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New America City Arc[]

Charlotte post-crash

Charlotte after shedding her Stanley disguise.

The Kingdom of Science was under the impression that Stanley had come to attack the Perseus, however it was in fact Charlotte.[1] She notes on their bravery to face her, but is confident she would still win. She then engages in a dogfight against Ryusui, with an injured Senku as a co-pilot. Charlotte chases them through the air, as she is a better, faster pilot. Ryusui tries using it against her and makes a sharp turn, except she executes the high-speed yoyo, reversing their positions once more. Ryusui, taking inspiration from Charlotte's technique and fearlessness, pulls off the cobra maneuver and takes aim at Charlotte's plane.[2] To avoid it, Charlotte begins jinking, forcing Ryusui and Senku to bomb her from above with acetylene gas.[3] This causes her plane to crash into the forest, where she starts firing upon Ryusui and Senku but misses. She is defeated with Ryusui threatening her until her ruse is revealed, revealing her as Charlotte rather than Stanley. Charlotte taunts the duo on falling for the ruse and reveals Stanley is taking the Perseus.[4]

South America Arc[]

Charlotte is on the Perseus, where she noticed the wounded Matsukaze had disappeared from the sick bay. She is present when Stanley interrogates the Samurai but Ginro emerges and reveals Senku's group is heading for South America. Charlotte then joins everyone on the Perseus to chase the "junior science club".[5]

She later shoots at the escaping motorcycles along with the rest of Stanley's men, then stopping them from firing when the dust cloud means they risk hitting Xeno. Charlotte then takes notes for Stanley when Xeno blinks Morse code at them.[6]

After the enemy flees, Charlotte tells Maya Biggs that the attack was a ruse to give them a chance to track the science group. She proudly asserts Stanley will prevail.[7]

Charlotte is poisoned

Charlotte bit by a spider

While traversing the river with her allies, Charlotte is confused when Leonard surmises the Science brigade will have to build a new ship to travel. She inquires how they'll recognize it and he voices they'll detect it on the radar.[8]

Much later, she reports they are getting weird static. After it was revealed to a message from Xeno, Charlotte quickly tells Stanley there is no way the enemy created missiles. [9]

She travels the jungle with her comrades, before she is bit on the neck by a spider. As a result, Charlotte collapses on the ground because of the venom spreading in her system. As she passes out, Suika emerges from hiding and quickly places a nitroglycerine-soaked swab onto the bite, saving her life. Regaining consciousness, Charlotte weakly thanks the young girl for her actions. However the rest of the group are alerted of this and spot Suika standing over Charlotte.[10]

Charlotte healed

Charlotte saved by Suika

Charlotte remains incapacitated while slowly recovering from her near-death experience. She watches as Suika and Francois are captured.[11] Eventually, Charlotte recovers from her injuries and aids her comrades in laying siege to the science brigade hideout. When Stanley orders for a shoot to kill mission, Charlotte has a slight moment of hesitation (most likely because one of the enemy saved her) before accepting the order.[12] Charlotte is not seen throughout the battle, and would later go on to be petrified alongside the rest of the world after the Kingdom of Science in America were able to activate the Petrification Weapon and petrify the world.[13]

New Stone World Arc[]

Sometime after the Petrification event, Charlotte's statue was gathered up by Suika, who previously woke up.

Seven years later, Charlotte is revived by Taiju for their added support in construction for Superalloy City. She and her comrades are updated on the alliance between Xeno and Senku to defeat Why-man. She and Maya look at the moon, in awe at the fact that there is someone there and they will attempt space travel in the Stone World[14].


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