilot' (they tied the controls). The rubber team then land on the shore, following Chelsea's advice. Sure enough, they find rubber trees which they immediately start tapping. Using the rubber resin, adding vinegar and sulfur powder and then kneading and forming the result, the team produce several bouncy rubber balls. The group is pleased with rubber having been acquired.[7]

Chelsea and Luna are fascinated by the others playing with rubber. Chelsea later watches the group create tires for the soon to be invented vehicles. She excitedly tells everyone they made it to Ecuador and if this is where they depart from the small ship. Chelsea remarks on how Ecuador has now become a barren desert over the last few millennia. Soon they are told by Ukyo, Stanley will be soon approaching them now at the mobile lab has been sunk in it they don’t have a moment to spare and creating motorcycles.

Some time later, the Perseus appears at the shore, though Chelsea and her allies were able to complete the task. Riding with Senku and Gen, they make their escape from Stanley and his unit.[8]

While riding away, the group are shot at by the soldiers but evade the bullets. Chelsea soon comments on how brutal Hyoga is after he casually uses Xeno as a shield to prevent enemy attacks.[9]

Chapter Appearances

South America Arc
170. Staring Up at the Same Moon Absent
171. Staring at the Same Light Absent
172. Marked with an "X" of Wisdom Debut
173. Earth Race Appears
174. The Specter of the Panama Canal Appears
175. Ultra Race Across South America Appears
176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Appears
177. Medusa Mechanism Appears
178. Science Scales Mountains Appears
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Appears
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Appears
181. New World Science Appears
182. Diamond Heart Pictured
183. Stone Sanctuary Appears
184. Fort Medusa Appears
185. Lovely Cleavage Plane Appears
186. To Each Their Own Blade Appears
187. Cyber Guerilla Flashback
188. What I Once Sought to Destroy Absent
189. Our Dr. Stone Appears
190. Science Transcends Life Absent
191. Divine Scream, Down to Earth Absent
192. Until We Meet Again Absent


  • Chelsea appears to have no visible petrification marks.
  • For her age, she states she is "barely [still] a teen" (ギリ10代 giri jū-dai).[4]
    • In response to reader questions about her age, Riichiro Inagaki clarified on Twitter that this makes her “probably 18 or 19”.[10]
  • Senku comments that she reminds him of Chrome, since she was also "all about field research" and collected rocks.[4]
  • Her debut chapter came out in late October around Halloween, which may have been an inspiration for her pumpkin motif.
  • Chelsea is the only character to wear socks after the petrification event.
  • Chelsea has a habit of pointing, at both places and people.
  • Much like Xeno and Senku, Chelsea too has does a hand motion when in though.
    • Xeno crosses his fingers, Senku puts two things together, and Chelsea does an OK symbol when in thought.


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