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"Prepare to die, junior science club. I'll greet you in hell when I join you someday."

— Charlotte Bony, Dr. Stone (Manga) Chapter 164

Charlotte Bony (シャーロット・ボニー Shārotto Bonī) is one of the former members of the American Colony and was part of an elite unit prior to the Petrification.[4] She's overzealous and appears to idolize Stanley Snyder. She is currently a member of the Kingdom of Science.[3]


Charlotte is a young woman with a short bob and light-colored hair. Her hair is smooth on her head, ending in slightly spiky ends at the back, with her bangs gently framing her face and a single thick strand falling across the middle. Her eyebrows are straight and thin, and they taper towards the end. Charlotte's eyes are half-moon-shaped and tilted slightly inward, giving her a bit of a bored expression. Her petrification marks are two symmetrical lines under her eyes, like the tears on mime makeup.

Her outfit is a black skin-tight latex unitard with a turtleneck collar. It has a zipper running down the back of it, ending at the base of her spine between a square of buttons. She has a wide belt with extra protrusions at her hips. She wears a set of gloves the same style as Stanley's, with a large cuff and studs along the edge. When she was first introduced, she wore similar tasseled armor to Stanley in addition to her unitard.

After the 7-year timeskip, Charlotte's new outfit would see the addition of the Americans' standard zigzag-patterned uniform tucked into the belt around her waist. Following her revival, Charlotte had lost her petrification scars.[3]


Charlotte is a dedicated and extremely loyal person, especially when it comes to Stanley. She usually seems serious and plays by the rules, but she isn't afraid to banter during the dogfight with Ryusui. She is quite confident in her abilities, believing the enemy was foolish enough to challenge her. However, it is shown that even she can become frustrated, as she was in disbelief when the enemy overcame her in their aerial battle.

However, unlike some of her comrades, Charlotte isn't completely unsympathetic. After Suika saves her, Charlotte begins to hesitate when accepting the order to kill all on sight, due to the enemy showing her mercy.[5]

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Piloting: Charlotte is shown to be a very skilled pilot, giving even Ryusui a hard time. She's able to pull off incredibly difficult moves, even with the limited stone-world technology.
  • Military Training: Charlotte has had some form of military training, as she's able to handle a gun, though she doesn't seem to be as refined in shooting as soldiers like Stanley.[6]


Stanley Snyder[]

Charlotte refers to him as "Captain Stanley" and seems to think very highly of his skills. When Ryusui and Senku find her, she lauds his "godly sniping skills" as being enough to scare them into hiding on the Perseus and not coming out. Charlotte idolizes Stanley and is able to mimic his voice and mannerisms to a highly convincing degree. [7]

Chapter Appearances[]

Chapter Appearances
New America City Arc
139. First Dream Absent
140. New World Plots Absent
141. First Team Absent
142. World Power Absent
143. Ryusui vs. Senku Absent
144. Ryusui & Gen vs. Senku & Kohaku Absent
145. Bar Francois Absent
146. Bar Francois: Bitters Absent
147. Science Journey Absent
148. Pioneers of Earth Absent
149. Light Lure in Darkness Absent
150. Righteous Science User Absent
151. Dr. X Absent
152. Doctor Vs. Doctor Absent
153. Science Wars Absent
154. Spy vs. Spy Absent
155. Science Is Elegant Absent
156. Two Scientists Absent
157. Same Time, Same Place Absent
158. Who's the Scientist? Absent
159. Lock On Absent
160. Gunshots Echo Absent
161. Craft Wars Absent
162. Down the Earth-Stained Path Absent
163. Multifront Final Battle Pictured
164. Re-Lock On Appears
165. Know the Rules, Make the Rules Appears
166. Ultimate Knight Debut
167. Different Strokes Absent
168. Corn City: Population One Million Absent
169. RISK or HEART Absent
South America Arc
170. Staring Up at the Same Moon Pictured
171. Staring at the Same Light Absent
172. Marked with an "X" of Wisdom Absent
173. Earth Race Appears
174. The Specter of the Panama Canal Pictured
175. Ultra Race Across South America Pictured
176. Net-Breaking Battle Plan Appears
177. Medusa Mechanism Absent
178. Science Scales Mountains Absent
179. Bonds on the High-Wire Absent
180. Sickening Yet Beautiful Appears
181. New World Science Appears
182. Diamond Heart Absent
183. Stone Sanctuary Appears
184. Fort Medusa Pictured
185. Lovely Cleavage Plane Appears
186. To Each Their Own Blade Appears
187. Cyber Guerilla Absent
188. What I Once Sought to Destroy Absent
189. Our Dr. Stone Appears
190. Science Transcends Life Absent
191. Divine Scream, Down to Earth Absent
192. Until We Meet Again Absent
193. Our Stone World Absent
New Stone World Arc
194. Homo Sapiens, All Alone Absent
195. Treasure Hunter, All Alone Absent
196. Scientist, All Alone Absent
197. A Stony Eden and Its Forbidden Fruit Absent
198. Whole New World Absent
199. Superalloys Pictured
200. Future Engine Absent


  • Before Charlotte's name was revealed, readers dubbed her "Yoyo-chan" thanks to her yoyo maneuver.[8]


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